Forecasting fashion trends in 2022

The year that is approaching its finale was special and turbulent in many ways. We have seen innovation in almost all domains of our lives: industry, currencies, working habits… And fashion is no exception. 

Although we probably didn’t have as many occasions to display our personal clothing style as we would like, this year we neglected our closets much less than in 2020. As we are entering 2022, we are looking forward to the new normal and fashion trends that will follow. 

Here are macro-trends fashion experts predict for the following year.

Shoes Are Having a Breakthrough

Shoes are symbols of mobility, and mobility is something most of us long for. Therefore, it is no wonder that the main focus of fashion innovation will be on shoes

There are several types of shoes you can expect to see shining in the streets. Did you think that ballet flats can’t be more plain and boring? Think again, as 2022 is about to bring revolution where we least expect it. What can ever be exciting about ballet flats? How about the square toe? Expect even more kooky silhouettes than that. 

And there’s more. The general tech impetus we experience in our daily lives inspires shoe designers as well. They announce futuristic colours and wacky rain boot designs!

Finally, loafers are expected to have a huge comeback. They are going from your old high-school teacher’s unremarkable shoes straight to fashion scenes. Of course, designers will refresh loafers with vivid colours and new platforms.

Late Night Glamour

Are you missing nightlife? It misses you as well. In 2022 we are hoping to go back to clubs like before. But fashion will remind us that clubbing isn’t only outside. The saturday night fever lives within, and we can embody it through a sparkling dress or provocative lingerie.

After-midnight fashion will lure out things that have been reserved for bedrooms: corsets, laces, transparent gowns… However, while being provocative allows us to be flirty and feel alive again, it also requires boundaries and staying away from vulgarity.

Some celebrity outfits announced the glamour trend. Check out Bella Hadid’s look of the day, for example, combining comfortable sneakers with a tight corset.

Perhaps the best way to be provocative is to stay minimalist. One detail with a strong message is better than many details without much to say.

Personalization Is Everything

In 2022, fashion will invite us to be unique. Although trends are there as always, there will be space to show our personal preferences and style. Is there a piece of jewellery you always wanted to have, but it somehow didn’t manage to find its place in your outfit? Next year is the perfect time for it to shine! 

Feel free to experiment with new colours, materials, and symbols that aren’t often seen. If you always wanted to learn about an exotic culture, or display your spirituality, you will be more than welcome to do it. 

Hand-made and locally made jewellery is going to be more appreciated than ever, as the fashion industry tries to reduce its environmental footprint. 

Liberation and New Life

Concern with health and wellbeing are at the core of a new age that is approaching. Regardless of the message our style wants to transmit, we want to feel comfortable. Therefore, F-trend forecasts a huge interest in natural materials, baggy designs, and temperate colours.

People will want to fight traumatic memories with everything at their hand, fashion included. More and more people believe that they can’t heal unless the nature around them heals as well. Therefore, as we are recuperating, we announce the new balance with rounded, natural shapes and recycled materials.