Flowers are a wonderful way to show someone that you care about them. The type of flower says a lot about the person, as well as your relationship with them. For example, roses are often used for romantic occasions and daisies for friendship. But what flowers do you give to men? 


Here we shall discuss some of the most common flowers associated with masculinity. So, if you’re looking to buy flowers for the man in your life, check out flower delivery services in Canada and keep this post handy.

White Orchids

It’s a manlier flower: white orchids. These flowers are both soft and masculine, thanks to their clean, crisp colour. They’re also relaxing; if your guy is stressed out at work or needs some R&R in the bedroom (he can add them there too!), they’ll be perfect. Maintaining these plants isn’t hard either – even when he isn’t the greenest thumb around.

Red Chrysanthemums

Red Chrysanthemums are a symbol of love and devotion, a flower to represent the spirit of living. The perfect masculine flower, these have a rich and striking colour that will make your man feel like the king of his domain. 


The proud petal shapes embody both strength and beauty, which is why these flowers are so popular for special occasions such as birthdays or holidays when you want to show appreciation. November’s birth flower makes them even more ideal if he shares his day with one!

Birds of Paradise

Birds of paradise are known for their beautiful, orange crane-like blooms that produce a showstopper gift perfect for those with an active lifestyle. The plant is low maintenance and will surely make any man smile after receiving it! Birds of Paradise represent faithfulness, love, and thoughtfulness — making them the ideal romantic masculine flower to give your special someone. 


Besides, it is also perfect for those who are looking for an original romantic present, a conversation starter or more of manly sendoff flowers compared to the usual roses and lilies.

Red Roses

Roses are the perfect flower for any occasion. They make a wonderful gift for Valentine’s Day, and they’re great if you want to add some romance to your date nights! These quintessential flowers don’t only have to be for her; show your man how much you care with a beautiful bouquet of red roses. 


Red is timeless and the ultimate symbol of romance, so this masculine flower will show him just what he means to you if he’s a classic romantic type. 


The cheerful nature of the Gerbera flower makes it a great choice for those who need some cheering up! During April, when theseToronto flower are in their prime season, you can choose from one of many colours with ease. The dark yellows and oranges will brighten anyone’s day, while deep red or scarlet might inspire them to feel romantic again.

Peace Lilies

As the name suggests, peace lilies are an undeniably calming addition to any space. Not only do they look amazing in your home, but these plants require very little care and water, making them perfect for those of us who don’t have time or patience to maintain a lot of greenery around our homes.


So if you need that touch of green without all the hassle – get yourself this plant today as it will serve as a beautiful decoration at your lover’s place too.

Black Dahlias

The black dahlia is dark yet ethereal in appearance; because of its deep hue, they’re an excellent choice if you’re looking for flowers that represent masculinity while still maintaining elegance throughout your arrangement. 


A great way to dress up this Toronto flower even further would be by pairing them with other rugged-looking blooms like rosemary and thyme – these two plants have such distinctive scents. 

Scabiosa Pods

If you want to add an earthy touch and eye-catching flowers that are rustic, then Scabiosa pods might be the perfect option for your bouquet filler or centrepieces. These pincushions have a spiky ball in the middle of them with strong, wiry stems, which makes them ideal for masculine floral arrangements. Plus, they also look good on their own.

White Hydrangeas

The most perfect flowers for any occasion are white hydrangeas. They’re elegant, neutral in colour and design, so they can fit into any flower arrangement beautifully and express the heartfelt emotion you have inside of yourself when expressing gratitude to your significant other. These will be a great gift if you want them as an expression of thanks or appreciation!


The perfect addition to a wedding is having the bride’s father or groom wear one of these beautiful yellow Toronto flowers. They’re called Craspedia, but you might know them better as Billy Buttons because they come in such bright colours. 


These stunning round blooms add an attractive and sharp appeal that will wow your guests – especially if it’s worn by someone who loves their style just as much. Give this flower to your brother on his special day so he can shine like only he knows how.


Mix up the floral route with something green like succulents! These plants are perfect for people who want to avoid flowers and prefer some greenery in their gifts. As low-maintenance plants, succulents thrive in dry conditions and indoors, which makes them a great option if you’re sending your loved one away on vacation or going back home yourself after spending time visiting someone else’s place. 


One bonus that comes along is that these air-purifying beauties also come equipped with medicinal uses such as cuts, sunburns, shaving nicks and more.

White Anemones 

The white anemoneToronto flower is a great choice if you are looking for something that will stand out from the rest. Its deep indigo center gives it a more masculine look and exudes romantic qualities, so this would be perfect for the man of your dreams. Paired with earth-toned florals such as pampas grass or amaranth, your gift will be enhanced to make its recipient feel special. 


In conclusion, flowers are not just for women. Sending a bouquet of fresh roses or other favourite flowers to the man in your life is an excellent way to show him how much you care about him and appreciate his efforts all year long. Flowers can be given as gifts at any time during the year; it’s never too late! Why don’t you send some today, shop Toronto flower?


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