Flavor God

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I so generously was provided some of Flavor Gods incredible seasonings and oh my,  I’m so glad I was.

My tastebuds are happiest of all. These seasonings are incredible.

From the mouth of Chris Wallace aka ‘flavor god’ himself- a little about the product and the founder…

My back round is health and fitness and I truly believe food is medicine. I became a chef after having my two children complain about eating the same boring food over and over. Being a single dad I needed to switch it up and I taught myself how to cook and taught my kids the importance of nutrition.

I created my flavor god seasonings after being tired and bored of the same old salty stuff thats is mass produced. They fill there seasonings full of salt because that is the cheapest ingredient.

My flavor god seasonings are hand made by me weekly ,with health and fitness in mind. Even my sea salt I use has not been processed in any way. Only dried by the sun.  And I like to use less salt so your able to use my seasonings much more. I’ve had amazing chefs down to mom’s and dad’s tell me they love my seasonings.  Simple herbs and spices I believe create complex flavors.

I have 4 flavors (Lemon & Garlic , Garlic, Everything, and a Spicy Everything). The everything seasonings feature onion and garlic with hints of bbq.  And as always my seasonings are gluten free, paleo, free of any fillers and never have msg.


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