Flavor God Seasonings Review [BBQ , Dessert ,Keto & More]

Flavor God Seasonings ReviewThe Flavor God brand, created by chef Chris Wallace, is a popular choice among people on vegan, paleo, and other low-calorie diets. All of the seasoning combinations and mixes are ground fresh to order and chemical-free.

They do not contain any MSG. Their most popular products are the combo packs with Lemon & Garlic, Everything, Garlic Lovers, Everything Spicy, Cinnamon, and Chocolate Donut. This article will review their products with full information as well as answer the most common questions in an FAQ section at the end. 

What is in Flavor God Seasoning?

Flavor God seasoning contains garlic, onions, sea salt, California chili pepper powder, paprika, cumin powder, black pepper, coriander powder, basil, and parsley flakes. A full list of the ingredients in each type of flavoring is available on the Flavor God website. 

Best Flavor Gods Products and Packages 

1.Keto 6 Bottle Combo Pack – Vegan & Keto 

This combo pack contains a Keto friendly complex of 4 Ketone salts in a healthy daily serving of at least 2,400 mg for optimal results.

The complex is derived from Beta-Hydroxybutyrate (BHB) and contains MCT oil to achieve ketosis faster. For maximum effect and ketosis maintenance, the package contains BioPerine for increased bioavailability and maximum absorption of healthful exogenous salts. 

The product helps replenish missing electrolytes to balance blood sugar levels that fluctuate during the process of ketogenesis. There are no fillers and all natural ingredients. The product contains neither binders nor preservatives and is packaged in a vegetarian capsule.

2.Flavor God Dessert Combo Pack 

The dessert combo pack features Flavor God buttery cinnamon roll and Chocolate Donut. The former is a gluten-free seasoning with real vanilla, some sea salt, honey, cardamom, spices, and organic coconut flour to create the perfect seasoning for smoothies, coffee, yogurts, fruit salads, dishes containing sweet potatoes, horchata like drinks, açai bowls, and anything else you want to taste like a cinnamon roll. The seasoning is the perfect substitute for sugar in baked goods. 

Flavor God Chocolate Donut, a limited edition seasoning, contains honey, cocoa, cardamom, cinnamon, coriander, and nutmeg. It is gluten-free, kosher, dairy-free, low sodium, great on a coffee, oatmeal, protein shakes, pancakes, smoothies, and great for snacks and breakfast. Do not buy if you’re allergic to honey or cocoa. The seasonings are mixed in a facility that may use milk, peanut, tree nuts, wheat, soy, shellfish, fish, and egg ingredients. 

3.Super Garlic Bros

Who doesn’t love garlic? As the name suggests, it dominates this blend, which also contains sea salt, onion, basil, chili pepper powder, basil leaves, coriander, black pepper, thyme, parsley, and other herbs and spices.

It’s the perfect addition to any dish. The seasoning (as all of Flavor God’s products) contains no calories, fat, or carbs.

Flavor God’s Lemon & Garlic seasoning, pairing the two main ingredients in a purely ingenious manner, is a citrus-based culinary delight. Flavors like thyme, onion, oregano, basil, and parsley help deliver a professional taste to your home cooking.

Like all other Flavor God seasoning, this one is GMO free, paleo friendly, and low in sodium thanks to the sea salt content. 

4.BBQ Grilling Duo

The grilling duo is a combo of two items, Everything and Honey BBQ seasoning. The “Everything” item contains sea salt, onion, garlic, chili pepper powder, basil leaves, coriander, black pepper, thyme, and parsley.

It is the first seasoning Flavor God’s creator made. The name Everything comes from the level of taste guaranteed by the chef. Depth of flavor is ensured by the exquisite blend of ingredients. The taste is skillfully balanced with a light BBQ flavor. Everything Seasoning is ideal for all vegetable or protein dishes.  

Honey BBQ seasoning contains sea salt, onion, garlic, chili pepper powder, basil leaves, coriander, black pepper, thyme, and parsley as well as (obviously) honey, cumin, paprika, and mustard. The grilling duo is great on chicken, beef, pork, and any BBQ and excellent for lunch and dinner.

5.The 4 Pack

The 4 Pack is gluten, dairy, soy, and MSG free. It’s a fabulous addition to eggs, pasta, tacos, burritos, chicken, steak, seafood, fries, veggie dishes, sauces, and dips. 

You’ll be proud to know that all of Flavor God’s manufacturing facilities are located in the USA and are cGMP compliant. The seasoning ingredients are sourced from all over the world. Quality varies depending on source and the chef picks his sources based on this. 

You could also try My Spicy Everything Seasoning. Buyers on Amazon have said it adds a delicious burst of flavor to take your cuisine to a whole new level. How is My Spicy Everything different from just “Everything?” It features all the flavors of the latter, but adds the zest of real cayenne peppers. Just the right amount of spice lets you enjoy your dishes without overpowering them or your digestive tract. All meats need this seasoning, which contains sea salt, onion, garlic, chili pepper powder, basil leaves, coriander, cayenne pepper, cumin, black pepper, thyme, and parsley. All Flavor God seasonings are certified Kosher, lab tested, and gluten-free.

Flavor God Salt Content 

The main reason why people say seasoning is unhealthy is because of the high sodium (salt) content. It shouldn’t be news to anyone that table salt should not be consumed. For NO Salt click here. 

Some seasoning contains hundreds of milligrams of sodium per serving, which can pose a risk to quite a few consumers, especially those who must keep low sodium diets due to heart disease or diabetes. 

Flavor God seasoning contains 100% unprocessed sea salt. The sodium content is just 25-40 milligrams per quarter of a teaspoon. This is much, much less than what you can find in stores. 

Flavor God seasoning is very suitable for meal preparation as well. As you may know, preps can become bland and repetitive because people want to eat large amounts of food in its most natural state for optimal consumption of nutrients. Now, you can cook with Flavor God seasoning or even put some on your meal when ready for an enjoyable experience at all times. 

100% Vegan 

Flavor God products are entirely free of GMO, preservatives, and MSG. They are 100% vegan friendly and do not contain sugar, fillers, refined sodium, or anti-caking agents. These are usually made with animal by-products or synthetic. The only seasoning that is not vegan is Ranch, which needs to contain some dairy for an authentic taste. 

Flavor God vs. Mrs. Dash

Both seasoning brands are very good and add amazing taste to home-cooked dishes. Some users have commented that Mrs. Dash leaves a bad aftertaste, while Flavor God ingredients do not.

We believe both brands are high quality and each one is worth the money you pay for it. Flavor God bottles, in particular, are competitively priced and large, lasting for a long while. If you feel the flavor is insufficient, just put more on. Flavor God seasonings are almost twice the size of Mrs. Dash’s.  

A plus for Mrs. Dash is that its seasoning is salt-free. There’s not even any sea salt. However, Mrs. Dash is kind of spicy and it can come as a surprise if you aren’t expecting that. It’s generic seasoning best for meat. Flavor God is more versatile. It’s good for meatless dishes too.   

Frequently Asked Questions 

We answer the most common questions about Flavor God and seasoning in general in our final section.  

Can I buy Flavor God in stores?

Yes, it is available in supplement stores nationwide 

Does Walmart sell Flavor God seasoning?

Yes, you can see their offerings by clicking here. Some customers have complained Walmart’s prices are too high.   

Is Seasoning Unhealthy? 

The seasoning that contains salt and hidden sodium is. Doctors recommend avoiding adding seasoning with table salt. You can learn to like low-salt seasoning and the natural taste of foods in general. This will not be a problem with Flavor God because theirs only has sea salt, which is much less harmful, even healthy by some accounts. 

Are spices healthy? They may be, and many of them are full of healthy compounds. Spices and herbs fight inflammation and protect your body’s cells from damage. Some dried herbs are bad for your kidneys and bladder, so avoid herbs if you have kidney stones, an UTI, or cystitis (bladder inflammation).   

About The Founder of Flavor God

He is a health and fitness expert and he truly believes food is medicine. He became a chef after having my two children complain about eating the same boring food over and over.

Burger Seasoned with Flavor God Seasonings Being a single dad he needed to switch it up and he taught himself how to cook and taught his kids the importance of nutrition.

he created my flavor god seasonings after being tired and bored of the same old salty stuff thats is mass-produced. They fill their seasonings full of salt because that is the cheapest ingredient.

flavor god seasonings are hand made by him weekly, with health and fitness in mind. Even his sea salt has not been processed in any way. Only dried by the sun.  And he likes to use less salt so you are able to use his seasonings much more.