As the seasons’ change and the world gets a little bit brighter, it’s time to start thinking about your next Fourth of July celebration. Celebrating Independence Day or even New Year’s eve can be kind of boring after a while. The perfect remedy? Putting on a magnificent fireworks display of your own that both your family and neighborhood can enjoy.

Of course, you don’t want to deal with any of those boring old fireworks. You want to try something a little bit new and interesting, without doing anything illegal. Luckily there is an array of legal fireworks options available to use in your next holiday celebration. 

Always remember to comply with local and state laws regarding fireworks displays. You should also abide by the following useful safety tips: 

  • Keep a bucket of water handy to douse fireworks after use
  • Don’t let children play with or set off fireworks
  • Keep them away from young children, structures, and pets
  • Never re-light a firework, even if it’s a dud
  • Never light fireworks while impaired (drinking or otherwise)
  • Set off fireworks in an open space, away from people and buildings
  • Don’t buy or set off illegal fireworks

Once you’ve understood and applied all the important safety measures, it’s time to get some fireworks ready for your show. Here are a few types of legal fireworks to try during your next celebration:

Ground effects

Ground effects are an interesting type of firework. They’re the safest and most family-friendly fireworks, with effects ranging from magnificent fountains to spinners. They’re ideal for smaller, more intimate fireworks shows.

And if you decide you don’t want to add any aerial fireworks – or are unable to feasibly use aerials – ground effects can offer a wonderful, colorful variety of effects for viewers of every age.

Fountains are especially fun and colorful. they come in a remarkable variety of styles and unique packaging. Other cool ground effects include color-changing smoke and ground-spinning fireworks. Flash crackers are another, slightly noisier ground effect offering a brief, but bright performance. With so many offerings to choose from in this category, it’s possible to set up an entire show with ground effects alone.


If you want to create magnificent sky shows, aerial cake fireworks are the way to go. These multi-shot, sparkle, dazzle and amaze as they soar into the sky. Aerial displays are characterized by a familiar cracking, whistling, and finally popping sound as they’re launched.

They’re also notable for the sheer amount of shots each one can pop off, with various ranges. Some may have 36 shots, while others might have 60 or 240 shots. Different brands will vary from one to the next. It’s best to do some online research to determine which best fits the budget and theme of your fireworks show. Whether you want a rapid barrage of spider-like flashes or something a bit slower with more of a build-up, aerials can deliver.

Non-cake aerial fireworks create unique patterns such as the chrysanthemum or brocade patterns you’ve undoubtedly seen during holiday celebrations or some events/concerts. They’re packed in tubes and come in various styles. Reputable online stores will have a huge variety of aerial and often contain detailed information about style, size, duration, effect, and even video demonstrations.


Sometimes, there’s nothing better than a novelty firework to break up the celebration and add a new dimension to the fun. Novelties can appear as fireworks shaped like tanks, tractors, snakes, cars, and more.

Their effects range from bangs and crackling to neon-sparkler and beyond—all in a wide array of colors. Introducing a few novelties into the show or as a warm-up to the main event enhances the fun factor for everyone.

Sparklers, snaps, and confetti

Sparklers are a popular choice for many people each year. They’re almost as much of a tradition as shooting off fireworks on Independence Day itself. They can come in a variety of styles and colors, but do require some safety considerations. For instance, sparklers can reach high temperatures.

It’s better to practice common-sense safety procedures (don’t hand a lit sparkler to others, never throw them, light one at a time) when using them. Snaps and confetti fireworks don’t have much of a flash, but they can be safe fun for the whole family.

Obtaining these is the easiest online. Restrictions vary by state, but buying wholesale is the best way to get the most bang for your buck. Buying bulk fireworks online is cheaper than paying retail price, safer, and delivered straight to your home. That’s not even considering the incredible variety of quality fireworks of any type that are available to purchase online. 

Barrage finales and bundles

Wrap up the show in style with a barrage finale. Related to aerial kits, barrage finales are massive, multiple-shot displays intended for just that—a finale. They can last a solid couple of minutes, offering the best possible wrap-up for an amazing fireworks show. Whether you want a smaller ending or a larger grand finale, barrage finales can fill the void to suit your individual needs.

Finally, some companies even offer re-elected “bundles” of different kinds of fireworks to get you set up with a stylish show quickly. Above all have fun and put on magnificent fireworks display your friends and family will remember for years to come!


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