Are you looking for ethnic styles to rock during summer? Well, it’s a fact that summer makes you feel light and lifts off the mass of heavy clothing worn during winter and spring. Summertime keeps you in your best state, with soft skin and bold hues.

Ethnic styles are those that embrace one’s culture, allowing you to celebrate your originality and heritage. Below are the best seven ethnic styles that can bring out your glow during a hot summer.

Salwar Suit

Salwar suits in straight cut style are among the most common and comfortable ethnic wear among the Indian community. This ethnic clothing style combines three attires, kameez, dupatta, and the salwar itself. A kameez is an upper top, while a salwar is a pajama- resembling pants that is tight on the waist and tapers at the ankles.

That said, Salwar suit is perfect wear on a warm and sunny day and is an alternative to the saree. If you are looking forward to trying some Indian ethnic style this summer, try salwar suits in straight cut style.

Kurta and Churidar

Frock-style Kurtis can be perfectly paired with the churidar. The churidar is a long and tight pants that fold along the ankles, appearing like bangles. The origin is traced back to the Mughal era and is common among Punjabi women.

It is an all-occasion wear and would be a perfect outfit to rock during the summer season because of its light nature, and it allows sunlight penetration to the skin.

Anarkali Suit

Anarkali suit is formed by combining churidar pants and frock style flared kurta. It fits up to the waist and freely flows to the ankles. Today, the Anarkali suit style is slowly coming back to Indian ethnic wear after disappearing for some time.

Something to note, this style gives a royal feel with a touch of class. It is long, gown-like, and very comfortable. The different styles it comes in include jacket style, floor-length and gown style, among others.

Women’s Sherwani

The Women’s Sherwani is traced back to the Mughal era but as men’s wear. It was worn among the nobles and came in different fabrics. 

With its front closures and mandarin collar, it is a unique summer wear that makes you stand out and is not very common. It can be accessorized differently and is fit for all occasions.

Dhoti Kurta

Unlike the salwar suits in straight cut style, the Dhoti has shifted from drapery to stitched style preferred by Indian men as nightwear or daily wear.

It is wrapped around the waist and goes partially to the legs. Today, it has become popular among women and is perfect for beach adventures and sunny days because of its light nature. 

Ghagra Choli

The Ghagra Choli comes as a long pleated skirt with a cropped choli and usually goes well with a dupatta. It is one of women’s favorites today and can be traced back to the Mughal era too.

It is suitable for formal occasions like summer weddings. Choli designs shift often, and what’s even more exciting is their ability to be accessorized differently and does not limit one when it comes to colors. Are you looking for that perfect summer wear? Look no further.


Saree style is traced way back to the Indus Valley civilization and is a traditional wrap among Indian women. The Saree exists in 80 different style variations like Odi style, Malayali among others.

It’s a combination of an underskirt and blouse with a cloth wrapped over the shoulders according to one’s preferred style. But note, the designs have changed with time and are the most common summer wear among Indian women.

Final Thoughts

Summer ethnic wear takes us down memory lane. They remind us who we indeed are, and the comfort that comes with putting them on is immense. These outfits call for anybody to get out of their comfort zone and rock without hesitation.

Summer itself allows us to be ourselves, go a bit extra, and allow the sun to penetrate our skin, with these clothes being the ideal choice. Try them on!


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