Essentials to Have for Your Next Get Together

A relaxed attitude is essential to having an excellent get-together. If you run around and fuss over the music, menu, and place settings, your guests will feel negative energy. While being carefree and fun will positively influence your guests while at the event, there are a few essentials you can prepare for your next get-together.

Be Spontaneous

Everyone is so busy and plugged in all of the time. Asking friends to ditch their usual plans to enjoy a last-minute get-together sets the stage for being relaxed and casual. A great go-to move is to throw last-minute movie nights, spring soirees in your backyard, or cocktail parties.

Text the Invitations

There is no need for a formal invitation. Instead, send a personalized text to each of your friends. For example, say something fun, like, “Drop whatever you have right now and join us for dinner on the patio!”

Let your friends know that you have the drinks and food covered, but they can bring wine, games, or the leftovers they were about to reheat if they want to.

Go for a Simple Table Arrangement

As soon as your friends start sending replies, plan how you will set up the table. This is where being prepared can help. Since your guests expect something casual, stay true to what you have advertised by using everyday flatware, paper plates, and disposable napkins.

Arrange glass pitchers of water and bottles of wine on the table for everyone to serve themselves. Place a short water glass and tall wine glass next to each place setting. Attractive water pitchers, serving bowls for parties, and shapely glass wine decanters can serve as pseudo-centerpieces.

Or follow the suggestion of Smarty Had a Party, “If you or your child is artistically inclined, this is a perfect opportunity to add some truly personal touches to the proceedings. If arts and crafts aren’t your thing, a nice selection of flowers, real or artificial, can serve you and your dinner table.”

Create a Menu with What Is Available

Open your pantry or fridge. After looking at all that is available, serve what you have. An upbeat and relaxed attitude is more essential than the food you serve. Your guests are most excited about the get-together and having fun with you. Preparing a simple meal will prevent you from the stress of cooking something out of your league and perhaps trashing it when it doesn’t turn out.

Choose the Right Playlist

An hour or so before your guests arrive, put on an upbeat playlist. Kick off your shoes, do a little something to touch up your appearance, and grab a drink. Don’t fret about dishes that need to be washed and other details. Take these moments before your guests arrive to get yourself in a relaxed frame of mind.

The Essentials for Every Get-Together

Enjoyable get-togethers don’t need to be complicated. The most important thing is to have a carefree attitude. Preparing the flatware, menu, and playlist will naturally make you feel relaxed.