It is no secret that students from all over the globe have to write a great variety of essays. There are various types with different purposes. It sometimes mesmerizes students, and they get most about all those differences.

You have to be patient and simply memorize all the peculiarities. In the meanwhile, we are happy to announce that all essay types have a lot in common too. Following certain tips, you will handle your essays much easier and faster.

Our informative guide provides 10 expert tips for students that help with essay writing. They are pretty simple but effective. Thus, you’ll become a great academic writer and will not need some professional custom writing help from an essay service e.g. CustomWritings.

Understand the Task

First of all, you ought to clearly understand the purpose of your task. As we have just mentioned above, students have to write multiple essays that have different purposes.

Therefore, your first step is to define the main purpose and other guidelines. Afterward, you may begin researching, planning, writing, and editing.

Argue Well

Secondly, you should be able to support and justify your claims. You’re supposed to ague well on every argument you implement into your essays. It means you should find clear explanations and approved examples that support everything you say.

You cannot simply say, for example, that a certain amount of people react to a certain situation in one way. You must prove it and thus, ought to use some statistical research, scientific studies, etc. You should conduct in-depth research. 

Here are a few prompts for you:

  • Use strong keywords for accurate search results;
  • Trust websites that end with .org, .gov, and .edu;
  • Take accurate notes of worthy sources;
  • Divide your sources into logical categories (according to a subject, teacher, essay type, etc.);
  • Refine your notes and decide which facts can be included in your essay;
  • Decide where and how to use the chosen facts and examples.

Be Organized

The third tip is to get organized. Many students frequently fail the submission dates because they aren’t disciplined and thus lose heaps of precious time. Therefore, we recommend creating a flexible and reasonable schedule to control your time and be effective. Your schedule is supposed to include:

  • All academic goals;
  • All non-academic goals;
  • Clear and realistic deadlines;
  • Evaluation that depends on importance, urgency, etc.

Obligatorily develop a system of prioritization. It helps to realize which tasks can be completed later and which ones must be done now. It also helps to get rid of things that aren’t really important for your studies or life in general. For example, playing video games will not help to write a perfect text on time and is not crucial for your life.

Make sure you set only realistic goals. If you set a short deadline that cannot be met, you may quickly become disappointed, and it also negatively affects the quality and enthusiasm of your writing.

Get the stuff for learning. If you don’t want to waste precious time, always have the necessary learning tools close at hand. These are:

  • Textbooks;
  • A laptop or PC;
  • Pens and pencils;
  • Notebooks;
  • Mind maps, etc.

Sharpen Your Skills Every Day

Even the best writers with global fame regularly sharpen their writing skills. You cannot rely on current knowledge because there’s always some room for improvement. New writing techniques, tools, or strategies may turn to be more effective than the ones you already know.

Therefore, don’t be lazy and regularly research new methods that enhance your writing, reading, critical thinking, problem-solving, and other skills. You can learn a lot from visiting or passing education:

  • Webinars;
  • Workshops;
  • Master-classes;
  • Conferences;
  • Forums;
  • Programs;
  • Courses, etc.

You may write a new piece every day. It may be an essay, poem, short story, etc. If you change the type of paper, you enrich your knowledge and skills.

Use Technology

Technology is our friend (if you use it reasonably), and you should never forget about it. You’re free to use:

  • Grammar and plagiarism checkers;
  • Topic and reference generators;
  • Editors;
  • Organizers, etc.

Avoid Distractions

Many students tend to do things that have no relation to their studies. They are called distractions, and they negatively affect the productivity and time management of a writer. Make sure you:

  • Turn off all devices;
  • Don’t watch movies;
  • Don’t play video games;
  • Don’t go partying, etc.

Write with Intention

The easiest way to write a good story is to have a clear intention. Why do you write an essay? Should you describe, explain, or investigate something? Is it done for entertainment or science? Answer these questions to have a clear purpose.

Get Feedback

Don’t forget to receive feedback on your texts. It can be gathered in several ways, and each has its benefits. Get feedback from: 

  • Teachers;
  • Friends;
  • Parents;
  • Learning tools.

Extend Your Vocabulary

It’s very important to have a vast vocabulary for every writer and student. If you repeat the same words and phrases all time long, your essays will lose a huge part of creativity. That’s why you should learn something new in every subject. We recommend the next online dictionaries:

  1. Collins Dictionary
  2. Wiktionary
  3. Google Dictionary
  4. Urban Dictionary
  5. Oxford Dictionary

Practice Writing in Your Head

One of the most effective writing techniques is the creation of future texts in your head. Before you start to write, imagine the structure of your essay. What claims and examples you want to use and where. Think about how to use them naturally and appealing to your audience.

Memorize the expert tips and lifehacks we have given in our informative guide for college students.

They are universal, and it means they can suit any essay type. Following them and finding some others, you hugely increase your chances to write only high-quality essays to get the best grades.


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