Any profession has its positive and negative sides. No job brings exceptionally good emotions or, conversely, only negative. On average, casinos employ 500 to 1000 employees. If we talk about the professions associated with this business, then there are from 50 to 100 of them.

You can be a dealer, waiter, cleaner, marketer, manager, and even the owner of a gambling establishment. All these professions are united by a mysterious location and many questions. Consider the aspects of a career in gambling from the black and white sides below.

Positive Sides of Working in a Casino

Of course, casino salaries are one of the key factors that affect the choice of a job. Both the land-based and online institutions such as Wishfulbets provide their personnel with a decent salary.

Besides, there are broad prospects for moving up the career ladder. Croupiers can undergo additional training, pit bosses annually raise the level of their qualification, and eventually become managers. Senior executives are sent to study abroad at business administration schools, and many of them have MBA degrees.

​According to, in the United States, the average annual casino salary in land-based casinos is the following:

  • Security guard – $29,500;
  • Shuttle driver – $26,500;
  • Pit clerk manager – $50,500;
  • Booth cashier – $33,600;
  • Dealer – $17,700, etc.

It is worth noting that casino dealers get large tips from the customers, especially when they win. At the most reputable institutions of Las Vegas, they earn about $40,000. Besides, this work brings the employees the following benefits:

1)    Communication with celebrities

It’s not a secret that celebrities love visiting casinos. They do this infrequently and, incognito. But how pleasant it is to play at the table where the world star is sitting by your side. Moreover, gambling establishments often have a weekly show program. In gambling establishments, celebrities host events, become guests of private tastings, and even take part in poker tournaments along with other visitors.

2)    Life principles

After working in a casino for several years, you will definitely become more resilient than you were before. It will be easier to deal with troubles, negativity, and criticism. You will become more mature and serious while communicating with a diverse audience. In the restrooms, the staff even competed with each other, who was cooler for the shift, and who learned new dirty words that they had never heard of.

3)    Diverse customers

Communication with different people gives a clearer picture of the world, you will begin to understand more about the psychology of human behavior and, thus, establish your partnerships.

You will see how people with really big money look like, how they behave, how they dress and talk to others. There are a lot of intellectuals among the VIP guests, they like to go into discussions about poetry, they are well versed in cigars and many other things. By communicating with such people, you will expand your horizons, learn to set goals, and dream big.

However, not everything is as positive as it seems at first glance. Working in a gambling establishment brings many challenges.

Negative Sides of Working in a Casino

Only a small number of employees in the casino work from 9 am to 6 pm – mostly HR and accounting, whose activities in a gambling establishment are no different from any other business.

All other employees are subject to a strict schedule. It has day and night shifts because the casino is obliged to operate around the clock. The working day of a croupier or manager is often not limited to 12 hours – you need to come in advance, put yourself in order because it is forbidden to go into the hall without a uniform. After a hard day and night, it is also necessary to discuss all emergencies.

Working at night, without proper sleep and rest, many employees begin to relieve stress with alcohol and cigarettes. This helps to forget negative situations faster, and during the break between the 20-minute shifts, you will not have time to do anything except go for a smoke break. In such an environment, it is difficult not to become at least a skeptic, or get a huge nervous breakdown.

It is forbidden to go into the hall in ordinary clothes, for this you can get a serious fine. Women cannot appear without tights, which should only be of a flesh shade, while the minimum height of heels should be at least 5 centimeters.

You cannot experiment with hair color, make-up should be restrained, and nails should be short, especially at the croupier, otherwise, they will simply not be allowed to work at the table.

The senior managers wear their own suits. They may even like it at first. But if, for example, the air conditioner breaks down, it is strictly forbidden to take off your jacket in front of guests. A tie is constantly tight, and shirts need to be changed every day.

In Conclusion

If you are going to work in a casino, never fear judgment. A career will bring you a lot of acquaintances with interesting people both in the team and among the guests. You will receive invaluable life experience that you can use in your further development. Besides, building a career in the entertainment sphere is always associated with good salaries, especially if it is allowed to accept tips from guests.

However, we strongly recommend you avoid romanticizing casino jobs, as there are also some negative sides to deal with. To qualify for a dealer’s position, you need to be nice, attentive, and sociable.

Stress resistance is also very important: a casino is an institution that demonstrates all the deadly sins. Here, players’ greed competes with despondency, vanity with envy, etc. All this is accompanied by angry shouts at the dealers, managers, and wishes to burn this building as soon as possible. If you can survive the challenges – you will reach the top positions in the industry.


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