How Much Do Dreamcatchers Hair Extensions Cost?

Extensions can either come in the form of human or synthetic hair extensions. Dreamcatchers extensions are one of the best extensions you can find around.

It is 100% human hair, and it is silicone-free, unlike the glue-in systems, and you are able to reuse the extension for more than two years.

The hair cuticle is protected, unlike synthetic hair, which cannot generally take styling with heat and, more so, would not blend adequately like the Remy Hair. 

Dreamcatchers Hair Extensions are very expensive because of their design and durability; however, this risk of high cost is worth it as you would enjoy it eventually.

This article discusses the cost of dreamcatchers hair extensions fittings, why it is the best of the hair extensions available which you should go for, and ways to maintain it properly. 

How Much Do Dreamcatchers Hair Extensions Cost?

20″ dreamcatcher hair extension costs $140 per bundle. However, the cost of a dreamcatcher hair extension is going to be different from one salon shop to another. 

  • The dreamcatcher hair extension cost varies depending on the extension length and the number of strands you would use for a complete job. 
  • Also, a micro-cylinder would be required, and that comes with an additional expense.
  • A unique brush is required to avoid matting and damage from happening to your hair. 
  • Hairstylists place their charges per the number of bundles needed to complete the job.
  • Every 4-6 weeks, the extensions need adjustments, which require little or no micro cylinders, and of course, charges are made on the adjustments too.
  • When you want to remove them, charges also apply.

Cost of DreamCatcher Hair Extensions

DreamCatchers hair extensions are produced from the highest form of quality human hair. Your extensions are reusable, with adequate maintenance, thereby giving you a longing enjoyment of the beautiful, full, and natural-looking hair you have always dreamed of possessing. 

Before purchasing dreamcatcher hair extensions, you should go for personal consultations. The Costing of a personal consultation for dreamcatcher hair extensions is in the range of $20.00-$30.00, and you are required to prepay for schedules to be fixed. 

DreamCatchers Hair Extensions General Pricing

Purchase is made in bundles, and the number of bundles you would be purchasing will depend on what volume and length you desire to achieve. Orders can be made in sets of 2 to 6. The cost of fixing dreamcatcher hair extensions according to hair therapy salon:

  • 20″ dreamcatcher hair extension costs $140 per bundle while 24″ dreamcatcher hair extension costs $195 per bundle (With a purchase of 4 or 5 bundles, you get one extra bundle free)
  • Micro-cylinders costs $6 per pack. One pack if micro-cylinders is per bundle of the dreamcatcher hair extension
  • Smoothing Brush to avoid matting and damages costs $30
  • Tax is not added to any of the prices
  • Shipping fee costs $15-35

Fitting cost for the length of 20″

2 Bundles

  • Dreamcatcher Extension Fitting and Cutting $140
  • Total with Hair and Fitting of the dreamcatcher hair extension $477
  • Adjustment (every 4-6 weeks) $70

3 Bundles

  • Dreamcatcher Extension Fitting and Cutting $165
  • Total with Hair and Fitting of the dreamcatcher hair extension $648
  • Adjustment (every 4-6 weeks) $80

4 Bundles

  • Dreamcatcher Extension Fitting and Cutting $215
  • Total with Hair and Fitting of the dreamcatcher hair extension $850
  • Adjustment (every 4-6 weeks)$90

5 Bundles

  • Dreamcatcher Extension Fitting and Cutting $240
  • Total with Hair and Fitting of the dreamcatcher hair extension $875
  • Adjustment (every 4-6 weeks) $100

6 Bundles

  • Dreamcatcher Extension Fitting and Cutting $265
  • Total with Hair and Fitting of the dreamcatcher hair extension $1,046
  • Adjustment (every 4-6 weeks) $110

After making adjustments with the extensions 3-4 times, there is a need to re-thread some of those extensions and replace the micro-cylinders. This service is known as  “Re-Fitting” and is an additional charge based on the number of bundles you have ($125-250). This re-fitting can be done in increments as the micro-cylinders requires replacement and re-threading.

If you use a flat iron or curl your hair frequently, you will need to purchase new extensions every eight months. If you rarely use hot tools, you may get a longer life from them.

Reasons to Choose DreamCatchers Hair Extensions

  • Utilizes a tape-in-an-extension that is quick to fix and permits one to add more extension where it is required.
  • It is of high quality, and It is 100% human hair.
  • It gives room for you to achieve any look you desire as they come in various colors and lengths.
  • Long-lasting gloss and sparkling with adequate maintenance 
  • Grants a 60 days warranty on the product
  • Uses I-Tip System that permits your hair to lay flat against your head, causing consistency and creating a seamless look. This is because no glue, heat, braiding, or sewing is used. This system also enables you to reuse the extension multiple times without damage.
  • The micro-cylinders are reusable as they are a combination of an emulsion of copper and aluminum, which makes the cylinders safe to use for the clients’ hair and lasting enough to be reused.
  • The use of heat or glue for fixing it is not required
  • With a professional hairstylist to get the hair done, the dreamcatchers hair extensions are not noticeable to others
  • You can brush the hair extensions the way you would normally brush your hair. You only need to be cautious around the scalp area
  • You treat your dream catcher hair extensions the same way you will treat your natural hair
  • With your dreamcatcher hair extensions on, you can wash, swim, style, and enjoy the beauty just like your natural hair
  • there is zero damage caused to your hair; it was uniquely designed and developed to avoid causing damages to hair
  • DreamCatchers hair extensions do not require a special treatment given to you hair before going to bed (no wrapping up your hair, styling it in a way, or keeping it braided before you sleep) 

The Installation Process of Dreamcatchers Hair Extension

The hair extension comes in bundles, and the micro-cylinders are used to hold the extensions; they keep the hair in place. For a pack of hair, one pack of micro-cylinders is required.

The natural hair is threaded through the color-coated cylinder, and then the extensions are placed on the cylinder and clamped to ensure the extensions are firm. Each hair system will be at the discretion of your stylist and can be placed depending on the area where it makes the most sense and is scarcely visible to people.  

The time for fixing this in your hair can vary anywhere from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours. However, this depends on how many packs of hair you decide to put in and how fast your stylist likes to function.

Ideally, you should have your hair extension removed from your favorite hair salon by the same professional you trusted to do the installation. The hairstylist will need to squeeze the micro-cylinder in opposite directions, and all these extensions can be taken off in less than 25 minutes. If you’d like fuller hair, naturally, you should look into PRP hair restoration.

Taking Care/Maintenance of the Dreamcatcher Hair Extensions

Proper maintenance of the dreamcatcher hair extensions is pertinent to make sure it lasts long.

  • Continuously ensure you brush the dreamcatcher hair extensions before going to bed to avoid matting and tangling. Brush from the bottom (where the micro-cylinders are placed) to the end of the extension.
  • Avoid brushing the hair extension while your hair is wet.
  • Without holding it into hair lumps, wash the extension using a downward movement.
  • Use sulfate-free shampoos to wash your hair extension. The presence of sulfate will only strip the extension of any oils present in it and causes hair abrasions.
  • Whenever you decide to go swimming, ensure you plait a knot of the hair extensions to avoid tangling.
  • After washing, ensure you air dry the extension and often make sure your hair is moisturized. 
  • Always remember that adjustments are required to be made to your hair extensions every 4-6 weeks. Exceeding this period before you go for your adjustments causes the micro-cylinders to start twisting, and the hair between the scalp and the micro-cylinders starts to tangle.  


Although the cost of dreamcatcher hair extensions can be on the high side compared to other hair extension brands if given the proper care. It is designed with over 40 colors for you to choose from, and the hair can still be colored with your natural hair. 

With a certified dreamcatcher extension stylist, your investment in this hair extension is sure worth it. It will enable the transformation of your fine, lifeless, or short hair into thick, long, and beautiful-looking hair.