The 8 Best Destinations Worldwide For Swimming with DolphinsA Dolphin swimming experience can be therapeutic or at the very least help calm your nerves. Dolphins have always aroused great curiosity and fascination on the part of humans.

Its docile and sociable personality along with their physical characteristics make this animal one of the most loved by adults and children.

The experience of swimming and interacting with dolphins is mentioned as unique and life-changing by the ones who had the opportunity to do so.

Are you ready to discover the best 8 destinations worldwide to swim with these lovely animals?

Dolphin Swimming Experience


Part of the cetacean family, dolphins are aquatic mammals that can measure in length between 6 to over 13 feet (approx. 2 to 4 meters) and can weigh as much as 1430 pounds (approx. 650 kg).

They live in groups and can be found worldwide in temperate, tropical oceans, as well as in some rivers and estuaries.

Are Dolphins Dangerous?

dolphin swimming experience Although they are wild animals – and must be respected as such.

Dolphins are known for displaying a playful attitude and for maintaining friendly relations with humans.

The Best Places in the World to Swim with Dolphins:


#1 Riviera Maya – Mexico

Riviera MayaSituated along the Caribbean coastline, the Riviera Maya region is very well known for its paradisiac beaches.

Archaeological richness and natural scenarios.

With dozens of dolphinariums along the coast and natural parks like the Xcaret Park.

This is the ideal destination for those who want to enjoy water activities, especially if you dream about swimming with dolphins. This place reminds me of when we went to swim with dolphins Ocho Rios.

#2 Akaroa – New Zealand

Akaroa New ZealandConsidered New Zealand’s most French village, Akaroa is established in the South Island.

It will delight you with its historic buildings, magnificent harbor and aquatic activities.

Besides having the opportunity to swim with an endemic species of these cetaceans – called Hector’s dolphin – it’s definitely a place to visit if you’re looking to swim with these animals in the wild.

The eco-tourism company Black Cat Cruises is a good choice to swim with this endangered species.

#3 São Miguel Azores – Portugal

São Miguel Azores best dolphin swimming In the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, the Azores archipelago is composed by nine islands of immeasurable beauty.

The main one is called São Miguel and is characterized by its green landscape, hot springs and lagoons.

The waters surrounding the island are home to a wide variety of cetaceans and exist several companies providing the visitors with sea tours.

As example, the experienced company Futurismo offers activities such as kayaking, swimming with dolphins and whale watching.

4. Blue Lagoon Island – Bahamas

Blue Lagoon Island - BahamasAbout a 20 minutes boat ride from Nassau, there is a private island called Blue Lagoon Island. 

Dolphins and sea lions often appear in the waters surrounding this picturesque place, which attracts many tourists.

Swimming side-by-side and interacting with these animals is guaranteed, as the company Dolphin Encounters provides this unforgettable experience for those visiting the island.

5. Zanzibar – Tanzania

Zanzibar dolphin swimmingThe African island of Zanzibar is a treasure located on the Indian Ocean.

It offers a combination of jaw-dropping white sandy beaches, crystalline waters and gastronomy full of fresh flavors.

Can you imagine swimming with dolphins in this scenario? The good news is… it’s possible!

With dozens of tours offered by locals, we suggest you the following company: Zanzibar Dolphin Tours.

#6 Big Island – Hawaii

Big Island - HawaiiThe largest island from the Hawaiian archipelago ranges from volcanoes and waterfalls to black sandy beaches.

A destination that is very well-known because of its surfing culture, it’s also one of the best places in the world to swim with spinner dolphins.

Famous for its acrobatic skills when jumping out the water, the spinner dolphins reside in the Hawaiian coastline waters during the entire year.

For those who have no time to waste, we leave you this tip: Sunlight on Water.


#7 Rockingham – Australia

Rockingham - Australia dolphin swimmingLocated 47km distance from the city of Perth.

Rockingham has a great culture of aquatic activities such as stand-up paddling, Jet Skiing and kayaking.

Which are also an amazing way to get to know the area and discovering the islands around, like the Penguin Island. 

If travelling to Australia is something you’ve been dreaming about and you love dolphins, Rockingham is the place to be.

Book with Rockingham Wild Encounters and swim with dolphins in the wild.

#8 Florida – USA

Daytona BeachLast but definitively not least, the State of Florida is the house of enormous.

Beautiful and worldwide famous cities like Daytona Beach, Orlando and Miami.

Nicknamed the capital of the amusement parks.

it hosts theme parks such as Walt Disney World or Universal Studios Theme Park, which makes it completely legitimate.

It’s not different if we talk about the marine parks or aquariums found in the State, which could be included in the list of the best ones in the world.

Here’s a list of the best places for swimming with dolphins in Florida:


Sea World’s Dolphin Cove

Sea World’s Dolphin CoveAt the Sea World marine park in Orlando, you’ll get the chance to swim, interact and even feed bottlenose dolphins.

A special care specialist will talk more about these stunning mammals.

While the experience is happening and there are professional photographers at the scene, making that moment unforgettable.

Miami Seaquarium

Miami SeaquariumEstablished in the city of Miami, this aquarium park offers an incredible experience.

That allows feeding and sharing hugs, handshakes and kisses with the bottlenose dolphins.

The climax of the experience is an exciting dolphin ride through the pool.


Marineland’s Dolphin Encounter

Marineland’s Dolphin EncounterThe park is situated in St. Augustine and in terms of experience resembles the previous one.

The interaction is made in shallow waters and you can expect lots of jumps, splashes and rubs from the dolphins.

Are These Parks Safe for Kids?

The three parks mentioned before are suited for children and their families.

All the activities occur in controlled environments, accompanied by certified staff members and under the U.S. regulations.

(For more information about the conditions and safety of the parks, please visit their websites, read the FAQ’s or contact them directly). Feel free to check out our other travel guides like the best things to do in las vegas and the best activities in Los Angeles.


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