If one is susceptible to various specific distractions, it might be wise to take note of which ones need work. For instance, if you are distracted by thinking about your investments such as your NIO stock purchase, by writing it down you’re reinforcing it in your mind and sticky note reminders are also a good idea. 

Make a Mental Note of Which Distractions Hook You

Sometimes just the tangible expression can make a big difference and one must be aware of the weaknesses. Phones are definitely one of the most common time wasters and keep people from being productive. When you hear that notification, it is an automatic temptation to check and see who texted.

However, with it on silent, you can try to tackle the temptation of a distraction head-on with good results. Staying focused can be a challenging obstacle and here are some effective suggestions to implement each day for aiding this problem.

Chatty Co-Workers Distract From Productivity

One of the common distractions that keep us from getting important tasks done is the social type. Oftentimes, it can be easy to get lost in conversation and, before you know it, a half-hour has gone by.

There’s nothing wrong with a little chat now and then, but if you’re prone to go overboard then perhaps set a chat timer at a reasonable time like five to ten minutes. Inform your co-workers or friends that you can only chat until the timer goes off and then start conversing.

Noise Disruption of Any Kind

Noise disruption like thunderstorms is a common distraction that can lead to a loss of productivity in any work setting. Weather elements such as wind, hail, and thunder all provide a difficult challenge while working. Utilizing headphones during a stormy night can help retain some of this focus and drown out the distraction.

Other examples of common noise distractions include people conversing or laughing loudly, an employee running a loud floor buffer, or something as simple as a phone call. These can all be addressed with the proper action.

The Increased Usage of Smartphones

It’s obvious that smartphones have not done us any services in the area of staying focused. In fact, more people than ever are being diagnosed with attention deficit disorder where you continually have to jump from multiple distractions in a short time. It is a great resource to understand how.

If you’re studying in school then this is especially crucial towards getting an education. It’s very easy to get a notification when you’re working on something and get distracted for five minutes.

The conversations don’t end though and you end up wasting more time with each response. Turing your phone off when you know work needs to be done is necessary. Or if you use your phone for important matters then make it a habit to check it on the hour.

Maintain Focus on the Task at Hand

There are many methods for maintaining your focus for the long term and it can be a learning process if you’ve never attempted to take charge of habits. Sometimes meditation is a useful tool before work so that you can resist distractions and stay focused on the task at hand. 

Mental fatigue naturally happens, so giving the mind rest after working a while can also help in the form of a micro nap. Stay alert for work tasks requires rest too, and using that time better will help improve your focus overall.

Sometimes music can help to drown out any distractions and keep you focused at the same time. You can even semi-avoid people who want to talk a lot if they see you have headphones in.

Seek a Suitable Comfortable Work-Friendly Environment

Sometimes the environments we choose can impact the results of any work that needs completion. A great real-world example of this would be if you’re in school and there’s an assignment given.

You then go over to your party buddy’s house because he’s ordering a pizza and wants to play a new video game. He says you can both study afterward, but there is still the risk you get lost in the experience and forget. 

Interestingly enough, you can utilize distractions to your advantage with the right method. Get information about that topic here to find out! Some environments can turn distractions into a good thing, but that’s only in special settings. The common ones mentioned are there to serve as a guideline of what to avoid at all costs for maximum work productivity.

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