Women have a lot going on in this new era. From work to taking care of the kids, being there for the husband, and dealing with personal affairs. And this might be pretty exhausting, and sometimes a dinner date is just enough to cool off the pressure.

A dinner date often happens either if you are doing it to maintain the relationship or looking to create a bond with a guy you just met. Either way, you want to be in your best, from mental preparedness to, most importantly, the outfit. First impressions matter a lot! So you would like to make a pretty good one, enough for him to invite you to a second date or enough to persuade your partner to do it often.

Quick Tips To Start You Off

However, most of the time you are from work, many deadlines delayed you in the office, or some project took much of your hours. So you never get time to get back home and do a proper makeover to transform into ‘the date’ of the night. That shouldn’t discourage you since there is a way to work things out. You can always do a couple of final touches from the office and drive directly to the restaurant.

So, what tools should you have in mind to get this right? Some of the quick tips to consider include.


Heels will continually transform a standard outfit into a striking look. Heels bring glamour and sexy by how they lengthen your legs and give you height.


A little bit of an upgrade will go a lot way. Work on your lips and eyes, and that about enough to give you a fancier look.


Don’t have a bare wrist, waist, ears, or neck; slide in some jewelry to spice things up in no time.

4.Clinch it up

Don’t wear any baggy clothes because the more you’re streamlined, the more you look put together.

Day to Night Outfit Ideas

Now that you have a few ideas, you must get things right for you to glow during your date. Some of the day to night outfit ideas include


If you know you have a dinner date the following day, wear an outfit that will work for both work and the date after. Don’t choose something that’ll force you to go back home to change the whole outfit.

2.Consider clothes that you are comfortable with.

It’s only suitable to wear plus-size jeans or that fitting dress if that’s what you feel comfortable with. That way, you will work around the other parts of the outfit to develop the best results.

3.Carry the essentials.

Carry your makeup kit and jewelry to work so that you can quickly wear them on your way to the date.

4.Do the transformation.

Either in the car or your workplace’s washrooms, ensure you upgrade your outfit, as planned, to be impressive. It gives you confidence.

Final Verdict

It doesn’t matter if you like plus-size jeans or dresses, which you can get from Dressbarn; it’s all about what you’ll do with them. The quick rush from work will not limit you to looking like a wreck simply because you probably had a long day. You can always choose to make an upgrade, and you’ll be impressive on your date.

Do you have busy schedules? Is it hard for you to get home and prepare yourself for a date? What do you do about it? Leave a comment.


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