Guys are often encouraged to wear more colours, but with an entire rainbow available, it can get truly overwhelming to come up with combinations that don’t look like, well, a rainbow!

However, if there’s ever a time to start experimenting and adding more colours to your wardrobe, it’s summer! And the easiest way to do so is by adding a few classic crewneck t-shirts to your rotation.

Pair them with colourful shorts, trousers, dress shirts, blazers or add a pop of colour in the shape of a hat or shoes, and you’ll get hooked. It’s an easy way to dip your toe into the world of colours, and we’ve got you covered with the basics! 

Here are the best crewneck t-shirt colour combinations for summer. 

Green and black 

Dark green hues and olive and khaki tones are some of the most flattering for gents and black makes an excellent option that never fails on many occasions. 

Pair your black crewneck t-shirt with olive chinos for a powerful yet toned-down everyday look.If you’re up for something more – emerald green will elevate any outfit! 

Navy blue and marigold 

Marigold is a yellow-orange colour and is named after the flower of the same name.

Yes, it’s bold and bright, but remember that you can always choose the washed-out version of all colours. This way, you’ll be getting out of your comfort zone, but at the same time still feel like yourself.

Your marigold crewneck t-shirt will look great with classic denim trousers or shorts. And if you’re still not convinced – marigold is super trendy this year!

Forest green and soft pink 

Forest green has a calming, soothing effect and reminds us of nature. It creates positive emotions that get even more fun with a soft-pink addition! 

If colour blocking with these two colours seems too much, you can always accessorise and go with beige trousers, a salmon pink crewneck t-shirt and a forest green cap! Not sure which soft pink to choose? Take your time and look into cameo pink, piggy pink and champagne pink. 

Beige and sky blue 

A classic summer combination that never goes out of style! Sky blue linen suit and a white crewneck t-shirt underneath is the ultimate French Riviera mood! 

When choosing this combo, an important thing to remember is to always go for light, white-coffee toned beige over the yellow-beige. It’s easier to style and just looks better. 

And if linen suits are not your jam, you can always opt for simple beige chinos, brown loafers and a nice sky blue shirt!


Green and blue 

Surprised? Don’t be! When done right, this colour combination is the ultimate winner. 

In summer think sky blues and sea greens, paired in bold colour blocks from the top to bottoms, for instance, cotton button shirting in muted emerald and dusty navy or a sea green crewneck t-shirt and blue trousers.

Green is definitely a great colour for the summer. It’s a cool hue that symbolises nature and the natural world and represents tranquillity, good luck, health. Count us in!

Yellow and blue

Another classic combination that’s not seen that often every day. And we say that’s wrong! We’re not talking about bold, blinding yellows and bright blues necessarily, but with toned-down hues, you can really hit the jackpot here. 

If you’re a fashion novice, start small, with simple navy bottoms and a very light yellow crewneck t-shirt or even just the yellow t-shirt, beige denim trousers and blue loafers. 

Trust us, it works whether you’re raiding the rooftop bars or sailing the Mediterranean this summer! 


Grey and soft pink 

Two opposite emotions come from looking at grey and pink. Pink may not be considered a masculine colour, but let’s remember that it’s 2021, and guys can wear whatever they want to!

The combination of these two colours creates a wonderful balance of tradition and modernism. 

Always choose a high-quality crewneck t-shirt like the one from Fresh Clean Tees and preppy bottoms for the ultimate dapper look. Check their collection of crew neck tees here:

Burgundy and royal blue

Royal blue is a deep and vivid shade of blue, also sometimes described as “a deep, vivid reddish or purplish-blue” and was beloved by the British Royalty. 

Sold! We love this colour in combination with burgundy as it creates a rich and alluring effect. If you’re up for this adventure, pair your burgundy crewneck t-shirt with royal blue dress pants, add nice mocassins or loafers, and you’ll charm everyone in your way!

Beige and maroon

Okay, let’s take it down a notch and talk about this classic combination of beige and maroon. Some might even say it’s boring, but we say it’s timeless. 

It’s always perfectly appropriate for family gatherings, work-related events and other occasions where flashiness and flair are not welcome. 

As with anything else, quality and fit are essential here. Make sure your beige crewneck t-shirt is close to your body (not too tight, though!) and your chinos or dress pants are not too loose. 

Green and grey

Another conservative yet a little bit more exciting combination is green and grey. It’s a very calming blend for your eyes and brain, so if you’re anticipating a hectic day, this is the winner. 

We love the pairing of a light grey crewneck t-shirt and deep green chinos or denim. If you’re going for a more formal look, pair them with Chelsea boots or loafers. But if you’re all about those chill vibes, white leather sneakers are the way to go. 

Yellow and off-white

We’re going to leave you with a thinker! For many people, the yellow-and-white combos feel like just too much to worry about. But we’re calling out this nonsense. 

Summer is the perfect time to shine together with the sun, and wearing an off-white crewneck t-shirt with light yellow linen slacks are absolute goals! 

We’ll do you even one better! How about illuminating yellow chino shorts? It’s Pantone’s colour of the year, and it’s just so fun and exciting! Try it!


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