Comforters are two cloths that are sewed together and then the inside is filled with fillings like wool, cotton, etc. From the name, we can derive that comforters are made in such a way that they give you comfort and warmth that is needed while you sleep. It is fuller than a duvet and also heavier than a piece of blanket.

A comforter contains 3 layers and is perfect to sleep in while it’s not so cold outside or if someone is using an AC and might feel a little bit cold after midnight. The comforters are very nice for use at homes and stays but as they are a bit heavier than thin blankets they cannot be easily carried during trips or vacations.

After buying your mattress the next step for you might be to buy the necessary accessories with it to have a sound sleep. Accessories like pillows, blankets, comforters are the next step for you to buy. You might think that after buying your mattress you are all set to buy your new comforter according to the size of the mattress.

For example, if you are buying a queen size mattress then a queen size comforter should be perfect for your bed, technically this should be the case but that is not always the case because mattress size and dimensions are a bit different and different manufacturers manufacture them in different sizes.


  • TWIN SIZE: A twin size mattress size is 38/75 inches but the comforter size is 66/88 inches


  • TWIN XL SIZE: A twin xl mattress size is 38/80 inches but the comforter size is 68/90 inches.


  • FULL SIZE: A full-size mattress is 54/75 inches but the comforter size is 81/86 inches.


  • QUEEN SIZE: A queen size mattress is 60/80 inches but the comforter size is 86/96 inches


  • STANDARD KING SIZE: A standard king size mattress is 76/80 inches but the comforter size is 102/88 inches


  • CALIFORNIA KING: A California king size mattress is 72/84 inches but the comforter size is 107/96 inches


Your comforter must at least have equal portions on the 3 sides of your bed. For example, if 10 inches of a comforter is hanging through the foot side then the same 10 inches should hang from the right and left side of your bed.

If your bed only contains the frame and the mattress then your comforter shouldn’t be touching the ground of your room.

If your bed contains a base then the idea of the comforter should be that it must cover all the edges and the whole part of your bed like the mattress and also the base and frame of your bed. The perfect comforter size should be enough to cover your whole bed and nothing should be visible when you get inside it.


The first thing you need to keep in mind is to correctly measure the comforter and then buy it.

It is recommended to you that you buy a comforter that is long and wide enough to cover your whole bed and also have some more extra space but if you are a person who doesn’t like his or her comforter to hang around the sides of the bed and does not want the mattress to touch the ground then you must buy the comforter just exact to the mattress size.

Also, the depth of the mattress matters a lot when it comes to buying your right size comforter. If your mattress is basic that contains no additional layers and has the average depth then the normal rule of matching the comforter size with your mattress size will work for you.

But if your mattress is too thick and contains additional layers of padding or foam then you will need a comforter that will cover up the extra space. If you want to get tugged in the warmth of your comforter without any space problem then you might also want to purchase an oversized comforter.


The fillers used in the comforter are the key due to which they are warmer than blankets. The filling needs to be kept intact inside the comforter and so the comforters are quilled. The filling can be of any type like wool or cotton. The wool filling will provide insulation and those living in cold areas can buy a wool-filled comforter as they are warmer. Wool is a natural product coming from sheep and these comforters are best for extremely cold climates.

On the other hand, if one wants to buy a lightweight option then cotton filling comforters are the best. Cotton is a good material and it is breathable and light so it can be a good filler for comforters. Those who don’t live in very cold areas and only need a comforter during winters or spring can buy these cotton-filled comforters.

Down filling comforters are feather-filled comforters. These feathers are goose feathers that are filled inside the comforters. These down-filling comforters are also a good lightweight option and for people who need the same warmth as wool-filled comforters but don’t want to buy a heavy weight comforter they can go for this option.

Those who want a lavish comforter or a more luxurious comforter can opt for the silk filling comforter. The silk used here is mulberry and this has antibacterial properties and they’re also quite light and breathable. The silk used here keeps you warm and if you have a high budget for your comforter then this can be your top choice.


Comforters and duvets are two very different things. People tend to get confused between them a lot and so you must get your facts right first before buying any of the two. Comforter is more of a new type of warmth providing blankets and they are becoming very popular day by day in the modern world.




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