In this detailed comfort revolution pillow review, we will establish the pros and cons, how the hydraluxe gel works and how to use this pillow to your advantage.

Lots of people can’t get a good night’s sleep for a variety of reasons. It could be as simple as a bad pillow.

Comfort Revolution Was Born 

The minds from Comfort Revolution have created a revolutionary pillow, the Hydraluxe Gel Memory Foam Pillow.

The combination of Hydraluxe gel technology and memory foam comfort takes this pillow above its competition.

Many pillows in the market are advertised with some way to keep you cool while you sleep.

Some have air vents or some other way to provide cooling airflow. Others use materials like special fibers or latex to do the same thing. According to, a cooling pillow can make a huge difference in your sleep experience.

It will help you avoid general discomfort and sweating while sleeping, prevent daytime fatigue due to interrupted sleep, and allow for quality rest so that when you wake up in the morning there is no grogginess or foggy-headedness. Therefore it’s something worth choosing carefully!

The Hydraluxe Gel Pillow keeps you cool and comfortable over the entire night. This review goes over all its features and our own take on it.

Passed Strict Testing

best comfort revolution pillow testingThe Hydraluxe Gel Pillow is native in the U.S. and manufactured in China.

It has gone through the rigorous testing requirements of the International Safe Transit Association to get certified as safe for transport.

The pillow’s fill is a combination of micro-denier fiber and polyester fiber. The high-density memory foam is made with an open-celled structure, giving this pillow excellent breathability and airflow.

The Hydraluxe cooling gel layer adds a lot of coolness, comfort, and color to the pillow. The entire pillow weighs less than 3 lbs.

Large Color Selection 

The Hydraluxe gel layer comes in a variety of colors and patterns. The pillow can come in cerulean blue, frosted pink, icy violet, or glacier green with the gel patter in either waves or bubbles.

The colors are vibrant, making them an excellent choice for those who think about their home décor. No matter what color or pattern you choose, all of them are equally comfortable and effective.


How Does The Hyraluxe Gel Pillow Work?

And now for the nitty-gritty of the pillow. Comfort Revolution made this pillow to be hypoallergenic. It is resistant to molds, mildew, and dust mites.

It even has anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties too. People with allergies to dust mites or the many other things that can affect sleep comfort will not need to worry when using this pillow.

As for the pillow’s cooling properties, Hydraluxe gel has very low thermal conductivity. This means that the memory foam pillow stays cool on you for a lot longer compared to other pillows.

The Pillow Conforms To Your Head

The gel covering and the memory foam work together to conform to your head shape. It’s soft enough to cradle and support the head and neck, but not soft enough to be uncomfortably squishy.

When you first open the pillow, it will have a weird smell to it. Don’t worry, this smell will go away after it airs out for a few days.

Specific instructions are included in the box or packaging it comes in. These fumes are non-toxic. They’re completely harmless apart from being smelly.

Benefits of Using Hydraluxe Gel Pillow

What makes this pillow a popular choice? Here are some of the major benefits it offers:

Comfort and support

The Hydraluxe Gel Pillow is engineered to be comfortable while providing the right amount of support.

Many pillows choose one over the other. Some provide the firmness necessary for comfort but not the support required to maintain the head in the right position.

You will never have to think too much about buying a pillow for your specific needs again. This one has it all.

Relief from pain

This pillow can also help people who suffer from pain due to circulation issues or muscle tension. The specifics are Comfort Revolution’s secrets, but it definitely helps with neck pains and headaches.

I had a long day working and I had to sleep with a sore neck. One night on the Hydraluxe gel pillow and the pain is all gone!

Best of all, I woke up feeling refreshed and ready for the day instead of the usual groggy and interrupted pain sleep. In addition, I  was feeling refreshed and ready for the day instead of the usual groggy and interrupted pain sleep.

What Makes This Pillow Special?

The secret’s in the name. The Hydraluxe gel makes all the difference for this pillow. Getting a sort of cooling pad effect on a pillow that conforms to the shape of your head comfortably is a game changer.

It doesn’t feel weird and rigid, unlike most cooling pads. This one bends together with the pillow nicely. You don’t have to keep putting it in the freezer every day or do some kind of maintenance on it either. It just works as-is.

There’s a lot to love about the 

Advantages Of The Pillow

Hydraluxe Gel Pillow. The cooling gel on top of the pillow keeps your head comfortable for a lot longer.

Say goodbye to waking up in the middle of the night to flip your pillow over to the cool side. It’s a lot more effective with a thin pillowcase which Comfort Revolution graciously provides with each purchase. The case is machine washable and durable despite being thin.

According to WebMD, the health aspects of the design are a big plus. Comfortable hypoallergenic pillows can be hard to come by. With something as cool and comfortable as this pillow, you’ll won’t have to look anywhere else again.

The fact that it helps people who suffer from neck and head pain is a big plus. Everybody who has forced themselves to go to sleep in pain knows how terrible it can be. The Hydraluxe Gel Pillow makes that a distant dream. Prepare to wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day!

The Drawbacks 

This pillow is on the weightier side when you first open it. It will get lighter after a few uses, but it will be consistently comfortable no matter how many times you use it.

I have to admit that the unusual smell bothered me at first. I thought that this was going to be one of those ready-to-use pillows after I opened mine.

There’s no way I could sleep with that smell on my face.

They do have a section in the packaging that says that the smell is to be expected and it should clear up after a few days.

Sure enough, after a few days, it was gone. It was smooth sailing to dreamland after that.

The Final Decision

The Hydraluxe Gel Pillow is amazing. No other pillow does cooling and comforts the way this one does.

Whether you’re having trouble sleeping for whatever reason or you’re just in the market for a new pillow, we highly recommend the Hydraluxe Gel Pillow.


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