Body chemistry is unique to every person and has a considerable effect on how a perfume or cologne smells and lasts. This is why the same perfume can smell differently on different people. Your body chemistry can enhance a signature scent or sabotage it. 

To choose the right one, you need to consider the perfume composition, notes and fragrance scent that works best on your body. Additionally, you also need to consider the temperature, occasion and skin type when shopping for your signature scent. 

Throughout this guide, you will learn what makes the various perfume and cologne types different. The guide also includes the important considerations you should make while looking for the right perfume for your body chemistry. 

To buy the right cologne or perfume for your body chemistry, consider your skin type and the temperature. You also need to consider your skin type and moisture content as well as composition of the various perfumes and colognes. 

Read in to learn how the various cologne and perfume families compare to each other as well as well as how to choose the right one. 

How do I Choose the Right Perfume? 

With so many perfumes to choose from, you can’t just go about trying them to determine the one that works best for your body. Discussed below are some of the things you should consider to narrow the search before you can even try them out:

Perfume Composition 

Fragrances are normally created by mixing alcohol with perfume oil. The composition of the various ingredients varies from one manufacturer to another. This results in different fragrance strengths. The difference in composition also determines how long the perfume will last, as discussed later on in this guide. 

Depending on the composition, perfumes may be classified as either oil extracts or absolutes. 

Absolutes vs. Oil Extracts 

Absolutes are made of pure, natural extracts and oils that are often obtained from flowers and different vegetable materials. As compared to oil extracts, absolutes are more concentrated and highly aromatic. As a result absolutes cost more per unit as compared to the various ok extract perfumes. 

As the name suggests, oil extracts are made using oil extracts through distillation, pressing, or boiling. Depending on the composition of oil extracts in the perfume, these may be classified into four categories, as you will learn later in this guide.  For comparison, absolutes are manufactured through enfleurage or solvent extraction. 

Perfume Note 

Depending on the odoriferous element used, perfumes tend to depict three main fragrance notes, as follows: 

Top Notes 

This the very first fragrance you will smell immediately after applying a perfume. Also referred to as the head notes, top note fragrances fade away very quickly. Even so, they form the first opinion of the perfume.

Middle Notes 

Also referred to as the heart notes, middle notes are what you some after the top notes have faded away. In most cases, these notes are considered to be the main body of the fragrance. Regardless of the perfume type, middle notes last longer than the top notes and are often well-rounded. 

Base Notes 

After the top and middle notes have faded away—usually after a few of application—you are left with a more intense fragrance that lasts even longer. This is the base note for that perfume. In most perfumes, the base notes mix with the middle notes to create the perfume full body. 

This will essentially be your signature fragrance. This being the case, it is not advisable to commit to a perfume before you have smelt its final note. 

Which Type of Perfume Lasts the Longest?

The time it takes for the fragrance to wear off after application mainly depends on the concentration of essential oils in the perfume. Forget about the alcohol or water base, it is the oil-concentration spectrum that really matters.

So, how does the composition of essential oils affect the performance of a perfume? 

1.Eau Fraiche

This fragrance type features the lowest concentration of essential oils—usually between one and three percent—of all perfume types. They are the lightest type of perfumes available today, and wear off really fast. Most products within this category will fade away within the first hour of application. 

For most Eau Fraiche products, the top fragrance note wears off within a few minutes. Since they don’t last long, the fragrance does not  interact with your body chemistry long enough to alter the scent. 

2.Eau de Toilette

These use alcohol as the base, not water. Essential oils comprise about five to 15 percent of the leading eau de toilette products. This makes them light perfumes and are known to last for three to seven hours. Fragrances within this category will offer you a quick burst of beautiful smells immediately after application. 

With Eau de Toilette fragrances, the final hour is the dry-down period when you encounter the best scent. However, the final scent for such products will depend on such things as hormone levels, skin type, sweat, weather, and other scented products you have used. 

Only settle for a Eau de Toilette fragrance after you have smelt its base notes—usually after the perfume has interacted with your body chemistry. 

3.Eau de Cologne

This is another one of the light fragrance types. Essential oils in such products comprise between 2 and 4 percent of the perfume. Just like the two perfume types discussed above, Eau de Cologne fragrances do not last long after application—only last for 2 to 3 hours. 

As a result, they are often used as body splash to freshen up at regular intervals. The term cologne is often associated with fresh and light masculine scents, most of which are either musky or fruity. With such a perfume, you should experience the top note for the first hour and the middle not throughout the second hour. 

The dry-down period—when you can smell the base notes—is when you can tell how the perfume has interacted with your body chemistry. During the final hours, the fragrance will react with your skin oils to produce the final scent. 

4.Eau de Parfum

These have a comparatively high concentration of perfume oils—between 15 and 18 percent. As a result they are costlier than Eau de Toilette and Eau de Cologne products. Owing to their higher concentration of essential oils, Eau de perfume products can last for up to 8 hours after application. 

Different Eau de perfume products can give out a misleading array of top notes immediately after application. Even so, you can rest assured that the dry-down period will last for about seven hours. As such, the final scent will be greatly affected by your body chemistry. 

Before making your choice, pay attention to the way your scent changes throughout the day when applied to your body. This way, you can tell whether you like the final scene or not. 


Perfume is a more intense fragrance that has between 20 and 30 percent perfume oil by composition. This makes it the most expensive perfume type of all the oil extract fragrances discussed above. The leading perfumes are known to last for you to 24 hours following a single application. 

During this time, they are bound to interact with your body chemistry. As a result, the scent may change dramatically overtime. Ensure that you like the final scent of the perfume before making your choice. 

Skin Type 

What scent makes you more attractive? To find out which perfume works best for your skin, you need to know what type of skin your are dealing with. In this regard, there are two main skin types you need to worry about:

Dry Skin 

Perfumes, regardless of the type, will wear off faster on dry skin than they would on oily skin. As such, you need to invest in the stronger perfumes. In this regard, you should choose a perfume that has a high concentration of essential oils. 

To make the perfume last even longer, you should consider applying such products as lotion or Vaseline before wearing the scent. This helps lock moisture on your skin, which will make the perfume last longer. 

 Oily Skin 

Oily skin may be irritating to some people, but it has its own benefits. Oily skin types have enough moisture. When used on such a skin type, fragrance is likely to last longer than it would on dry skin. For this type of skin, you don’t really need a strong perfume. 

A lighter perfume—with a lower concentration of perfume oils—will suffice. 


Basically, fragrances travel better in the heat and human sense of smell is also better in warm temperatures. This explains why there are perfumes for different seasons, such as winter fragrances and summer fragrances. 

It is advisable to wear stronger perfumes on cold days and weaker ones in hot weather. For instance, you will need a low-concentration perfume during the day as the temperature is higher and a highly-concentrated perfume at night. You may also wear a strong perfume to events like weddings and ball parties. 

Fragrance Family 

Having decided on the perfume concentration, you now need to ascertain the scent you prefer. Fragrances are broadly classified based on their predominant scent characteristics. To choose the right perfume, you need to understand the various perfume families.

This classification groups fragrances into four main families, including: 


In most cases Fresh fragrances are reminiscent of herbal and leafy scents for that crisp and uplifting smell. They are also referred to as aromatic fougère fragrances, featuring lavender, rosemary or basil notes. Other fresh fragrances have water, citrus and green notes. 

As a result, most fragrances belonging to this family tend to have refreshing, vibrant, and zesty smells. The citrus-based fresh fragrances are created using lemon, mandarin and bergamot. The water fragrances, on the other hand, feature aquatic notes, such as sea spray. 


This family includes some of the most popular fragrances. It is also a broad family that encompasses all fragrances with a sweet and flowery scent. Some of the common floral fragrances feature such notes as jasmine, roses, lilies, and peonies.

If you love the scent of flowers, you should get a perfume that belongs to this family. This is because Flora fragrances have a scent of flower bouquets in the top and middle notes. Floral fragrances range from light, and delicate scents to the more complex, and intense ones. 

The soft floral fragrances may be described as powdery, soft, creamy, sweet or light musky. All in all, fragrances belonging to this family are just sweet and easily recognizable.


Also referred to as Chypre, Woody fragrances feature a mysterious and captivating scent—which works best for men. This explains why the fragrance is often used in aftershave products. Woody fragrances smell like sandalwood, cedarwood, amber, or vetiver.

They are a perfect perfume choice for evenings. They are further categorized into dry woods and mossy woods fragrances. Most dry woods fragrances tend to have a smoky, leathery smell. The mossy woods fragrances, on the other hand, have an earthy, sweet undertone.


Oriental fragrances are warm, sweet and some a little spicy. Oriental is a rather luxurious fragrance family. It is also a large family, ranging from soft oriental and floral oriental to woody oriental fragrances. 

Fragrances in this family are often sensual and rich, featuring very interesting tones of cinnamon, cardamom, vanilla, orchid, jasmine, or orange blossom.

How to Choose Perfume for a Woman

According to Stephen V. Dowthwaite, most female personalities are attracted to the Floral fragrances. As for the masculine personalities, the Woody fragrance family is more appealing. The choice of the right perfume may also be influenced by one’s age. 

Younger people, for instance, like fruity, vanilla and creamy scents. Young adults are more attracted to the metallic and citrus scents. A good number of the mature people prefer the heavy white flower, and Chypres fragrances. As a practical personality, you should consider tobacco, green, and spice tones in your perfume. 

As for the elegant and sophisticated personalities, powdery and aldehydes perfume notes may be more appealing. 

Final Verdict 

For long, perfumes and fragrances have been used to express one’s taste of choice. So, how can you choose your signature scent? Choose a stronger perfume for dry skin, confined spaces like an office and cod weather. Lighter perfumes are best suited for individuals with oily skin. 

If you want a perfume that lasts for long, opt for the highly-concentrated fragrances. Regardless of your choice, wait until you have smelt the base tone of a perfume before making your choice. This is mainly because perfumes react differently with body chemistry, resulting in different scents. 

For optimal performance, consider applying fragrances at the pulse points.


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