Celebrating a winter birthday

Winter birthdays are rarely celebrated as much as summer ones. Winter birthdays often get lost amongst the Christmas festivities and Valentine’s mini-breaks. It’s time to celebrate every birthday in style this year, no matter how cold the weather gets. Your friends should have the party of their dreams, even if they were born on Boxing Day.

Here are a few tips for celebrating a winter birthday this year.

Do not combine presents

For the rest of the year, everyone receives separate Christmas and birthday presents. And yet, in December and January, many people receive a ‘for both’ present. Ask your friend what they would like to receive for their birthday this year.  They might prefer a big present that covers both Christmas and their birthday.

Or, they might prefer two smaller presents to separate the occasions. If you can’t afford a Christmas present as well, you could promise to get them something for Valentine’s Day. It’s the thought that counts, after all.

Birthday cards

No one wants a Christmas card as their birthday card. However, it can be challenging to find a birthday card that’s not covered in reindeer or snow in the festive season. Plan ahead and buy a few birthday cards before the Christmas rush begins.

Find some birthday wrapping paper and a gift bag for your present as well. If anyone forgets to plan ahead, they can always use one of your cards.

Make some time

The festive period is chaotic at the best of times. You need to buy gifts, decorate the house, attend parties and plan a magical Christmas for the family. There’s hardly any time to relax and spend some quality time with your friends.

Carve out a little time to spend with the birthday person and make them feel special. You could take them out for lunch or organise a spa day for the two of you.

Dedicate this time to their birthday and try not to talk about your Christmas plans. You should reflect on everything they have achieved this year and their goals for next year. Make them feel appreciated and valued on their special day.

Birthdays should be treasured and celebrated every year. However, as we get older, birthdays start to fade into every other day, and we forget to celebrate. Make time to reflect on the year gone by and all the memories you have made.