Despite the popularity of shoes with thin heels, most of the fair sex choose more practical options. Wearing pairs at high speed every day is not only uncomfortable but also unhealthy. Shoes with block, stable heels have become a good choice for every day.

Features of shoes with block heels

The main advantage that people pay attention to when choosing a model is a stable heel. It is blocker than the stiletto, so it provides better support while walking and even distribution of the load on the foot. The optimal heel height allows you to wear the shoes all day long without feeling tired or sore.

These shoes are timeless: they are versatile and suitable for all age groups. These pairs can be worn by both very young natures and middle-aged women.

Elegant shoes complement office style, retro, urban rhythm, sporty, romantic, and even luxurious evening bow, while not yielding to pairs with an elegant stiletto heel. You can find your perfect pair on

Stylish female models

Smart casual and light 70s vintage are in vogue this year. Eminent designers present lines that are characterized by maximum comfort and showiness. In order to withstand the dynamics of the day, manufacturers offer many trends in block, stable heels. The color scheme of the models has no boundaries. Classic neutrals, pastel shades, rich tones, and noble notes of luxury adorn the shoes of famous brands. Couples made in animal prints are very popular.

Today, the main trend has become women’s platform shoes with block heels up to 12 cm. Graceful pairs have a rounded toe and a laconic cut. For the most daring fashionistas, designers offer shoes with two-piece heels.

Many options have a special heel design. Often it is decorated with a contrast of color, metal fittings, rhinestones, thorns, covered with a finishing material, wrapped in a thread of crystals or pearls.

Although the shape of both the heel and the toe itself can be round, square, or even non-standard. Avant-garde models are characterized by the brightness of combinations of shoe colors.

Of particular importance to the current models of the presented shoes are rhinestones, inlays, gilding, and other similar elements. These shoes with block heels and platforms add a special solemnity to the model.

What to wear with?

Shoes and sandals with block heels can look elegant and feminine, the main thing is to choose the right set of clothes for her. For special occasions, choose lacquer models or black suede sandals with stones.

If you need to stand out – red fashionable shoes will help you with this. Leather sandals and chunky heels can be worn with chiffon dresses and straight-cut cotton dresses. Combinations with a tunic dress, shirt dress, sheath dress will look beautiful. Summer skirts and pencil skirts also look great with shoes with wide heels.

For a feminine look, wear red sandals with thin straps. With a skirt, you can wear a stylish crop top, which is a trendy thing for the fashionable summer season 2021. A mini skirt + denim shirt and shoes with block heels are also a harmonious option. A denim shirt can be replaced with a T-shirt, cropped top, pullover. 

The most beautiful and fashionable will be to combine shoes with block heels with light, airy skirts. They can be very wide. The length of the most diverse: mini, midi, maxi. The contrast of the skirt with shoes with block heels will make you look young, light, elegant.

Chunky heels look great with lightweight jumpsuits. Red shoes are perfect for a black jumpsuit. Fashionable patent leather shoes will add a solemn look to your outfit.

Jeans with these shoes look feminine and aristocratic. The main thing is to choose the right style of clothing. Preference should be given to tight, slightly cropped jeans. You can also opt for ripped boyfriends or 70s bell bottoms. Any color will suit absolutely: from classic black to bright, saturated shades.

Choosing this feminine piece of clothing, you should give preference to tapered straight cut dresses. It is recommended to stay at the mini or midi length. Shoes with block heels will be very nice to combine with a sheath dress.

Shades can be very diverse, depending on why and for what occasion a woman chose an outfit from a dress and shoes with block heels. You can complement the look with a jacket or a stylish sleeveless jacket. You can choose any length. But shoes with block heels go best with a knee-length sundress. Choose from a fitted silhouette or a boho style.

Boots with block heels are combined with skinny jeans and an oversized sweater. This look is in trend in 2021. To make the look more delicate, choose shoes in white, pastel shades. Warm knitted straight-cut dresses, warm tunics, trapeze dresses are suitable for boots.

Trending colors of this season

The color palette of this season is of course bright hues. Among them, you will find models of crimson, bright yellow, green, blue. Versatile black and white sandals are also in vogue in 2021. The trend will be models of powdery color, beige and other pastel shades.

In 2021, shoes with block heels and platforms are relevant. Shoes in bright colors with white soles are in trend. All-white shoes and sandals are also trendy. Fashionable materials are leather, printed textiles. High-heeled lacquer models were also present in their collections.

The bottom line

Of course, wearing heels is not always convenient, especially if it is a stiletto heel, but a solution has been found – shoes with block heels will make your life easier. These shoes simply have to be in your wardrobe.

First, it is your best helper for cool weather, a business meeting, or a romantic evening. Secondly, this is the most popular model of the current season, and it will still be relevant next fall, as all fashion designers say about it!


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