Once you’ve learned the basics of how to stay safe and deal with problematic situations on longer bike rides, such as dealing with a bike chain slipping, the next step is to gather all the essentials you need to make the journey a successful one. Many things can go wrong on such long rides, such as flat tires, heat exhaustion, and bonking.

It is wise to prepare the necessities beforehand. Whether you plan to commute to work, travel to a new place on two wheels, or trek down a mountain path, follow this checklist for must-have bicycle accessories for long rides.

1.Cycling Backpack

Unless you have the fortune of having a wicker basket for bike rides on hand, a cycling backpack is essential for carrying your water, snacks, work supplies, first-aid kits, and whatever else you need to take with you. Choose a waterproof backpack in case you need to travel in bad weather and consider a waist belt for extra security on bumpy paths. Take into consideration what capacity the bag needs to be and look for a backpack that includes a water bladder so you can stay hydrated without needing to stop and open your water bottle.

2.A Comfortable Helmet

Invest in a commuter-style helmet that fits your head well and causes little discomfort. Unless you live in a colder area where more insulation and warmth are needed, search for helmets with strategic ventilation holes to minimize sweat when you work hard to reach your intended destination. Some helmets even have smart features that can be useful in urban environments, such as integrated turn signals or brake lights.

3.Multi-Tool and Emergency Kit

You never know when you may run into an issue with your bike. So, having a multi-tool on hand and an emergency kit for dealing with a flat tire, loose chain, or other usual problems is smart. While a portable multi-tool should be light enough to fit into your bag or basket, some varieties creatively fit onto your bike for easy access. So, you may not feel any trouble while you are heading towards your destination.

4.Bike Lock

If you ever need to take a bathroom break or have somewhere else to go once you get to your intended location, a bike lock is vitally crucial to secure your ride while you’re gone. Choose the right kind from a reliable source for securing your ride. Having a bike stolen is an unfortunate but common situation, so take the necessary precautions to avoid being stranded.

5.Bike Lights

If you plan to ride in the early morning hours or late into the night, there isn’t enough light to illuminate the terrain. Lights are necessary for defining your presence and allowing passing cars or anyone else on the road to see. A waterproof indicator light is very crucial in bad weather for safe rides. A strategically placed headlight can also help you find your way if there are no street lamps to guide you.

6.Cycling Gloves and Goggles

Cycling gloves are often overlooked while going on long rides. They reduce the impacts of harsh environmental conditions, constant pressure, and friction on your palms, thus preventing calluses and blisters in general. Pick up a nice pair of goggles that you feel comfortable with to help you against the scorching sun or dusk in the evening because you would want to reach your destination while enjoying the ride.

7.Kid Carrier or Trailer

Younger kids may have a hard time riding on their own during long bike rides, and some children may be too uncoordinated to handle the riding on two or even three wheels yet. Dealing with the situation may take up your time and a chance for kids to have fun. A baby bike seat or trailer proves handy under such circumstances, and it allows you to bring your little one along for fun.

8.Spare Items

You never know when you will encounter uninvited mishaps and unpleasant situations, including dysfunctional brakes, bike chain skipping, broken handle, and more such daunting problems. Keeping spare items can be helpful in the hour of need and will save you a lot of time and trouble. You will get to have fun on the long ride to your favourite place.

Tips for A Safe Long Ride on A Bicycle

1.Keep A Bike Route Map or GPS

If you are setting out on a long journey, it is safe to keep a route map with you or prefer a GPS device. This will keep you aware of your way and will be convenient to avoid being diverted from the right path and reach the destination safe and sound in less time.

2.Take A Raincheck

You never know what the weather will be like in the next few hours. But it is better to take a weather check to avoid any possible storms or drizzling because it can most likely happen unless you are welcomed by some unexpected rain. Under such circumstances, put on a raincoat.

3.Be Well Aware of Your Track

When you set out on a mountainous track, you will have to face many uncanny paths as well. For a safer journey and to be well prepared beforehand, know where you are going and whether or not the path you are taking is the wise one.

4.Keep Energy Bars with You

Cycling through a long track, takes up a lot of your energy, and you will need much of it to reach the destined place. Have energy bars or food sources within your jeans pocket to consume and replenish your energy at all times while you ride through the meadows and plains.

Calling a backup or an Uber feels troublesome for anyone when you are in the face of adversity. Having the right equipment on hand is essential for enjoying a long bike ride. Make a checklist of your own according to your preferences. Always make sure to have the right bike for the job and have all the accessories you need to stay safe and have a great time.


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