Everybody loves a carbonated beverage and hearing that tab pop. Tsssss. Guess what? That’s even more satisfying when what’s in your can-is wine. Imagine a crisp pinot grigio, rosé, or sauvignon blanc, cold, refreshing, bubbles tickling your nose. Okay, so you’re not yet convinced of why you will love wine in a can? Let’s get into it.


One of the best things about wine in a can is how refreshing it is. Something about carbonation always hits the spot when you need a little pick-me-up.

Some researchers believe that the nerve endings in our mouths perceive carbonated drinks as colder because of the carbon dioxide (stuff that makes the bubbles), and that’s why we enjoy it and find it refreshing.

But who cares? Maybe we just like it because it’s damn good.


Wine in a can strikes the perfect middle ground between sweet and dry, the Goldilocks of wines if you will-just right.

It’s not so dry that you end up with a pucker face, nor is it so sweet that you’re practically drinking your dessert. The sweetness is delicately balanced to give you an even taste that is palatable and delicious.

Each wine in a can has a uniquely curated flavor profile that will keep you running back to the fridge for more. But no swirling of glasses. This is wine in a can; there’s no room for pretension or wine snobbery here.

 PINOT GRIGIO: Notes of pear, light elderflower, and zesty grapefruit.

ROSÉ: Notes of crisp white peach, and fresh strawberry and raspberry.

SAUVIGNON BLANC: Notes of light citrus, crisp green apple, and white nectarine.


Wine in a can has 0g of sugar, 106 calories (on average), and 3g of carbs. It also has 11% or higher ABV (depending on the flavor), so you can get your drink on without worrying about hundreds of empty calories and dozens of carbs having their own little party around your waistline. It’s the perfect wine for every girl who is watching her weight but still always ready to have a good time.

Wine in a can is a fantastic choice for a diet-friendly drink if you’re actively on a diet, just counting calories, or are on a workout regimen.


It’s just a can. You pop the tab, and that’s it. Okay, maybe there’s a layer of complication if you have a cute manicure with long nails, but the point is that there’s no annoying cork to pop. Wine made easy, lowkey. No muss, no fuss. It’s always nice when things are made simple.


Think about how simple it would be to take a case of wine in a can to all of your social events; house parties, tailgates, pool parties, barbeques, etc. You can toss it in the cooler and forget about it. It’s a lowkey, low maintenance beverage, but you’re still maintaining the luxury of drinking your favorite wine. What could be better?


There are many reasons to love wine in a can: it’s fizzy and refreshing, it’s perfectly balanced in flavor, it’s diet-friendly (no sugar, low carb, around 100 calories) while maintaining a high alcohol content, it’s easy to open, it’s low maintenance and portable, etc.

But the most important thing is that you keep an open mind and give it a try. You may be skeptical of wine in a can, but you’ll never know how amazing it is until you taste it. And, girl, you are going to love it.


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