In the context of hiking, the boots you wear have to be able to withstand the elements that may hit you along the way. Whether it’s a storm, a blizzard, or even just mud; our feet and ankles have to be properly supported and insulated by trustworthy kicks.

Therefore, a few questions to ask yourself when you are purchasing hiking boots is to check if they are fully waterproof, hard-wearing, and have cushy soles to provide full support.

Hiking boots can also be stylish and cutely complement your hiking outfit. This article features a list of hiking boots that fit the bill perfectly. The following pairs of outdoor boots have received raving online reviews, as well as outstanding comments that outshone their competitors. And if you need tips on how to care for your shoes, be sure to check out How To Shoe

On Cloudrock Waterproof Boot

Reviewed as the most suitable hiker for ‘amateur hikers’, these waterproofers do not lie with their technology and innovation. It features several trade names, including MissionGrip, which is a rubber outsole with extreme traction, to Flexlock, also known as easy-tying laces.

L.L. Bean Vista Mid Hikers

Quoted as the best ageless sneaker style boots infused with plenty of benefits born from modern engineering, this pair of shoes coupled with a plush sole, supports your feet confidently. Additionally, the upper part of the shoe made with suede also complements the whole look, giving it a classic and lasting look. Reviews have found this pair of kicks to keep your feet toasty warm no matter the snowy terrain as well.

Kamik RogueHiker Waterproof Boo

Like all other hikers, these leather boots are said to be a terrific insulator for your feet, attributed to the woolen ankle cuff and insulated lining surrounding the shoe. Customers from some of the coldest climates including Canada and Boston mentioned that these boots are wearable to the office due to their modern look, but also durable enough for light hiking in some of the worst temperatures. 

Oboz Sapphire Mid B-Dry Waterproof Hiking Boot

When it comes to the cons about waterproofing, some of the more disgusting feelings are having water in your hikers – an inevitable happening. However, Oboz takes waterproofing to another level with their B-Dry boots. They allow sweat to dissipate while keeping any form of moisture from entering the warmth of your shoes.

Eddie Bauer K-6 Boot

Tried and tested, this K-6 Boot is a timeless and classic style, with raging popularity even in current times. Behind its exquisite and shiny leather lies a proper, sturdy shoe capable of wonderful support. Customers love their retro look, as well as how they have enough room for thick socks that can be worn during cold or even rainy weather. 

Keen Terradora Mid Hiking Boot

Featuring one of the most reasonably priced, and worthy pairs of boots, this pair of cute Keen Terradora boots is said to be an option that has made customers all around the world satisfied with their purchase. Featuring bells and whistles, this pair of kicks has higher quality than some of the more expensive pairs out there. 

Teva Grandview GTX Boot

Well-loved and deemed to be a cute pair of hiking boots in striking colors, this pair has been praised highly for its comfort, and good grip. It is also known to give plenty of room for the feet to be comfy in and comes in a range of designs that would attract anyone. 

La Sportiva Makalu Boot

When it comes to hiking boots, longevity is something that everyone looks out for. These fit the bill as they are reviewed to span about 10 to 15 years, even after wear and tear. Although these are on the pricier side, they are reviewed to be worth every buck spent and can easily be your best companion for many years. 

Adidas Terrex Free Hiker Blue Hiking Shoes

For those that shun boring black and brown hues, this one’s for you. Presented in a plethora of splendid shades, Terrex hikers under Adidas have combined various feedback and styles from their customers to provide an impressive range that is both sleek and arresting.

Hoka One One Sky Toa Shoe

Fans of turquoise will be delighted with the hues and shades of Hoka’s best hiking boots. Not only will they give you energy just by looking at them, it can make you walk with lighter steps due to its comfort-driven technology that gives reliable support. 

Columbia Newton Ridge Plus Waterproof Amped Hiking Boot

Just look at Amazon and you will find endless praise for this Columbia hiker, complete with pictures and evidence of the chic outdoor footwear in mountainous terrains. To ascertain their credibility even further, one of their comments was posted by a legitimate Sherpa – you cannot get any more authentic feedback than this!

Forsake Patch Waterproof Light Hiking Boots

If your hike is the kind to bring you to terrains such as the city and even the countryside, Forsake’s light hikers can bring you to those places with style and practicality. One particular review has waxed lyrical about how they wore these pairs around their month-long trek and was delighted with how well they held up. 

Sorel Emelie 1964 Boot

Planning to go for an adventure to the Alaskan region? The Sorel Emelie boot has been with a reviewer to a camping trip in the Last Frontier, and word is, the hardy pair of shoes exceeded expectations. They were also said to provide ultimate comfort and warmth in the coldest climate.

Danner Jag Waterproof Hiking Boot

Even if you are not planning to go to countries with extreme weather, it is still advisable to have a sturdy pair for outdoor activities. This pair of boots brings you a good compromise while covering the basics. You can be sure to be comfortable in this even after walking for miles. Bonus for their chic styles!

Scarpa Zodiac Plus GTX Backpacking Boot

One of the more tough and hard-duty pairs out there, the Scarpa Zodiac Boot proves exceptionally useful when it comes to rough and jagged regions. With its slightly inflexible outer layer, this is your best bet against the unforeseeable landscape.  

Kuru Quest Boots

To include everyone, even those with foot problems, this miracle footwear is adored for its sole technology, which gives the firmest support. It also presents a high cuff for ultimate protection against your ankles, as well as plenty of room in the toe-box to allow for all kinds of food issues. 

Merrell Ontario Tall Polar Waterproof

Last but not least, we have the Merrell. This brand boasts especially high ratings for their footwear, as well as plenty of hikers. However, this particular pair outshines the older kids as they are delightfully lightweight, yet strong. 


Now that we have gone through the many types of hikers that have received outstanding praise, you can now determine which pair suits your need best and go on to choose a companion on your next Mt. Everest expedition!


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