Holidays are full of wonders, ranging from happy music and twinkling lights to above-average kindness to those around you. However, some people are obsessed with finding the perfect gift for their friends and family that they forget to celebrate. 

Everyone deserves some Christmas cheer, even in the midst of a pandemic. There are numerous fun activities you can do to brighten up your life and that of people around you this Christmas. Among other things, you need to spend quality time with your friends and family and give back to the community. 

Look for new and intriguing ways you can speed the joy to your family, friends, and the community at large. It does not need to be a huge time and or financial commitment, the simplest acts of kindness go a long way. Discussed below are some of the best ways to spread Christmas cheer during the holiday season. 

Spreading Christmas joy goes beyond gifting your friends and family during the holiday season. Take time to spread the cheer through acts of kindness to those around you as well as the entire community. This includes volunteering to deliver food and gifts to the needy or for a soup kitchen. 

Try to have some quality time with friends and family, donate to your preferred charity or raise money for them through a hot cocoa stand. You can also spread Christmas cheer through social media channels as you will learn later on this guide. 

1.Spend Quality Time with Friends and Family 

For many people, the holiday is all about spending time with friends and family. If done right, quality time with your friends and family is worth more than any gift you may be planning to get them this holiday. As you take a break from work, don’t just sit on the couch and watch TV. 

Instead, find something fun to do with them. For instance, you could turn on some Christmas music as you prepare dinner with them. You may also spend some time out with them and watch the Christmas movie you find appropriate together. 

You could also send the kids to spend the night at their grandparents’ then enjoy a glass of wine by the fire as you wrap presents with your partner. Another great way to spread Christmas joy would be to set aside an hour or so and have lunch or dinner with a friend. 

 2.Do Volunteer Activities 

Volunteer to do something that will spread joy to more people in your community. For instance, you could volunteer to deliver toys and food to needy families in the community. Spare some time or give something back to the community and let someone know that you are thinking about them.

In this regard, you should consider volunteering with your preferred organization. The Meals on Wheels organization, for example, delivers meals, smiles, and great company to seniors throughout the country.

Adopt a Family 

If you can afford it, you should consider sponsoring a needy family for the holidays this Christmas. Give the poor parents some peace of mind knowing that their families will have food, clothes, and gifts for their loved ones. 

Some organizations and churches, such as the Salvation Army church, have an Adopt-A-Family program around this period. Through such programs, you can get a family’s wish list of basic toiletries, clothes, toys, and gift cards. Meeting their needs this holiday will definitely spread the Christmas cheer to them. 

Make Care Packages

Do you know of someone who will be away from their family or has to work during the Christmas holiday? You can spread Christmas joy to such people by holding them a care package. To do this, you need to fill baskets with such things as baked goods, a gift card, some snacks, a fun mug, or anything you think they will like. 

Such a package would make the person feel appreciated. It is even possible to send care packages to troops through the relevant organizations

Collect Items for a Toy Drive

Most department stores, grocery stores, and toy stores have boxes for you to drop off items for a toy drive towards Christmas. The charity event is meant to collect money and toys to be distributed to kids and families in need. As you may be aware, it is challenging for some parents to provide holiday toys for their children. 

A toy drive is a great opportunity for you to offer relief to such low-income families and make it possible for a nerdy child to open something this Christmas. To spread the Christmas cheer to the needy kids, consider taking part in a toy drive. 

In this regard, you could drop off unopened dolls, games, or stuffed animals. Even better, you could start a toy drive at your place of work. Encourage your colleagues or employees to donate items or money to spread Christmas cheer to needy children.

Hand Out Baked Goods 

If you enjoy baking, making backed goods this holiday will get you in a jolly spirit. How about sharing that joy with others? Consider delivering plates of your favorite brownies, cookies, or cupcakes to your coworkers, neighbors, and friends. You can even get adventurous and try an easy bundt cake recipe!

Once you are done baking, get some heavy-duty plastic plates—preferably red in color. Now add a few types of your baked goods to each plate and then seal the plate using plastic wrap. You may also add a little note to each plate expressing your holiday wishes for them.

Host a Gift Wrapping Party 

Many people can attest to the fact that wrapping gifts for the season is not an easy task, especially when you have many gifts to wrap. Well, this does not have to be a stressful activity, you can make it fun for you and your friends. To make it more fun, invite your friends to come over for a gift wrapping party.

You may even prepare a few holiday cocktails and play the tunes you and your friends love. Make it a fun gift wrapping party. 

Deliver Homemade Cards to Nursing Homes

Are you looking for ways you can spread Christmas cheer with your kids? You should consider making fun cards with your kids then deliver them to seniors in the nearby nursing home. This has been proven to make the seniors feel a little brighter, especially those who are missing their loved ones. 

Make a Hot Cocoa Stand

You probably have seen a number of cocoa stands spring up in your neighborhood during the holiday season. You could take advantage of this idea to share Christmas joy. You could set up a Cocoa-for-charity hot Cocoa stand with the aim of raising money for your favorite charity.

You could also use the money raised to buy gifts, food, and clothing for needy families. A hot cocoa stand is actually a great idea for kids to spread Christmas cheer. With a stand ready, just make a few thermoses of this chocolatey drink to sell.  

You can even set up a hot cocoa stand at your office. Consider setting up a hot cocoa table with different toppings for people to choose what they prefer. You can then donate the proceeds to a charity of your choosing. 

3.Express Your Gratitude & Share the Season 

Even if you are going to give them presents, you need to show those close to you some gratitude. This goes for all your friends and family who have been there for you throughout the year. Do or say something to show them how much they mean to you. 

For instance, you can write a personal note on a Christmas note to express how they mean to you or how happy you are that they are a part of your life. Remember to thank your parents for putting up with you for all those years. You could do this by just writing them a heartfelt—preferably handwritten—letter.

While at it, you can also teach your kids how to write a good thank-you note. Leave a merry little gift for the people who are often forgotten this season, including the garbage collector, mail carrier, or your favorite grocery person. A little gratefulness can actually make someone’s day this season. 

Spare Some Time for Others

In addition to all the above activities, you should set aside some time for those around you and make them feel like you care. To spread the cheer among your friends, spare a few minutes to hang out with someone you think needs some company. 

Try sticking a few nice notes in unexpected places for your friends and family to find this season. Another great idea would be to volunteer at a homeless shelter or even a soup kitchen this season. Alternatively, you could find a charity that does something you enjoy doing then volunteer to offer your time during the holiday season. 

Spare a few seconds to write an enthusiastic, positive review for your favorite local business and leave nice comments on social media. If you can meet them, try calling your friends and family, they are probably dying to hear from you. 

Be Good to Neighbors 

Try to reach out to those who are closest to your this holiday: your neighbors. There a re many ways you can spread Christmas cheer to your neighbors. You could just extend them an invitation to dinner. Well, it does not have to be a fancy undertaking, just keep it simple. 

This is always a nice gesture that many of your neighbors will appreciate this season. Another great idea would be to drop a plate of treats on their doorsteps. You should also set aside some time to check in on your elderly neighbors. You may even shovel their sidewalks, help them deliver packages, or even offer to carry their groceries. 

If you will not be traveling for the holiday, you may offer to take care of your neighbors’ plants or pets while they are away. These may appear to be simple gestures, but they mean so much to some people. 

Host a Holiday Gathering

Throw a fantastic party and invite your neighbors, friends, and family. You could ask them to bring their favorite dish along with them or you could just convert your home to a winter wonderland. There are numerous other holiday party ideas you could apply to get everyone in the joyous spirit this holiday. 

Sing Christmas Carols 

For ages, singing Christmas carols has been a great way of spreading holiday joy. You could try this out this Christmas by singing out loud for all to hear. Caroling around the neighborhood is a sure way to get most of your neighbors in the festive spirit. 

In this regard, you can gather a few of your friends or even family members and select a few joyous songs you will be singing. It is advisable to choose the Christmas carols that almost everyone knows and loves. You could also choreograph a few moves to go with the songs and get everyone dancing to your carols. 

If you do not feel like caroling around the neighborhood, playing Christmas songs at home or a party can also make everyone feel merry. You can even make everyone feel involved by asking them to advance their favorite Christmas songs when compiling a playlist. 

4.Start a New Family Tradition

If you are tired of doing the same thing over the Christmas holiday, you need to try something rather new this Christmas. It is about time you tried starting a new Christmas tradition in your family. This would be a great way to spread Christmas cheer among your family members. 

For instance, you could start having a gingerbread house contest with your family members. You could also draw the names of your family members and have everyone write why they are thankful for them. Other families just love to sit and watch a movie, preferably in holiday-themed pajamas.

While old traditions are great, trying new ones can be equally appealing and fun. As such, here are a few traditions you should try out this holiday: 

Decorating a Christmas Tree 

It is an old tradition for many families to decorate a Christmas tree, but you could do it a bit differently this year. Try decorating an extra Christmas tree using a particular them that is a bit different from what you normally do. 

For instance, you could go for a kid-friendly theme, over-the-top sparkly theme, or just cover it in peanut butter pinecones and dried fruit for winter birds.

Try a New Recipe 

For many families, cooking and baking is a preferred activity during the Christmas holiday. If this has been a tradition in your family, you should try a new recipe this year. You could even have other family members help you to prepare the new recipe.

A few things are known to spread cheer like a platter of sweet treats during the Christmas holiday. For many families, gingerbread along with chocolate chip cookies for Santa are the preferred recipe this season. You could even go a step further this year with such recipes as: 

Rosca de Reyes 

This is a traditional Mexican dessert that many people still consider to be a highlight of the holiday season. It would be a great way to introduce a new cooking culture to your family. 

Strawberry Santas

If you would rather have a recipe that is not high in sugars ad most  Christmas sweets, strawberry Santas are a sure way to jolly up your holiday gathering. Alternatively, you could go for Bibingka—a Philippine rice flour cake that is traditionally enjoyed during the Christmas holiday. 

How Do You Spread Christmas Joy in Quarantine 

A quarantine may restrict your movement and interactions with other people, but it should not stop you from spreading Christmas cheer to others. It is about time you gave that traditional office Christmas party a rather long-overdue facelift. 

Whether you are part of a remote team or working at home alone, the following tips will help you spread Christmas joy in quarantine: 

A Virtual Holiday Scavenger Hunt

Add interactive activities to your virtual party. Incorporating a virtual scavenger hunt can be fun and intriguing for your friends to participate in. You could create prompts on your Zoom party and whoever brings the items back first wins a point. 

You may even award optional bonus points if that person shares the story behind the object. You could also use prompts like a favorite gift of all time, something that reminds you of home, or the most festive item in your house. 

In either case, you will find a virtual scavenger hunt to be a fun, active light-hearted way to spread the cheer virtually.

Share a Christmas Playlist

You can get your colleagues and co-workers into the festive spirit by just creating a Christmas-themed playlist. You can have each of the team members contribute a song for the playlist then play the music while working. Encourage everyone to add their favorite Christmas tune to the mix. 

Doorstep Gift Exchange 

A quarantine will prevent you from seeing your friends and family. A fun way to remain connected to them and share Christmas cheer would be to have a doorstep gift exchange. In this regard, you should get a few friends and family members together and drop off a bundle of gifts for each other. 

The act of giving and receiving gifts will definitely put them in the holiday spirit. 

How to Spread Christmas Cheer Through Social Media Channels 

Whether you are in quarantine or not, you could use the various social media platforms to spread Christmas joy. One of the best ways to do this would be to host a holiday giveaway or contest for your followers or customers. You may offer gift cards, t-shirts, baked goods, or even cash. 

You could also share your favorite Christmas movie quotes through your social media channels. Encourage your followers to do the same and make them feel involved. Another great idea is to start a countdown towards Christmas.

With regards to the countdown, find a few things you are thankful for, highlights for the year, or even the most loyal customers to post every day of the countdown.

Final Verdict 

As you may be aware, Christmas is a season of giving. Even so, this does not only refer to giving material things to those in need. You should set aside some time to help a friend in need or just spend quality time with a friend in need of company. 

If an interaction is limited by the ongoing pandemic, you could still spread the cheer through your social media channels. As you have learned throughout this guide, introducing a new Christmas tradition to your family can transform things for the better. 

Try some of the best ways highlighted in this guide to spread Christmas cheer to your friends and family, needy families, and the community at large. 


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