Best Soft Tip DartsDarts is among the most popular social sports. Children at home or buddies at the bar can play this.

People believed this game evolved from either archery or martial arts. Fun fact: the first dartboard they used was probably a tree.

This game is fun and also assists with mental agility, arithmetic, and hand-eye coordination. It requires a set of darts and a board (Source).

Soft tip darts are darts that have a flexible plastic tip and are thrown at a plastic board that has molded holes.

Buying the best soft tip darts ensures you to hit the bulls-eye and enables you to proceed to the next level. Since they give you extra targeting and superior accuracy that help in beating exact scores, they also deliver the best stability and fly.

However, looking for an excellent set of soft dart tips may be a little bit confusing. Hence, in this guide, we will review every detail you need to know to select a good set of soft tip darts.


Comparing The Best

1. Elkadart Black Mamba Tungsten Soft Tip DartsBest Overall

The Elkadart Black Mamba features a high quality construction of 80% Tungsten and 20% nickel. It is a set that offers exceptional balance and styling. A dense metal such as tungsten creates a slender profile dart barrel as compared to darts without tungsten.

Additionally, all of the barrels have tactically placed grooves, rings, and knurled bands that encourage consistent hand placement. Meanwhile, lightweight, heavy-duty aluminum shafts act as locking holes to encourage a tight fitting to the barrel and improve stability.

Furthermore, it ensures high-quality flights help that increase speed and provide an even flight path for pinpoint accuracy. This set features detailed graphics for added flair as well. It boasts 2BA Tufflex Tips II soft tip dart points with a reinforced cone. Thus, this reinforced cone makes them strong and durable.

Lastly, the barrels are compatible with a majority of 2BA sized thread dart points. Likewise, the darts are stored in a hard-shell and slim-profile case for safety.


  • 80% Tungsten and 20% nickel for durability
  • Barrels consists of strategically placed rings, knurled bands, and deep groves that make excellent gripping points
  • Comes with a trendy carrying case
  • Features lightweight aluminum shafts that have locking holes for tighter fittings


  • Not a good option for professional players

2. Viper Bully Tungsten Soft Tip DartsBest Precision Grip

The Viper Bully Tungsten darts are constructed using 80% tungsten and 20% nickel. They are intended for use with an electronic board. This set is ideal for both casual and intermediate level players. Plus, it’s lightweight.

It features a Deluxe Dart Pal case that is an all-in-one solution for your darts. In detail, it has cloth-lined slots and a hard outer shell that will keep the darts secure. The darts include an additional set of three flight protectors, three flight nylon shafts, six high-speed slim flights, 2BA dart points, and a dart mechanic repair tool.

Meanwhile, its aluminum-colored master shafts include locking holes that offer a secure way of fastening shafts to barrels and improving stability. In addition, the knurled barrel with rings and grooves offer a consistent and excellent grip throw after throw. Consequently, each dart is well finished off with brutal splatter graphics for a savage look.


  • 80% Tungsten and 20% nickel
  • Diamond-cut shafts include locking holes for a tighter fitting
  • Includes a useful Deluxe Dart Pal case with a dart mechanic repair tool for storing darts and accessories
  • Each barrel features rings and deep grooves for consistent hand placement


  • Not the best choice for professional players


3. Bottelsen Skinny’s Tough Koat Tungsten Soft Tip DartSleekest Design

Just as the name implies, the Bottelsen Skinny’s darts is a sleek combination of knurls and grooves strategically placed for comfort and accuracy with every throw. They are one of the most popular soft tip darts and feature a high quality construction of 90% Tungsten.

They are ¼ diameter barrels with a length of 1.75 inches. The set features 2BA anodized aluminum shafts, 2BA tips, and slim flights that come in a deluxe case. Additionally, they are available in black and silver finish with a choice of fine knurl and right edge grip to ensure you win the competition.

The shafts include locking rings; when locked, you can be sure that they will not come apart. The darts can be gripped in many different styles with confidence, too, courtesy of the thrust cut barrel.


  • 90% Tungsten construction
  • Darts come in a deluxe Croco carrying case for storage and protection
  • Ultra-sleek barrel design ensuring accuracy of every throw
  • Features anodized aluminum shafts


  • Flights and shafts may vary


4. Cyeelife 15 Pack Soft Tip Darts – Best Aluminum Design

The Cyeelife is a professional dart set that includes 15 colorful barrels for five players, 180 tips, and 30 flights which are both standard and slim. This is the best choice that will make your project more accurate. The darts have a good balance, too.

Each dart has deeper grooves, rings, and knurled bands well placed which make good gripping points and help inconsistent hand placement. Additionally, the locking holes in shafts ensure a secure fitting to the barrels which prevent the need for retightening during playing.

The set comes with rubber rings already installed on the aluminum shafts. They have a flexible design as well. Overall, this set is a good choice for playing with friends and family.


  • Features 15 barrels, 30 flights, and 180 tips
  • It is a good choice for professionals
  • Grooves and knurling on the barrel provide a controlled grip
  • Darts are well balanced and lightweight
  • Available in five different flight designs


  • They need to be tightened quite often

5. MaxMau 18 Pack Soft Tip DartsMost Affordable

The MaxMau includes 18 colorful pieces of soft tip darts that features 100% high quality aluminum alloy construction and are suitable for an electronic dartboard. This set includes 18 dart barrels, 18 flights, 18 dart shafts, and 18 plastic tips at a cheap price.

The darts feature a functional plastic soft point and a copper barrel for a better grip. The pattern on the barrels combine rings and knurled bands that offer you a consistent grip with each throw.

Additionally, its shafts are aluminum, which make them lightweight and more durable than their plastic counterparts. If you are a fan of spinning shafts, these aluminum shafts are the perfect choice for your throwing style.


  • 18 darts, 18 dart shafts, 18 barrels and 18 plastic tips
  • Spinning shafts are aluminum
  • Barrels feature a knurled pattern
  • Smooth surface of the flights greatly reduce air resistance
  • Extremely affordable set


  • Painted finish peels off after a while

Factors to Consider Before Buying Soft Tip Darts

Buying Soft Tip DartsIt is not a simple task to acquire the best soft tip darts as there are numerous types in the market. However, with the correct information, you can get strong and durable models that will deliver awesome results. Below are important considerations to look at while shopping.

There are two varieties of soft dart tips available: ¼ inch and 2BA. When it comes to the ¼ inch, its width is precisely one-quarter of an inch, which makes it more full. They are less common than 2BA. Hence, finding 2BA replacement is easier.


Construction of the darts determines quality. The usual dart materials are brass, tungsten, nickel, silver, or wood. Tungsten is the most preferred material. It lasts long and has a better grip. Hence, high-density tungsten soft tip darts are a good choice if you are looking for slimmer barrels that allow for a tighter hold.

Additionally, their knurling pattern on the barrel lasts for a long period even when exposed to friction during storage with other darts or exposed to oils secreted by the skin.

It is recommended that you avoid buying wooden darts. They look good, but they are not sturdy.


Darts are available in various weight ranges. Soft dart tips weigh between 14 to 20 grams. Ensure you try darts of different weights before buying. Usually, the speed at which the dart is thrown is a determining aspect for the weight of the dart you select. For the lighter models, you will have to use more strength while throwing.

Furthermore, weight distribution is crucial. There are those that have more weight at the back while others have more weight at the front. Try them both before selecting.

Size of the Flights

Soft Tip DartsFlights are the wings present on your darts. There are different styles available, but the most common include the standard and slim.

Standard types are a perfect choice for those who play with a curved throw. Due to its large surface, they are said to stabilize the path your dart takes from when it leaves your hand.

Meanwhile, the slim types are smaller and lighter than the standard models. Slim flights are a standard feature of soft tip darts. They are the best choice for players with a straight and fast throw.

Dart Shafts

Different types of material make the shaft. Usually, the shafts are composite, carbon-fiber, aluminum, plastic, or spinning.

Composite shafts have plastic bases combined with aluminum tops. They are durable and do not detach as a result of vibrations from the barrel. Meanwhile, carbon-fiber shafts are the best option for players looking for lightweight shafts. They are more expensive than nylon and plastic shafts.

On the other hand, aluminum shafts are rigid but are the most durable. However, they become loose with time due to vibration. They also bend as a result of the impact, but this can be corrected by straightening the shaft.

Moving on, plastic shafts are available in a variety of colors and patterns. They’re often polycarbonates or nylon. They are lightweight and easily breakable.

Lastly, spinning shafts solve the problem of a given dart obstructing the other. They align flights well and prevent obstruction. This shaft makes it possible to store tighter groups of darts without any damage such as a deflection.

Grip and Overall Shape

Best Soft Tip DartsGrip styles available include wave, knurled, shark fin, micro, ringed, and precision. Ensure you try out the different grip styles before buying.

The crisscrossing pattern distinguishes the knurled type of grip. The wave shape darts include smooth rings that enable it to flow in a wave-like motion. For the shark fin, the cascading pattern of the grip resembles shark fins.

Meanwhile, on micro, you will recognize a micro grip by some soft rings positioned close together. Likewise, precision grip is a combination of smooth and rough, with a texture that is a finer version of micro grip.

Lastly, the ringed grip features many prominent rings that provide a non-slip surface.


The finish of the barrels can either be painted or titanium. A brushed finish certainly gives the darts a new appeal. However, opting for a titanium finish is a good idea as it protects the metal underneath from harsh conditions and prevents corrosion. It ensures they are not susceptible to wear and tear as well.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Will soft tip darts damage the wall?

Soft tip darts can do one of two things to the wall: bounce or hit. If thrown normally, it simply bounces off the wall; however, if thrown hard enough, it could poke the wall and cause damage.

Q: What is the best weight for soft tip darts?

It depends on the player and how he or she throws. The usual weights are 12 grams, 16 grams, or 18 grams, but can be as heavy as 30 grams or more. Alongside your throwing power, consider where you’ll be playing the dart game, too, as the wind could influence your game’s direction a lot.

Q: Are heavier darts better?

As mentioned before, it depends on how you throw. If you throw with all you’ve got or like to give a lot of energy on your throws, a lighter dart would be better. On the other hand, if you throw more casually, a heavier dart would suit you.

Ready To Buy The Best Soft Tip Darts?

It is important you select a set of darts based on your needs and budget. Choosing a collection that is best for both professionals and beginners is a good choice. You can improve your skills with time and make the game more fun. Although, if you have more budget for it, consider getting one of these best electronic dart boards.

Decide wisely on the best soft tip darts after trying out multiple types with different barrels, tips, flights, and shafts.


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