Whether you’re already in Texas or considering the Lone Star State for your next move, Arlington is the place to go! This city has everything you could want in entertainment, fantastic food, and affordable living- it’s the perfect city.

These are the top reasons to take the leap and start your life in Arlington soon!

This City Is So Affordable!

Arlington is much less expensive than most of the USA! Lower costs for housing, food, and utilities mean that you can make your paychecks stretch further and invest in a good home for yourself. Although the housing market is a little wild right now, there’s still enough affordable housing that you can make a space for yourself without breaking the bank every month to pay for it.

Close To Dallas for Big City Vibes

Although a population of over 400,000 isn’t a tiny amount, it’s not as massive as many are used to. Being only a 20-minute drive away from Dallas gives Arlington residents the chance to live the big city life without dealing with the constant stress and traffic of living in a city. 


Even closer is Fort Worth, another large city with a lot to see and do!


These cities give residents the chance to sneak away for the weekend whenever they want to and never feel like they’re trapped in one zip code at all times. Although Arlington itself has a lot to do and see, it’s nice to have the option to travel when you want to.

The Population is Incredibly Diverse

The population of Arlington is extremely varied, which means the art and culture in the area are as well. With so many people coming from different backgrounds, you’re able to find pocket communities for anyone who wants to join and a lot of support for anyone who needs it. Although you may be leaving your home behind, if you look for it, you can find yourself another place to fit in while you’re in Arlington.

Plenty of Different Industries to Apply To

Are you interested in beginning a tech startup? Arlington is ready for you. Are you more interested in arts and creative endeavors?  Arlington has a place for you, too! Because of the previously mentioned diverse population, the careers you can pick from are also incredibly diverse! Any industry you want to work in has a spot for you and is ready to welcome you in with a career. The job market is thriving right now, so it’s a perfect time to start looking for apartments in Arlington, TX.

Enjoy The Seasons

If snow is what you’re craving, you’re not going to find tons of it in Arlington, but you can find a couple of inches of snow flurries and some crisp cool air! The summers are warm, but spring and fall are vibrant seasons that set themselves apart and are very noticeable. So if you want a more hospitable climate that still allows for the seasons to shine through, Arlington has that for you.


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