A pipe lighter is a handheld device used for setting light to tobacco in a pipe.

Best Pipe Lighters

While generally similar to a cigarette lighter, some pipe lighters have features that are particularly useful to pipe users.

Not all pipe lighters use a standard flame, and some can be used in all weather conditions, making it easy to smoke your pipe whenever you choose.

There are also many different designs and shapes to choose from, some of which may help with lighting pipes, others which may hinder.

In this guide, we will look at five top-rated pipe lighters available today.

Best Pipe Lighters


1. Zippo Pipe Lighter – Best Overall

Zippo is a well-known name for lighters, even among those who don’t smoke.

Their ubiquity has led to some questions over the quality of the products they manufacture, but it is undeserved.

Of course, Zippo produce many low-end lighters that you can pick up for a very small amount from many different places. They are cheap, nasty, and tend to break quite often. Why would you expect million-dollar performance from a ten cent lighter?

Towards the higher end of the market, Zippo lighters are much higher quality products, and often include the distinct “Zippo click”.

This Zippo pipe lighter is the best pipe lighter in our round-up. Built-in solid all-metal construction, it is designed to last a lifetime. It’s refillable and made to last.

Based on the same design as any other Zippo lighter, the pipe lighters include a special pipe insert that encases the flame in metal. It then allows it to directly enter the pipe rather than bending over the side. This prevents damage to the pipe and gets it lit quickly and safely.

The Zippo pipe lighter is windproof, and made of brushed chrome.


  • Well known brand
  • Built to last
  • Refillable
  • Pipe insert to easily light pipes safely without damaging the pipe


  • Zippo is not the most favored brand name due to market saturation

2. VVAY Tobacco Pipe Lighter – Best Torch Lighter

This gold colored pipe lighter certainly looks the part, and features an angled soft flame for easy pipe lighting.

A little under three inches in height, it fits easily in your pocket and runs on standard liquid lighter fuel (butane), and is easily refillable. However, it does not seem to store as much fuel as other similar sized lighters.

The flame is adjustable for different bowl sizes, and it is ignited by sliding a side panel downwards, rather than by flicking a wheel.

The lighter includes a built-in Czech pipe tool set, meaning you don’t need to carry any other tools with you, as they are right there in the palm of your hand. You can easily clean and maintain your pipe and tobacco with the same device that is used to light it.

The lighter is packed in an attractive gift box, and so can be easily given as a gift or safely stored when not in use.


  • Very nice looking lighter
  • Angled adjustable flame
  • Easily refillable
  • Ingenious ignition method
  • Czech pipe tool set included


  • Fuel storage seems comparatively small for size of lighter

3. Mr Brog Tobacco Pipe Lighter & Czech Pipe Tool – A Trusted Brand

Mr Brog is a name that is not well-known outside of pipe smoking circles, but the company is one of the leaders of the European pipe market.

Based in Poland, they have sold over 2 million pipes worldwide, and so must know something about building quality products.

The Mr Brog pipe lighter and Czech tool set is not dissimilar to the VVAY model in as much as it is a torch lighter with tools. This lighter is not as classy looking as the VVAY, but the tools are indeed better.

The full set of Czech tools is included, with a pick, a reamer, and a tamper, ensuring that you will get the best out of any pipe or tobacco you use.

As per the previous lighter, the flame is adjustable for different sized bowls, and the lighter itself runs on lighter fluid. The refilling procedure is simple and straightforward.

A Mr Brog gift box is included should the lighter be a gift.


  • Angled adjustable soft flame
  • Easy refill process
  • Czech pipe tool set included


  • Mechanism can be prone to failure

4. Triple Plasma Lighter – Best Electric Lighter

A plasma lighter is significantly different to a traditional lighter. It is powered by a battery, and so the lighting process is completed by electricity.

This particular lighter from IT’S LIT uses a large, flat surface design, making it ideal for use in situations where other arc lighters may not be suitable – for example, lighting pipes.

Because there is no flame to blow out, this plasma arc lighter is windproof and splashproof – being an electrical device, it is not waterproof. Even in very strong winds, you can still light a pipe with this lighter.

Where traditional lighters require top-ups of lighter fuel, there is no butane or anything similar used in a plasma lighter. The IT’S LIT lighter includes a built in rechargeable battery, which is powered with a Micro-USB charger.

The cylindrical gunmetal finish makes this a talking point, as it is a good looking lighter with an exciting ignition method.


  • Windproof and splashproof
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Nice looking


  • Must be used safely, as plasma arcs produced very high temperatures
  • If battery runs flat, needs recharging – not just topping up

5. Saberlight Flex – Best for Angled Lighting

The Saberlight flex is another plasma lighter, but is to an entirely different design.


It features a reinforced flexible extended 6 inch neck that can be twisted and shaped into almost any contortion. It can be rotated up to 360 degrees, making it the most versatile lighter in the world.

As it uses plasma arcs for lighting, it is windproof, splashproof, and weather resistant. Pipes can be lit in almost any conditions, from almost any angle.

The lithium ion battery inside the Saberlight Flex is rechargeable via USB, and will light many thousands or pipes.

A safety switch is included to help prevent accidental ignition by a child.

The lighter has a hook ring for convenient storage, and has a “Power O” ignition ring to let you know when the lighter is in use, whether it is in a light or dark environment.

Another great looking lighter, and sure to be a hit with anyone who sees or uses it.


  • Versatile angling on lighting head
  • Windproof, splashproof, weather resistant
  • Rechargeable battery (USB)
  • Futuristic looking


  • Must be used safely, as plasma arcs produced very high temperatures
  • If battery runs flat, needs recharging – not just topping up
  • Battery life could be better per each charge

What You Need To Know Before Buying a Pipe Lighter

It’s been a long time since lighters were pretty standard affairs.

The designs and technology involved has rapidly moved on, so here are a few things to consider when choosing a pipe lighter.

Types of Lighter

For cigarettes, the standard flip top lighter is the most common. This kind of lighter can also be used with a pipe, although the angles involved may prove a little more troublesome.

Where a cigarette is lit at the end and is easily accessible, a pipe is lit in the bowl, which may involve turning a standard lighter virtually upside down – attempting to turn the bowl over may result in the contents falling out!

An alternative is a torch lighter, which produces a flame in front of the main body of the lighter. This allows for a better angle to light a pipe. Torch lighters designed for pipes often have a larger, wider flame. This makes it easier to light tobacco in a pipe bowl.

A third option is a lighter with a long flexible neck. This kind of lighter can be bent into almost any shape, even back towards itself, making the angles no problem at all.

Fuel to Burn

Lighter fluid is still a common fuel for lighters. If you do use a lighter that requires lighter fluid, butane is the best choice. Other liquid fuels can affect the taste of tobacco, while butane is flavorless.

However, new technology is abundant in modern lighters, including plasma lighters that work by creating an electric arc.

Not only are these quite a fun advancement, they are also battery powered or rechargeable, making it easier to find fuel – just change the battery or plug it in! In some modern lighters, even USB charging is a possibility.

One thing to keep in mind is that you should never touch the electric arc of a plasma lighter. You might think it looks a bit like a taser, and if you were to insert a piece of metal into the arc, you might have a similar experience.

However, the biggest issue is that the arc reaches temperatures of over 2000F – more than enough to give you a nasty burn. Keep safe – don’t touch the arc!

All Weather Lighting

Some of the best pipe lighters are wind and weather proof, making it possible to light a pipe even in windy or wet conditions.

There is nothing more frustrating than getting a lighter to ignite, and to have it blow out just at the crucial moment. While wind proofing is never quite perfect as there will always be a gust that is too strong, it’s better to have a lighter with it, than without it.

Electric arc lighters are normally more likely to be waterproof or storm proof, as they don’t actually need to ignite a fuel source to burn – the ignition is purely through an electrical spark.

Pipe Tools Included?

Pipe lighters can include many extra features, including a small set of pipe tools. Looking like a combination of a lighter and a Swiss Army Knife – and known as a Czech Pipe Tool set, the tools fold out from the side of the lighter and give you the option of using a pick, a reamer, and a tamper.

The pick is a sharp pin-like tool, used to clear small blockages. The reamer is like a miniature shovel, and can be used to clear out ash and tobacco from a pipe.

The tamper has a flat surface for pushing down the contents of the pipe bowl to make it easier to light.

Classy Looks

As with most things these days, form and function can be entirely separate. The same is true of lighters, as the same type and quality of lighter can come packaged in many different styles – from classic metal cases, to tacky plastic ones, to futuristic-looking decorative ones.

The way it looks is a matter of individual preference, as the important thing is that the lighter ignites and lets you burn the contents of your pipe.

Ready To Buy The Best Pipe Lighter?

For many years the standard way of lighting a pipe has been with some variation of lighter-fluid-based lighter.

 Best Pipe Lighters

The exact shape and angles may vary, but they are all very similar – only the quality varies.

The Zippo name is well-known, and therefore is the best overall choice – but it was a very close call.

The new alternative methods of lighting tobacco are fun to use and see, and have the added benefit of being more weather proof than standard lighters.

Traditionalists and purists may prefer butane, but the thrill of lighting a pipe with a plasma arc cannot be beaten.

Whichever way you choose to light your pipe, make sure you pick the best pipe lighter from our list. And never light a pipe with a cigarette lighter!

Likewise, If you are a pipe smoker you probably need to store cigarettes, tobacco, and cigars over a long time.


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