Not too long ago, if you needed prescription lenses, you were relegated to choosing from just a few select eyeglass frames that were displayed on your eye doctor/optometrist’s waiting room wall.

But a lot has changed over the past decade while new optometrists have not only embraced  modern 2020s digital high tech, but also a new generation of online eyewear shops that have begun to spring up, offering the consumer more and more frame and lens choices than ever before. 

Eyeglasses and prescription lenses are a serious business. Says the eye doctors at Find Clarity Vision, lenses are a very important part of how your eyeglasses work towards giving you clear, unobstructed vision.

When combined with exclusive eyeglass brands and frames of your choosing, prescription lenses (whether tinted or progressive), can potentially provide a lifelong solution to poor vision. 

In 2021, your favorite pair of eyeglasses can be purchased right from the comfort of your own home.

According to a recent article, when shopping online for eyeglasses, there are some important things to be aware of, the most basic of which is having a new, updated eye prescription from your eye doctor. 

The second thing to be aware of, is that unlike even a decade ago, it’s entirely possible to get overwhelmed with all the options available to you. Many online retailers have the ability for you to try on glasses virtually so you can get an idea of what they will look like. Some sites have technicians on call who can help out if you get confused. 

If you already have a pair of glasses that fit, all you have to do is relay the frame’s measurements to the site’s portal. Or, if you don’t trust yourself to get the measurements right, you can choose an online site that allows for “at-home try-on services.” If, in the end, the glasses don’t fit right, just send them back for another pair. 

With so many sites to choose from, here are some of the best sites for choosing a new pair of stunning eyeglasses no matter your budget.  

1.Glasses USA

Said to be a one-stop shop, Glasses USA offesr something for just about everyone who needs glasses. Boasting the leading brands such as Gucci and Ray-Ban, they also feature lesser-known but high-quality eyewear products. All purchases are backed up with a money-back guarantee along with a one-year long warranty.    

They also sell multifocal lenses and prescription sunglasses. Both options are available from anywhere between $50 and $600. 


EyeBuyDirect, or EBD, takes control of the entire process of eyewear purchasing. From concept, to design, to manufacturing, they’re promise to offer you the best product for the best possible price. EBD believes everyone who needs eyeglasses should have access to the most affordable eyewear available. That said, they’ve donated over 600,000 pairs of eyeglasses to the needy since their first opened their virtual doors. 

They feature virtual try-on along with a 2-week no hassle return policy if the glasses don’t seem right. 


One of the first eyewear store to pop up online, Zenni’s modus operandi is keeping things simple. They believe shopping online for glasses should be easy peasy. Their “streamlined process” is said to achieve just that.

Offering a huge variety of styles, they also feature some of the beloved classics, like men’s round wire “granny” glasses (remember John Lennon?) and Buddy Holly browline glasses.  

At Zenni you can try your new glasses on virtually. You can also turn them into sunglasses with a “click of a button.” If necessary, you can work with a helpful technician to make sure you get the perfect fit. 

4.Warby Parker

Said to be the brand that “started it all,” Warby Parker offers affordable frames that are also the best on the market in terms of style, quality, and durability.

Their years of experience in the online eyeglasses business have allowed them to streamline the purchasing process from getting a prescription, to try-on-at-home services, to offering the best overall customer service in the eyewear game. They also see clearly (no pun) that all customers are individuals and therefore everyone’s needs differ. 

5.Felix Gray

Felix Gray is said to understand the importance of a good pair of eyeglasses that will get you through a long workday spent staring at a computer screen. This why they came up with computer eyeglasses that protect your eyes

Their design sets them apart from garden variety eyeglasses by a slight arch at the eyeglass frame’s bridge. Cutting edge, 21st century eyewear tech available online.


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