Best Kitchen FaucetsAre you remodeling your kitchen or just want to buy a replacement faucet for your kitchen? A kitchen faucet is the centerpiece of any modern kitchen.

And, while an aesthetic look is what most shoppers look for, it’s important to look past the beauty of it and consider its usefulness and durability.

There are eight main types of faucets for your kitchen; pull down, pull out, single handle, dual-handle, commercial style, spray, pot filler, and motion detection. The one you’ll buy will depend on your intended use (Source).

According to KWC, who’s a well-known faucet brand, the average family turns on the tap as much as 40 times per day, whether to rinse off vegetables or simply to fill up a glass of water (Source).

When buying a kitchen faucet, you’ll want to compare and decide on the mounting, compatibility, and type of handle you want.

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Most Common Issues People Have with their Kitchen Faucet?

  • Improper Installation: The installation process of a kitchen faucet is something which requires the proper level of care and expertise. Nobody said that properly installing a new sink was easy. If you make a mistake or two during the installation process, there are countless problems which can occur.
  • Leakage Issues: Just about everybody has encountered problems with a kitchen sink which leaks water. Whether it occurs while the valve is shut or only when turned on, there are many reasons and places a leak can develop.
  • Inadequate Pressure: Kitchen faucets are typically used for jobs which require plenty of water pressure. The most typical example is cleaning stains and spots off of your dishes. Elbow grease can only go so far if your faucet doesn’t have enough pressure to handle the job in the first place.

To help you make the right choice, we will thoroughly review the top 10 kitchen faucets today.

Comparing the Best Kitchen Faucets

1. Delta Faucet 9178-AR-DST – Best Rated Kitchen Faucet

The 9178-AR-DST faucet features a perfect blend of modern faucet functionality and traditional styling. As such, this accessory will offer your kitchen the timeless appeal you desire.

However, this product is not ranked the best just because of its timeless beauty, it has some of the best faucet features you can get in the market today.

One of the aspects I love about this product is the one-touch clean spray holes. This makes the faucet easy to clean and maintain and is capable of preventing mineral build up in, on or even around the faucet.

Provided that the product is properly installed on your sink, you can rest assured that it does not have backsplash. As opposed to many other faucets within this price range, the 9178-AR-DST produces a straight stream of water, about 1 ¼” in diameter.

As a result, backsplash in this model is almost nonexistent. Again, this Delta faucet features a non-retractable spray head. This feature allows you to detach the head, hence be able to move it closer to the sink. This feature has also reduced backsplash in this model.

Why This Delta Faucet Is Our Top Pick

The Delta Faucet 9178-AR-DST offers several water stream modes. The product is equipped with toggle buttons, located on the faucet head. You can use these buttons to choose the water stream mode you would like the faucet to apply.

For instance, you may choose the generic stream or spray modes. Unlike some of its competitors, this product retains the selected stream mode until you change it to another mode.


  • High arc spout
  • 360 degrees of swivel
  • Comes with a 20 inch horse reach
  • Powerful magnetic straps
  • Features Diamond Seal Technology
  • It is ADA compliant


  • Comparatively hard to install

2. Moen Arbor Motionsense Touchless – Best Touchless/Sensor Kitchen Faucet

The Moen Arbor Motionsense Touchless Faucet is simply a state-of-the-art kitchen accessory that has a lot to offer, ranging from a pull-out sprayer to one of the most effective motion sensors in the industry today.

How convenient do you think it will be, to have a kitchen faucet that could detect what you would like to do and do just that automatically? Well, this is no longer a fantasy because the Motionsense kitchen faucet does that.

When it comes to aesthetics, this product will not frustrate you. Why, you must be wondering.

The curve on its spout, along with the flair of its handle, offers a transitional appearance, which has proven to be a great fit for almost any kitchen décor today. To get a clean appearance, especially on custom countertops, you should go for the single-hole mount compatibility.

In addition to the striking appearance, this faucet features PowerClean and Reflex technologies by the manufacturers. These are meant to enhance the performance of this product, hence make everyday kitchen tasks easier.

With regard to technology, the Arbor Motionsense is one of the best faucets out there. Owing to the effectiveness of its adapting motion sensors, this accessory can accurately detect your hands underneath its spout. The faucet will then release a stream of water to clean the hands.

As you can see, you do not need to touch the faucet to turn it on. Instead, it relies on two sensors; one at the top to detect motions above the faucet and a ‘ready sensor’ that is used to detect movements beneath the faucet.

If you are looking for home appliance that helps to filter the tap water and make it better for drinking, cooking and other household uses, consider buying alkaline water pitchers.


  • Flexible sprayer and spout
  • Features a sleek and stylish design
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Features top-notch construction
  • Has a button to pause water on the sprayer
  • Effective and flawless motion sensors
  • Powerful stream and minimal backsplash


  • You will need to buy an AC adapter separately

3. Delta Faucet 9113-AR-DST Essa – Best Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

The 9113-AR-DST Essa is another one of the high-quality, aesthetically appealing and functional products by the Delta Faucet manufacturer. One of the things I found to be striking about this product is the magnetic docking.

As opposed to other products within this range, the magnetic docking on the 9113-AR-DST Essa does not weaken as time goes by. You will also love its modern, soft design that features subtle detailing ascents. This design allows this kitchen faucet to blend with an array of decors, including the fluctuating and ultramodern styles and themes.

In this regard, the product is available in four finishes; Matte Black, Venetian Bronze, Arctic Stainless and Chrome. To prevent leakages from the faucet, the manufacturer uses the reliable Diamond Seal Technology on the Essa.

This diamond-coated valve makes the faucet one of the most durable and effective in the industry today. As a matter of fact, this valve can last for more than five million uses, which is two times longer than the industry standards require today.

More on the Delta 9913-AR-DST Essa

Any of the leading plumbers can attest to the fact that seals and joints are the main sources of leakage in faucets today. However, this will not be a problem with your delta Faucet 9113-AR-DST Essa. The Essa features an InnoFlex PEX, one-piece waterways construction.

As such, it does not have any joints or seals. You will also love the Touch-Clean Spray Holes feature offered by this product. This feature has been proven to be highly-effective at preventing the buildup of such minerals as lime and calcium inside the faucet.


  • A compact and beautiful design
  • Comes with color coded hoses
  • Easy to install
  • Features a smooth pivot
  • Precise valves
  • ADA compliant
  • Lifetime limited warranty
  • Powerful magnetic docking
  • High arc that swivels 360 degrees


  • Does not come with a cover plate for old sprayer hole.

4. KOHLER K-596-CP Simplice

Many of the people who love cooking do not like the cleaning task that comes afterwards. If you are one such cook, you should consider having the KOHLER K-596 CP Simplice faucet installed in your kitchen.

The ease of use, convenience and features offered by this product are specifically aimed at making such tasks easier and fun. To begin with, the K-596 CP Simplice has a tall arched spout.

This leaves you a comparatively large working area. As a result, cleaning larger utensils like big pots will be a walk in the park, once you have the K-596 CP Simplice installed in your kitchen.

The sleek and stylish design of the faucet makes it a preferred kitchen sink faucet for many homeowners today. Thanks to the 360 degrees swivel allowed by the spout of the faucet, the K-596 CP Simplice is very versatile to work with.

Although this is a single handle faucet, it gives you maximum control over the water flow. To make this possible, the faucet is equipped with a pull-down spray head, as well as pause and aeration buttons.

This being the case, you can see that the faucet has two main functionalities, the aerated flow and spray flow. The pause button is positioned on the main spray head and may be used to stop water flow momentarily, rather than having to shut the main spout.

This faucet features the MasterClean Sprayface and ProMotion Technologies by the manufacturer. These are meant to enhance the functionality of the faucet.


  • High arched spout
  • 360 degrees of swivel
  • Retractable spray nozzle
  • Features a pause button
  • Comparatively easy to install
  • Easy to clean


  • The stainless steel finish is prone to fingerprint marks

5. American Standard 4175.300.002 – The Best Maintenance-Free Kitchen Faucet

Are you looking for the most aesthetically appealing faucet to serve as the centerpiece in your kitchen? The American Standard Colony is a great choice as its shinny finish will be the focal point in your kitchen sink.

Again, the product will not fade away after years of use. This may be attributed to the tough finish that does not tarnish nor scratch.

You will also be fascinated by the drip-free performance offered by this faucet. This may be attributed to the ceramic disc valve used in this faucet.

The Colony faucet is available in several finishes, including stainless steel, matte black and chrome. You should choose the right finish, one that will augment your kitchen décor and make a fashion statement.

This product is equipped with a pull-down spray, which makes it even more convenient to use. The sprayer in this faucet features an adjustable pattern. Additionally, it is equipped with a pause button.

With regards to safety, the American Standard Colony Kitchen Faucet is compliant with the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) and meets NSF Standards.


  • Scratch, tarnish and corrosion resistant finish
  • Features a ceramic disc valve
  • Equipped with a brass swivel spout
  • A comparatively high spout
  • Metal leaver handle
  • Features an adjustable spray pattern


  • The pull down does not retract completely

6. Kraus KPF-1602SS – The Best Commercial Kitchen Faucet

When it comes to the aesthetical value, the Kraus KPF-1602SS is a bit unique. This faucet exhibits a commercial design that will give your kitchen space the contemporary appeal you desire.

In addition to its aesthetics, this faucet boasts of a solid and compact construction. The KPF-1602SS is made of lead-free brass and features high-quality parts for lasting performance and enhanced durability.

However, the commercial appearance is not just for the looks, the KPF-1602SS is actually a reliable heavy-duty commercial faucet.

The faucet features an open-coil, high-arc spout, which further enhances its industrial appearance. The streamlined silhouette, along with a sturdy construction, of the faucet goes a long way in offering a professional appearance and delivering optimal visual impact.

Regarding performance, the precision Kerox ceramic cartridge used in this faucet makes it drip-free. Additionally, the faucet features side pot filler and a pull-down spray head. These allow for a more flexible functionality of the KPF-1602SS kitchen faucet.

You will also love the experience offered by this faucet. The slim one-leaver handle, for example, allow you to regulate the rate of flow as well as temperature of the water effortlessly. The spray head also has an integrated diverter, which allows you to instantly switch between the powerful pre-rinse and spout spray flow patterns.


  • A lead-free construction
  • Low flow/high performance Neopearl Aerator
  • Equipped with Kerox Ceramic Cartridge
  • Features an ergonomic, Pre-Rinse Spray
  • Easy to clean
  • Rust resistant
  • Swivels 360 degrees


  • None that we can find

7. Peerless P299578LF-SS – Best Two-Handle Kitchen Faucet

Single-handle leaver kitchen faucets are some of the most popular faucet types today. However, the Peerless P299578LF-SS kitchen faucet will make you want to have a two-handle faucet in your kitchen.

This faucet is not only an affordable option; it also has a lot to offer, when it comes to aesthetics and functionality. To begin with, the P299578LF-SS features a chrome finish, which will match to several items in your kitchen, such as the towel rod.

Although this is a more affordable kitchen faucet option, it still offers a decent flow rate of 1.8 Gallons per minute. Additionally, the product is compliant with Vermont and California legislation on the use of lead in such products.

You will also love the fact that the P299578LF-SS offers relatively high efficiency standards. As a matter of fact, it meets the standards of efficiency as stipulated by CALGreen.


  • ADA compliant
  • Efficient on water
  • A decent flow rate for the price
  • Two-handle leavers
  • Easy to install


  • Handles do not turn as smoothly as they should

8. Avola Lead Free Kitchen Sink Faucet – Best Lead-Free Kitchen Faucet

If you are after a rather simple, yet aesthetically appealing commercial appearance in your kitchen faucet, this Avola faucet would be a great choice. Over the years, this faucet has been proven to offer a more dramatic appearance in kitchens, regardless of the décor.

Additionally, the faucet is availed in several finishes, including chrome and solid, commercial grade brass finishes. This allows you to choose the finish your think will enhance the contemporary appeal of your kitchen.

Regardless of the finish you opt for, you can rest assured that these Avola single-leaver handle, pull-down faucets are made of lead-free brass. To complement the appealing aesthetics of the faucet, the manufacturer has equipped this product with an array of convenience and functional features.

To begin with, the faucet requires one installation hole, hence is comparatively easier to install. The single-hole mounting also allows for a seamless integration with kitchen sinks to give the space a clean contemporary appeal.

The ultra-modern faucet model features a pull out spray head, making it one of the most flexible commercial kitchen faucets today. The company has also backed the performance and quality of this faucet with a lifetime limited warranty.


  • Comes with two, 23-inch long hot and cold water hoses
  • Made of lead-free brass
  • A comparatively high spout
  • Features a ceramic valve
  • Offers spray and stream water flow modes
  • Comes with mounting hardware


  • The water pressure is relatively low

9. Purelux Tulip Single Handle Faucet– The Best Kitchen Faucet Below $100

When shopping for the best kitchen faucet, it is not advisable to go cheap. Instead, you should try to get the best value for your money, especially if you are working on a limited budget.

If your buying power is limited, you should consider buying the Purelux Tulip. While the model is comparatively affordable, it has some of the features you would find in the relatively expensive models today.

The brushed Nickel finish gives the faucet a stylish and shiny appearance that can blend with any kitchen decor.

You will definitely love the pull-down shower head used on this faucet. Not only is the spray head easy to use; it features three different settings. In this regard, you can use the pause, spray jet and steam settings to regulate water flow from your faucet.


  • Comes with a free deck plate cover
  • Easy to install
  • Features a self-retracting spray head
  • Offers 3 water flow modes
  • Does not contain lead
  • The spout can swivel


  • The chrome coating is not so durable

10. Kohler K-560-VS BelleraA Great Balance of Aesthetics with Functionality

Whether it is a sleek design or reliable performance and convenience that you are looking for in your new kitchen faucet, the KOHLER K-560-VS Bellera is one of the best today. In this regard, the Bellera K-56-VS couples a versatile and stylish design with superior functionality and ergonomics.

For enhanced flexibility, this faucet features a high arch spout that swivels 360 degrees. This allows you to direct the stream of water to the various parts of the sink. If you would wish to carry out up close tasks on your sink, this faucet allows you to pull down the 3-function spray head.

Additionally, you can also pull the spray head out to fill a container with water, away from the sink. To ensure that this product produces a powerful stream of water, the manufacturer uses Sweep spray technology on the Bellera.

As such, the faucet is capable of producing a wide and relatively powerful blade of water. This comes handy whenever you require superior cleaning performance from your faucet. The MasterClean Sprayface Technology used on this accessory allows it to rid itself of mineral build up.


  • Features a 3-function spray head
  • Offers a sleek, innovative design
  • Comes with a powerful DockNetlink docking system
  • Features ProMotion Technology
  • High-arch spout
  • Single, two, three or four hole compatibility


  • Leaks at the handle

What is a Kitchen Faucet?

Kitchen FaucetJust as it is necessary to have faucets in other parts of your home, a kitchen faucet is a necessary part of your kitchen. Kitchen faucets are unique in that they will usually come with special features such as an extendable hose and pressure settings best suited for cooking and cleaning tasks.

Features of the Best Kitchen Faucets

Kitchen faucets are one of the most consistently and commonly used tools in your home. As such, it is important to carefully consider the many different prices, features, and models that are available. To help you find the best kitchen faucet for your home, here are the most important features to look for.

Enough Retractable Hose Length

If you purchase a new kitchen faucet, you should expect to receive a model which has a retractable hose. This way, you can easily extend and position the nozzle exactly where you need the water to flow.

Although just about any of the best kitchen faucets have a retractable hose, they don’t all have a long enough hose. To avoid this, consider how large your sink space is so that you can get a model with plenty of hose length.

Different Pressure and Flow Settings

Water pressure can be predicted partly by the source of your tap water. If you live in a county which already has water problems, the quality of the sink won’t necessarily help.

It’s important to note that the model plays a role in the water pressure too. Any of the best kitchen faucets will not only have plenty of water pressure, but also different settings to adjust the pressure and type of water flow.

Right Number of Mounting Holes

When your home was built, there was a certain number of mounting holes installed where your sink was to be placed. Typically, this will be anywhere between one to four holes.

If you don’t already know how many mounting holes that you have, this is something to check for right away. In order to avoid problems with installation, make sure the model you purchase has the right number of holes.

All Included Parts for Easy Home Install

Before you commit to any kitchen faucet, it’s important to consider the installation process. Especially if you intend to handle things on your own.

From mounting nuts to valves and hoses, you shouldn’t need to purchase separate parts. Make sure that the model you choose comes with everything you need to install it right out of the package.

Aesthetics Which Match your Kitchen Style

It can be easy for some people to overlook the aesthetic quality of their kitchen faucet. However, it is one of the most commonly used and noticed parts of your kitchen.

This is why you should keep the style and design of your kitchen in mind while deciding which kitchen faucet to purchase. Get a model that will fit in perfectly with the existing style of your kitchen.

Things You Must Know Before Buying a Kitchen Faucet

Before Buying a KitchenIn a bid to make their kitchens more appealing to the eyes and functional, more homeowners today are having their kitchens renovated.

While most of them will pay attention to things like decorative trimming and tiles, they will forget items most used in their kitchens, such as a kitchen faucet.

The mistake, in this regard, is that most homeowners today choose faucets for their kitchens solely based on their looks.

Whether you are looking for a replacement faucet or are having one installed for the first time, you should opt for the option that balances function with design. In other words, your preferred faucet model should be aesthetically appealing, functional and highly durable.

In order to arrive at this decision, you will need to consider several aspects. Throughout this guide, you will learn the various things you need to consider while shopping for the best kitchen faucet.

1. Kitchen Faucet Dimensions

While shopping for the best kitchen faucet sprout, you need to consider its dimensions as well as those of the entire sink area. How much kitchen sink space are you working with?

Answering this question will ensure that you buy a faucet of the right dimensions. In this regard, here are some of the key considerations that you need to make:

  • Projection

This is the distance between the point where water leaves the faucet nozzle and its stem or base. In a bid to reduce splashing and splattering with your new faucet sprout, you should focus on lining the projection of the faucet with the drain on your kitchen sink.

The projection on your preferred sprout option should allow water to fall directly into the drain, when the faucet is set to a neutral position. If your preferred model swivels, you also need to take into account the range of swivel offered by the faucet when determining the right projection.

  • Height

Do you know that the surroundings on your sink will determine the right faucet? In most faucet models today, the height is expressed as deck to aerator or deck to top of the faucet. Most of the larger sprouts today feature a swan neck design. As such, the sprout rises a bit higher than the position of the nozzle.

Such a design may not be the right option, if you have a low-hanging rack or cabinet above you kitchen sink. If you have limited space between your sink and kitchen cabinet, you should opt for a straight sprout design.

Again, the height of your preferred faucet can also affect its functionality as well as the aesthetics of the entire kitchen. A very tall faucet, for example, may appear mismatched, when used a comparatively small sink.

Such a situation will also lead to splattering and splashing of water in the kitchen. Again, a short faucet design may not be able to cover the girth of the sink, if used in an overly-large sink.

  • Spout Clearance and Working Area

When it comes to the functionality of your faucet, this is one of the important dimensions that you need to consider. The working area, in this case, is the space between the nozzle on your faucet and the rim of the sink. If you would like to wash larger items in your sink, you should get a faucet that gives you a larger working area.

Additionally, you should check specifications of your preferred faucet option to see if the model has a minimum recommended clearance. If so, you need to ensure that the clearance space between the handle and the backsplash is more than the minimum recommended clearance.

Alternatively, you may opt for a model whose handles only move in a forward direction. If you are looking for more flexibility, you should buy a model that allows you to alter the height of the sprout. Some of the best kitchen faucets today feature adjustable height. This will come in handy, if you only fit large items into the sink occasionally.

  • The Reach

This is the horizontal distance between the point of faucet connection to the countertop and its sprout. The reach is a measure of how far your faucet extends into the sink. Your preferred faucet should be ideal for your sink size, such that water from the faucet does not strike the sink too far forward or inward. As such, this measurement should help you choose a faucet of the right arc size for your kitchen sink.

If the sink in your kitchen has two or more basins, you should ensure that the faucet reach of your preferred option reaches all the basins. To get a more accurate measurement of the reach, you should measure the distance between the middle of the drain and the faucet holes on your sink.

With a faucet of the right reach, water from the sprout should hot the drain, and not the sink top, whenever the faucet is on.

  • Spread

The spread is another aspect that is commonly forgotten while choosing the right kitchen faucet. It refers to the distance from a hole to the center of center of the farthest hole, on the opposite side of the faucet.

If you are looking for variance in your kitchen faucet, you should go for the widespread models that feature a flexible water line hose(s).

2. Faucet Mount

Faucet MountMost kitchen sinks have predrilled holes for mounting the faucet. If you are working with a predrilled sink, you should have an idea of the right faucet to mount on the sink.

If you are doing a new installation or are renovating your kitchen and have not purchased the sink yet, you have some flexibility in choosing the right mount.

With regards to the mount, you need to pay attention to the number of holes you preferred option requires.

Currently, there are some faucet models that appear as though they have three holes, but actually have two. As such, you need to be careful to ensure that you get the right mount for your kitchen sink. Here is a general guideline on the number of holes on various faucet types:

  • Faucets with a single, integrated handle – These usually require a single hole
  • Sprouts with two, separate handles – Most of these require two holes
  • Sprouts with a single, separate handle – Most of these require two holes
  • Additional features, such as cold/hot water dispenser, side sprayer or soap dispenser – Such additional functionalities will require an additional hole.

Again, if the building code in your region requires you to leave an air gap for the dishwasher, you will need an additional hole for your faucet.

3. Finish Material

Faucets MaterialIn addition to enhancing the aesthetical appeal of your kitchen décor, the type of finish on your preferred kitchen faucet will also affect its durability.

The right finish material for your kitchen should match with your décor and with such things as the towel bars and cabinet hardware in the kitchen. Most of the faucets available today feature bronze, polished chrome or satin nickel finishes.

All the finishes are considerably durable and beautiful. So, which of the three finishes is the best for your kitchen?

  • Bronze Faucets

These have a characteristic brown tone, hence are commonly referred to as rubbed or oiled bronze faucets. However, the bronze on these faucets is just a coating and may get scratched or chipped with time.

  • Nickel Finishes

The various faucets that have a nickel finish exhibit a dull shine. As a result, they are commonly referred to as brushed, stainless steel or satin. These are considerably durable, but are prone to water spots and fingerprint marks.

This being the case, the various nickel faucets are hard to keep clean.

  • Chrome

Of the three finish types, this is the most durable option. Additionally, chrome faucets are easier to keep clean. This is probably why they are a preferred option for commercial kitchens and public bathrooms today.

If your kitchen faucet is used heavily, a chrome faucet will offer you the long-term toughness you need.

4. Design/Number of Handles

Best Kitchen FaucetsIf chosen carefully, kitchen faucets are some of the accessories that can improve the appeal of your kitchen décor. In this regard, you should choose the right one based on functionality as well as design.

The right faucet for your kitchen should improve the work area, and allow for effortless use even when your hands are greasy.

If you are looking forward to having an open plan, architectural look in the kitchen, you should opt for the single-lever mixer faucets. Choosing one with refined lines will also go a long way in enhancing such a décor.

If you would like to maintain a more traditional theme, you should opt for the two-handle faucets. The keen cooks will appreciate that appeal and functionality of a pull-out faucet.

The various kitchen faucets available today may be grouped into six broad categories, based on the type of handle they have, as discussed below:

  • Pull Out Kitchen Faucets

The various pull-out faucets have a single hand that may be used to adjust both the water temperature and flow rate. Some users find such faucets to be convenient because they are easy to operate, using one hand, allowing you to hold something else with the other hand.

Most of the sprouts within this category also feature an integrated spray head. These allow you to direct the stream of water to your desired spot, within the sink or on the countertop. Some of the modern designs can also turn, which allows you to reach any part of your sink.

  • Pull Down Kitchen Faucets

Most of the pull-down faucet models available today are very similar to pull-out faucets, with regards to the design. As such, they are also single handle type of faucets.

However, the pull-down kitchen faucets do not allow you to maneuver the stream of water from the sink to the countertop. Instead, this type of faucets only allows the water to move downwards. As such, these are a great choice if you have a comparatively deep sink.

The various pull down kitchen faucets feature a detachable sprayer that directs the stream of water towards the bottom of your sink. Some of these faucets feature a high arc. This is because these models pull straight downwards, rather than twisting, while engaging them.

  • Two Handle Faucets

If you are looking for a traditional décor in your kitchen, you should opt for a dual handle kitchen faucet. As opposed to the traditional models, the modern two-handle faucets have been designed to improve your working space.

Since these have two separate handles, they allow you to regulate the flow of hot and cold water using different handles. As compared to the one-handle faucets described above, these require more installation holes on the sink.

With a two-handle kitchen faucet you will have maximum control over the temperature of water flowing into your sink.

  • Fusion Faucet Design

Are you looking for the ideal faucet for a commercial kitchen? You should consider buying some of the best fusion kitchen faucets today. What I particularly admire about the various fusion design faucets is the fact that they can be installed anywhere in the kitchen.

To exploit this flexibility, some of the leading designers think that these faucets should be installed at the center of the kitchen sink. According to such designers, such an installation makes the faucets appear more attractive and decorative.

5. Additional Features

Best Kitchen Faucets DesignWhile these are some of the main considerations, you probably are aware that modern kitchen faucets are equipped with an array of functional and convenience features.

Here are some of the additional features you may need to consider while shopping for these accessories:

  • Hands-Free and Touch Capabilities

Come to think of it, you would like to wash finger paint or chicken soup off your hands, but do not want to touch the faucet. Have you ever been in such a situation? Currently, there are some faucets that can do just that.

Yes, technological advancements in this industry has allowed for the production of faucets that can detect your hands, hence release a stream of water automatically. With such a faucet in your kitchen sink, you only need to hold out your hands close to the faucet and the faucet will do the rest.

Alternatively, you can buy the one-touch faucets. These feature Touch technology, which allows you to turn the faucet on by touching it with any part of your hand or arm.

  • Water Conservation Capabilities

Considerable homeowners today are renovating their homes to make them more efficient. In this regard, many strive to make their homes more efficient on energy and forget about the water.

When buying a new faucet for your kitchen, you should consider buying one that conserves water. In this regard, you should look for the WaterSense® sign on your preferred faucet choice. This implies that the accessory is compliant with the water conservation specifications set by the EPA.

  • Sprayer

You may as well need to buy a faucet that can dispense soap. In this regard, the faucet you buy should have a built-in dishwasher/soap dispenser.

Actually, this is one of the main selling points in many of the modern faucets today. Most of these models are equipped with a sprayer that pulls down or pulls out from the main head. This is often a side feature, independent of the sprout.

Frequently Asked Questions about Kitchen Faucets

Take the time to consider the following questions. They will help you get a better idea of which kitchen faucet is ideal for you.

Which Style of Faucet Spout Should You Choose?

Kitchen FaucetsThis depends mostly on how big faucet you need and what you want.

Faucet spouts come in many different sizes and shapes, but the following four styles are most common:

  • Traditional faucet
  • High arc faucet
  • Pull-out & pull-down faucet
  • Bridge faucet

Most people go for the traditional faucets because they are affordable and compact. So it comes as no surprise that many homes use these faucets. On the downside, they are impractical when you need to wash big pans and pots.

Pull-down and pull-out faucets come with a variety of spray patterns. They feature modern designs, thus giving the kitchen a nice touch. Still, these faucets are more expensive than traditional ones.

High arc kitchen faucets are excellent for deep sinks and large dishes. Thanks to the sleek design, they suit just about any sink. If money is no object,  this style could be for you.

If you’re looking for bridge faucets, bear in mind that they are pretty complicated to install. These faucets require several holes, so be assured that it will fit your sink before buying.

How Large is Your Sink?

It makes little sense to pair a small faucet with a big sink. Not only will this look odd, but it will not be practical when washing dishes. On the contrary, if you couple a small sink and a huge faucet, that would cause a disaster in your kitchen.

So, be sure that the kitchen sink is proportionate to the faucet. Your faucet must reach each corner of the sink. That’s where pull-down and pull-out faucets come in handy. They add to both the maneuverability and reach of the faucet, so it’s really hard to go wrong with them.

How Many Mounting Holes Will You Need to Install a Kitchen Faucet?

If you’re planning to install a new kitchen faucet in your old sink, make sure to count the mounting holes before you do anything else.

The kitchen faucet must match the number of holes on the sink. You will find pre-drilled holes on your sink for the faucet as well as accessories. The number of those holes is anywhere from 1 to 4. That number will actually determine which type and model of faucet you can install.

Do not choose a faucet that’ll require you to drill additional holes in your sink. It’s easier and cheaper to buy a new faucet with a similar or exactly the same mounting arrangement as the current one.

Some faucets come with a decorative base plate (also called escutcheon) which covers the holes that aren’t used. If the escutcheon isn’t included in the kit, you should consider purchasing one that matches the model of your faucet.

Note that you may need to drill a few holes on the mounting surface to install the faucet. The base plate is intended to cover those unsightly holes. That way you will nicely finish the installation.

What Are Ceramic Disk Cartridges?

The temperature and flow of water are controlled by means of a cartridge or valve. The latest cartridge technology has completely eliminated the need for rubber seals. As you may know, these seals are prone to wear and tear, which eventually results in the leaky faucet.

Ceramic disk cartridges can last much longer since there’s no seal involved. By rotating against one another, the robust and sturdy ceramic disks control the water flow impeccably.

So, they are certainly worth the price and additional cost.

What Are Faucet Aerators?

The faucet aerator is a part of the kitchen faucet that prevents splashing. In fact, aerators direct the water flow and limit the amount of water. That results in increased pressure and energy reduction. The aerators also play an important role in the maintenance of kitchen faucets because of the mineral content of tap water.

It consists of 3 main components: a rubber washer, housing, and mesh filter. In addition to filtering the water, the mesh limits the water flow. So this part can help you save money in the long run by decreasing the pressure and flow of water.

How Would You Like to Handle It?

The vast majority of kitchen faucets are equipped with a single lever or handle. This all-around handle can be used to turn the faucet on/off, switch from cold to hot and vice versa, and increase/decrease water flow.

In classic faucets, such as center-set faucets, there are two handles. This makes controlling temperature and flow more precise. The handles for cold and hot water are on both sides of the spout. These kitchen faucets are perfect for those preferring separate controls for cold and hot water. But keep in mind that they require 2 holes for installation.

There are also no-hands faucets, also known as touchless faucets. The water flow is triggered by hand motions. This is possible thanks to the in-built motion sensors that turn it on/off automatically. While these modern faucets are extremely sanitary, nice and convenient, they come with a hefty price tag.

Do you Need a Wall Mount or Deck Mount?

Kitchen Faucets Wall Mount or Deck MountMost kitchen faucets involve deck mount. Such faucets can be mounted on the countertop or sink. They are positioned at the back of the sinks.

Wall-mount faucets, as their name suggests, go on the wall so that they hang over the sink.

How to Keep Your Kitchen Faucet Clean

The water running through the kitchen faucet cause corrosive buildup over time. By the way, it gets a lot of use every day, which gives rise to smudges and stains. That’s why you need to keep your faucet clean.

Be sure to perform basic maintenance every so often. The soft stains can simply be removed with water. For harder or heavier stains, you will have to use a gentle cleaner. and a wet rag to wipe your faucet down. All-purpose cleaners will do the job just fine. Additionally, you may use bleach or vinegar to disinfect it.

When it comes to build-ups, the reddish deposits can be effectively cleaned with lemon juice. Ammonia turned out to work best for green deposits whereas tartar cream can help you get rid of brown and black build-up.

Soap scum can be removed with white vinegar. Create a paste by mixing it with baking soda. Let this mixture sit after application. Then simply rinse and dry it off.

Our Final Review

Choosing the right faucet for your kitchen requires much more, than just the aesthetic appeal of the accessory. While the beauty of the faucet is also important, you need to buy a model that is functional.

Throughout this guide, we looked at some of the considerations to note when choosing a kitchen faucet; dimensions, the mount, finish, design, and features.

Now you can make an informed decision when buying a faucet for your home, as the ones reviewed here are some of the best kitchen faucets on the market.

Along with the kitchen if you are looking for a better bathroom, check out our other reviews of the best items on the market today. We’ve listed and reviewed the Top Bidet Attachments and Top Tension Shower Rods for you.

What’s your favorite kitchen faucet? Share with us below!


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