Best Gutter Cleaning RobotsGutter Robot cleaners are easy to use and quick to set up. Gutter cleaning day will never be the same again.

Anybody who has cleaned their gutters comes to the same conclusion, cleaning gutters is difficult.

It takes too much time and effort that’s better spent on other things.

Robot gutter cleaners offer you the opportunity to spend your time and energy on more important things instead.

10 Best Gutter Cleaning Robots

1.iRobot Looj M330 Gutter Cleaner

iRobot Looj M330 Gutter CleanerFrom the company that developed the Roomba robot vacuum cleaner comes the Looj M330.

It is a waterproof, rechargeable, and tough gutter cleaner with spinning augers and caterpillar tracks.

It can make short work out of your gutters, especially if you have some clearance below the tilt edge.

All you need to do is take care of the debris that falls on your garden. That’s still better than going up and down a ladder with a bucket.


The Looj M330 feels like a small, remote-controlled tank with a spinning brush that removes debris instead of a gun.

The main body is long and narrow to fit a gutter and its rubber tracks make sure it can still move no matter its orientation.

The Looj M330 can even move when it’s upside-down or on its side. This happens very often with stiff debris which causes it to turn over and reverse.


The handle of the Looj is detachable, allowing it to be easily carried and inserted into a gutter. As it unclips, the handle becomes the remote control.

With fresh batteries, we could operate the Looj at around 20 meters. Unless you have very long gutters, it probably won’t move out of range.

Even if it does, it’s designed to flip over and reverse its path along the gutter.

The remote control/handle allows you to move the Looj M330 forward or in reverse.

You can also set the spinning brush to move clockwise, anticlockwise, or turned off for the auger.

It also has an automatic Clean mode which is competent by itself. It comes along with a belt clip for the handle so you can keep your hands on the ladder.

By the end of the job, the belt clip and handle can also help with getting the Looj out of the gutter without getting too much dirt getting on you.

Why get it?

It’s sleek, it’s smart, and it doesn’t mind the muck. The Looj M330 is an excellent way to get your gutters cleaned with little to no hassle.

Its design allows it to work without supervision. Just mind the mess on your garden when it’s done.

2.iRobot Looj 330

iRobot Looj 330The iRobot Looj 330 takes the hassle and danger of repeatedly going up and down ladders out of gutter cleaning.

It’s an autonomous robot gutter cleaner that’s designed to clean gutter effectively while dealing with leaves, dirt, and clogs.

It does this with its high-velocity, four-stage auger that blasts away any debris. 


The Looj 330 is designed for maneuvering through narrow gutters with its slim body. The design of its tracks allows it to move even when it’s tipped upside down or on its side.

The build quality on the Looj is tough and its waterproof chassis allows it to operate in the murkiest and slimiest gutters.


The handle on the Looj 330 is detachable and doubles as a remote control. The remote control allows you to make the Looj 330 move forward or backward.

It also gives you control over the direction that its auger spins to make sure the debris falls in the right direction. 

The remote control also has a one-button CLEAN mode. Choosing this option makes the Looj 330 operate on its own.

It moves along your gutter to detect and adapt to debris. Once it’s done with its job, double-clicking the reverse button makes the robot move back to you. 

The Looj 330 is powered by a built-in Lithium-ion battery. This gives it more than enough power to perform an entire cleaning job in one charge.

Lithium-ion batteries also have a long life span. You can have your robot unused and stored throughout the entire winter and it would still be working good as new when you need it.

The auger on the Looj 330 dislodges and removes even the toughest and stiffest debris through a 4-stage cleaning process. It splits clogs apart first.

Then, ejectors lift and throw the debris out of your gutters and away from your home. Tougher clogs are split apart with breaker bars.

Its sturdy polypropylene sweepers brush away any loose debris left to keep gutters clean. The scraper behind the auger provides an added layer of cleaning and ensures that the path backward is clear for the robot.

Because of the remote control, you will never have to go down your ladder and move it along the gutter every time your bucket is full.
The Looj 330 can move along the gutter on its own and return to you when you need it to. It also comes with a belt clip so that you can keep both of your hands on your ladder while taking it up to your gutters.

Remote Control & Wireless Operation 

The remote-control handle operates wirelessly with 2.4 GHz RF with a communication range of 50’.

You will never lose control of the Looj 330 as long as you have fresh batteries.

Even if you did lose control, this robot is designed to flip over when it’s done with its task, making it move in reverse and straight back to you.

Compared to other Looj models, this one is more compact at 3” wide and 2” high. This allows it to fit in more gutters like K-style aluminum, copper, metal, or vinyl gutters.

Waterproof Robot 

Gutters are often wet environments and wet leaves are the biggest causes of clogs. The Looj 330 is completely waterproof, allowing it to operate under wet conditions.

This also makes it very easy to clean. Just spray on some water on it with a hose and it’s good to go.

Different types of debris call for different types of equipment. The Looj 330 comes with 2 sizes of auger ejectors to fit whichever type of season, debris, and gutter design you have on your home.

Apart from the belt clip to carry the Looj 330 hands-free, it also comes with other accessories.

You can customize its cleaning with additional ejector styles that can handle different types of debris.

All its parts and accessories can be placed securely in its storage case for protection during long storage periods.

It also allows you to move the model and all its accessories easily. The additional accessories and the storage case can be purchased separately. 

Thanks to these best gutter cleaning robots you never have to worry too much about how to clean your gutter. They’re guaranteed to make your work fast, easy, and safe.


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