Best countries to travel by car

When we hear a word phrase traveling by car we immediately imagine some film where a company of friends driving an iconic hippie’s van and listening to the music all the time. No doubt you would like to join them. It’s not necessary to have such a van to go traveling somewhere, all you need is any car which has a tank full of gasoline and if you prefer a company then call your friends up and let’s go.

And what if you already have a driving license but not a car and your parents are afraid to give you the keys of their own. The answer would be rental services. Today rental companies are getting more and more popular thanks to their functionality.

Money is not an issue because the price would be much lower in comparison with a taxi, especially abroad. Just take a look at how much money you’ll spend if you rent Hyundai, say, in Dubai!

It’s just cheap-as-chips. Moreover, motorways of Dubai are perfectly fit for any car model. UAE is also a nice variant for family vacations and road-trip, picturesque landscapes will not let you get bored.

The United Arab Emirates is not only Dubai and Burj Khalifa, it also has numerous scenic deserts and dunes, sea coasts with mountain ranges and nature reserves. The high quality of the roads will be accurately appreciated by every driver.

One of the best countries in the world where you could travel by car is definitely the USA. Each state is worth seeing and visiting. There are a great number of routes of different lengths and locations, you could choose in advance either you want to see the pure beauty of nature or try a signature dish in every state or maybe both.

Norway is a country of fjords, small fishing villages and numerous mountain ranges with waterfalls. The most scenic roads are quite dangerous because they are laying in the mountains and near the lakes. The advantage is that in this rather expensive country, you can save on housing by sleeping in a tent or in a car.

Iceland offers stunning landscapes and unique road trip experiences, with well-maintained roads and the famous Ring Road route. Witness glaciers, volcanoes, famous Iceland hot springs, and waterfalls while camping or staying in guesthouses. Iceland is a must-visit destination for road trip enthusiasts.

Italy is often chosen for traveling in Europe. There is a lot to see in this country. It is well known for the beauty and is diverse and pleasant for car travel. You can think of both a romantic trip and a trip for the whole family. Italy is famous for its lakes, cities and stunning coasts, and of course for its cuisine.

Traveling in Europe is very convenient because with a schengen visa you can freely cross the borders of the countries in a matter of hours. And here you are in the high mountains of Switzerland or cozy France with old castles. There are also enough automobile routes in Spain to travel along the Iberian Peninsula.

Before the start of the trip, the road traveler must collect a package of documents necessary for any tourist. These include: visa and medical insurance, it is also very important to pass a technical inspection of the car at a service station so that you do not have to face the repair of the car in the middle of the way.

In many countries there are toll roads, it is better to know about the payment in advance. First aid kit, fire extinguisher and cable must be in your trunk for sure. Even better if you have a spare canister of gasoline, since in some countries gas stations are located at a great distance from each other, it will also help you to save expenses during the trip.

The most important thing in traveling by car to another country is to study all the features of the traffic rules there, because even the colors of traffic lights can mean completely different things than you are used to. Now it’s up to you, choose a location you like the most, call your friends and hit the road