A home gym is a small fitness area in your spare room or garage with practical equipment.

Compact Home Gyms

It is easy to store and transport. Home gyms are a popular way to improve your fitness level and feel good while targeting different muscle groups.

The advantages of this type of gym include having access to it all the time, not having to pay a gym membership. Also, you will not have to use equipment that has been used by others.

The best thing about a compact home gym is that you can do any exercise you want in the comfort of your own home. There are many great machines on the market with various features and multiple price ranges.

One thing you need to be clear is that all types of the home gym might not be well equipped. If you are looking for best home exercise equipment across all ages and bodies, consider buying the best air walkers as it helps you to perform low impact exercises. Air walkers can be used to tone and strengthen the upper and lower body and improve flexibility.

While some individuals only believe in doing cardio at home using treadmills, a little bit of weight training helps burn more calories. You won’t go broke to get your own amazing multi-functional home gym.

Best Compact Home Gyms


1. Total Gym Force – Best Overall

This home gym features over 60 exercise options for a unique full body workout targeting every major muscle group – calves, hamstrings, pecs, deltoids, and lateral muscles.

It has a lot of accessories to make sure you can target those muscles for the best possible workout. There are ab attachments, dip and press up bars for the upper body, and even DVDs and nutrition plans.

Top Quality

Buying a top quality, the well-made machine should be your top priority when buying a bodyweight resistance home gym. It has a strong, stable frame design that will keep you safe and balanced in any position.

The many extras, including wing attachments, leg pull, squat stand, and large stability mat, are exceptionally durable and of great quality.

If you’re not sure how to do some of the exercises or how to create a routine, the company provides tutorials in the Intermediate Program DVD, Total Gym Exercise Flip Chart, and Total Body Workout DVD. You also get a full meal program to achieve your fitness goals.


You can’t go wrong with a home gym equipped with this resistance system. The bodyweight resistance system is an optimal choice for building strength. Bodyweight systems are generally used to reduce fat, burn calories, and add definition.


  • 350 lb weight limit
  • Full list of accessories
  • Great resistance system


  • Expensive

2. Body-Solid EXM3000LPS Double Stack Home Gym – Best for Simultaneous Users

This multi-station home gym provides professional gym quality strength training for two people besides yourself – that’s how great its capacity is.

It features a multi-function press arm station for incline press, bench press, shoulder press and chest supported mid-row exercises.

The range-limiter equipped, fully-adjustable pec station enables users to achieve deeper muscle penetration for quicker, more defined results. The calf and leg press station works based on a 2 to 1 weight ratio, lending this home gym the remarkable capacity of a 420 lb leg press.

The rubber-encased, non-slip footplate is made of heavy gauge steel for secure operation during the most intense workouts. The calf/leg press station has a state-of-the-art double bar linkage that aligns the leg plate angle to the user’s body, eliminating ankle torsion.

This also makes sure proper biomechanics are present throughout the full range of motion. The pec station has double overhead cams with multiple increment settings per arm to provide diverse starting positions and enable fine-tuning for accurate prestretch with optimal biomechanical movement.

The seated row/low pulley station is crucial for lower back development. It builds depth in the mid-back area and works to reach lower lateral muscles.


The welds and frame come with lifetime warranty, as do the bearings, pulleys, plates, bushings, hardware, guide rods, upholstery, and cables. With normal wear, the grips have lifetime warranty as well. The warranty only applies to the original owner.


  • Double Stack
  • Lifetime frame and parts warranties
  • Maximum chest, back and shoulder focus
  • Multiple workout stations


  • Weighs around 1,000 lbs. once assembled

3. Bowflex Blaze Home Gym – Best for a Full Body Workout

It’s possible to perform over 60 gym effective resistance-based exercises with this home gym, which uses the innovative Power rod resistance system that is trademarked by the company.

This resistance system provides a fluid, ultra smooth movement that is easy on the joints.

It also provides resistance as with free weights during every part of the exercise movement. This home gym features mid-level pulleys, which you can use to perform an aerobic row with the sliding seat or numerous chest exercises. You can also work your shoulders, deltoids, and arms.

The upper pulleys allow the user to work his back, lats, and shoulders. The user can work his quads and hamstrings with the leg curl. The patented resistance system feels even better than free weights but without the risk of joint pain or inertia.

The triple function ankle/hand grip cuffs are designed to add performance and flexibility to any workout. The bench provides a sliding seat for doing rows. There are resistance upgrades to 310 and 410 lbs.


The Bowflex Blaze Home Gym offers relatively good warranty compared to other equipment in this price range. There is lifetime warranty on the rods, 5-year warranty on the machines, and two months warranty on parts.


  • 210 lbs of resistance is upgradable to 310 lbs or 410 lbs.
  • Multiple cable/pulley positions enable custom workouts.
  • Lat tower with angled lat bar strengthens back and shoulder muscles fast


  • Resistance Rod® system needs replacing over time

4. Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Cage – Compact Home Gym with Linear Bearing

The Diamond Elite Smith Cage from Marcy is an excellent workout station for serious strength training in the comfort of one’s home.

A press bar with sealed bearings, dual-function leg developer, low pulley with footrest, high cable crossover, pec deck station, a separate Marcy Olympic weight bench, and free weight squat rack combine to make this the ultimate piece of home gym equipment.

The included adjustable catches, safety stoppers, and “Ultra-Glide” linear bearings guarantee you will work for all major muscle groups safely and effectively. Unlike many other home gyms, this one’s pulleys are operated using an independent motion system that focuses on all precision exercises.

Thanks to the multiple Olympic weight plate storage pegs, you can organize your strength training equipment while the durable, compact tubular steel design guarantees years of use in your own home gym. The enhanced base frame design provides increased stability.


The system comes with a lat bar, shiver bar, triceps rope, chrome row handle, two single handles, and an ankle strap. The design enables a total body workout. The smith machine works well in the press or squat positions. It also has separate arms for pec flys.

There are also high and low pulleys to work the back, chest, arms, and shoulders. Apart from working your leg muscles with the squat rack, you can also use a leg developer to do curls or extensions. This is a serious compact home gym with the quality of a health club, yet is quite affordable.


  • Large 3¾ inch nylon pulleys with sealed ball bearings.
  • Diamond plated non-slip foot brace for seated row exercises.
  • Adjustable bar catches and safety stoppers.
  • The proper pivot point on leg developer for muscle isolation
  • Dual action leg developer with six oversized roller pads and row/curl bar
  • Chrome sliding track for easy pop pin back pad angle adjustments.
  • High pulley cable crossovers allow full pectoral workout.


  • Weights sold separately
  • Taller people find full motion range on pulleys hard

5. Body-Solid StrengthTech EXM2500S Home Gym – Best for the Money

You don’t have to be a pro to realize the simplicity of this home gym’s design, which enables maximum performance at an affordable price, makes it truly excellent value for money.

The materials used are of very superior quality – huge hardware, 2”x4” 12-gauge high tensile strength steel, 2,200 lb test cables and nylon pulleys reinforced by fiberglass.

The company backs its construction and components with a lifetime warranty. The impressive 210 lb weight stack lets users carry out even the most strenuous strength routine. Muscular definition and growth are rapidly achieved at all three biomechanically designed, precision built stations.

This compact home gym comes with a pec station, chest press, leg extension/leg curl, seated row, lat pulldown ab crunch, and other exercise options. The nylon pulleys ensure smooth weight movement.

Multiple Workout Stations

Most home gyms in this price range are designed with one fixed workout station where the user has to do all his exercises. This isn’t really great because the idea is to have a station designed specifically for the workouts that you’ve chosen. There are three different workout stations with this gym.

The first station is for rows, the second for flys, and the third for pull downs and leg extensions. Each of these stations is well designed for an optimal workout.


  • 2,200 lb tension strength, military spec, steel aircraft cables
  • Nylon sheath
  • Durable, tear resistant, thick pads


  • The 210 lb weight stack isn’t enough for some
  • Insufficient lower body workout options

What To Look For When Purchasing A Compact Home Gym

Some of the most crucial factors are budget, space, targets, and personal needs. We’ll go into each of these below.

 Compact Home Gyms


This is the first and foremost consideration of many fitness fans. You should set a budget for any special strength training equipment you plan on purchasing to avoid a financial burden. You’ll know what’s available once you’ve evaluated your budget.


This aspect is really important too because you cannot buy a home gym if you do not have enough room for it. Even the most compact options require a certain amount of space.

Before going on a shopping spree, decide where you want the gym to be. Measure how much space you have exactly. Keep in mind that you will also need to maneuver the equipment.


Before purchasing a compact home gym, you should assess your goals. Ask yourself why you want to buy a home gym. How will it help you? Knowing what you want to achieve by purchasing commercial fitness equipment for your house or apartment will give you a better view of what to get.

Personal Needs

Assess your needs when it comes to working out and getting into shape. Which muscles need the most work and what type of equipment will best help you achieve improvement? You should know what you want and need before shopping and getting talked into a machine that won’t do you much good.


Using a compact home gym involves working with a heavy-duty system that may weigh several hundred pounds. Plus, it includes extremely heavy weights.

That being said, you need to look for a home gym that is stable and reliable. Preferably, it needs to come with a strong base that can take a serious beating. You will have peace of mind knowing that your home gym will support you throughout your workouts.


Different people prefer different ways of working out.

 Compact Home Gyms

The best compact home gym should be capable of accommodating you in any situation. This is why you should choose a gym that is easy to adjust. How to recognize the “right” gym?

Remember that a home gym should accommodate to you, not to cause you to adapt to it. A home gym that makes you change the method you work out is a wrong one. The right choice is the one that gives you the freedom to customize your workout according to your personal needs.


Versatility is considered to be one of the key factors when looking for a compact home gym. Your home gym should allow you to run various muscle-building and cardio-training exercises.

In addition, it should target all the major muscle groups, such as pecs, calves, lateral muscles, hamstrings, and deltoids. This allows for a full body workout. The best ones even include basic rowing gears with a manual transmission.

Finding The Right Equipment

Now that we’ve covered the most important aspects, you can start looking for the best home gym for you.

 Compact Home Gyms

Reading product reviews online to find out what ratings each option has will help you find one that meets your basic standards of cost, design, space, and needs.

Reviews like this one prove helpful because they clarify the various aspects and pluses and minuses of the machine. Apart from searching online, you could visit a physical sporting goods store. Always be armed with information so you aren’t swayed by a particularly crafty salesperson.

This is likely to occur because big discounts on machines can tempt one to buy even if the machine does not meet his needs. Shopping online may be the better option because the prices are often better than in the physical store. Also, shipping won’t be an issue – the gym will arrive at your door.


Once you have bought your new home gym, you might also consider purchasing some accessories to facilitate your workout and enable you to get the biggest benefits out of your exercise routine. These extras include free weights and stability balls, among others. They won’t take up much additional room.

Compact Home Gym Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why Use a Compact Home Gym?

A: One of the main reasons why most people don’t exercise regularly is that they can’t set aside some time each day for the gym. For those people, compact home gyms are an excellent solution. In fact, these gyms are ideal for those who can’t afford to go to a gym regularly but still want to keep fit or get in shape.

They can reap the benefits of using a compact gym at home. Compact home gyms offer a lot of advantages like losing body fat while gaining muscle. Additionally, these machines are compact, convenient, versatile, and cost-effective in the long run.

Q: Can a Compact Home Gym Help Me Build Muscle?

A: You can use a compact gym at home for bodybuilding without a doubt. Also, you will be able to train effectively in most cases. However, if you want to strengthen the major body muscles, make sure that your home gym is suited for muscle exercises that involve weight lifting.

It’s advisable to combine these exercises with aerobic training for best results. This way you will gain muscle mass and burn fat mass at the same time.

Q: How Small Should a Compact Home Gym Be?

A: Even if you have a very small house or a tiny apartment, you can still make a gym out there. The key is to utilize space in a small room with careful planning. However, you also need to use the right fitness equipment that can support your workouts.

This is where compact home gyms come in handy. Look for a gym with a small footprint that can support a variety of exercises. As for the dimensions, anything smaller than 100″ (L) x 80″ (W) x 90″ (H) would be great.

Ready To Buy The Best Compact Home Gyms?

We’ve discovered the best five compact home gyms that meet all of the above criteria and reviewed them based on features, advantages, and disadvantages.

 Compact Home Gyms

Our choices have the best ratings and are the most impressive overall. We hope you enjoyed our list of the 5 best compact home gyms. Each of the machines reviewed here will suit your workout needs.


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