Perfect vision is hard to come by, with most people having some type of correction to their vision to achieve typical daily functions. Glasses aren’t practical for most people’s chaotic on-the-go lifestyle. 

Most of the time, we forget where we put them or, worse, sit on them because we forgot where we put them. Plus, clear, clean lenses are virtually impossible with smudges, an almost permanent badge of moving the lenses up on the nose where they belong.

Fortunately, contact lenses offer a respite from glasses when these become too great of a burden.

The soft lens is much more comfortable than the hard lenses from decades past, but they still need some adjustment for the new wearer who hopes to invest in their favorite colored lenses online.

It’s normal when wearing lenses for the first time to have symptoms. Trusted brands online like not only provide high-quality colored lenses following optometrist prescriptions, but they can advise on adjusting the lenses to correct possible symptomatology. It’s important to follow instructions to avoid damage to the eye.

Symptoms Associated With Adjusting To New Contacts

The idea of moving away from glasses to a more practical, perhaps glamorous, solution of colored contact lenses is exciting for many people.

Contacts allow a freedom that glasses cannot, yet still provide the corrections to your vision. Plus, there are options for color if you desire to alter the shade of your eyes. 

Many individuals with impaired vision opt for contacts. Still, it can take some time to adjust to the devices when first obtaining them. Reputable online suppliers are exceptionally helpful with advice on placement and adjusting.

The eye merely needs some time to figure out what to do with this new object taking up some of its precious space. Some symptoms you might notice in the beginning include:

A lens that tends to wander

The devices need a brief adjustment period during which they have some tendency to move with the natural fluids in the eye. If these are well-fitted, the shape will ultimately adjust to the form of the eye after only a brief period.

Another reason a contact will move around is due to astigmatism. A “toric lens” has the potential for astigmatism correction, although possibly clouding or blurring the vision if there’s much movement. With some blinks or eye drops, you can relieve the symptoms.

An issue with tearing up

When you place a contact in your eye, it’s a foreign object. Despite the fact these mean to benefit your vision, there will still be a reaction as if it were a particle interfering. That means it will produce tears to flush the object out.

Those who invest in makeup would be wise to choose waterproof varieties to prevent running, like what happens with mascara.

Otherwise, it will be just a matter of time until the effects wear off. The eyes will grow familiar with the new presence, and tears will no longer develop. Learn how to place contact lenses at

The development of dryness

After a day of wearing contacts, the eyes can become dry and somewhat irritated. Especially susceptible are those new to the devices whose eyes could become red and itchy due to reduced moisture.

Speak with a pharmacist or the doctor to learn which eye drops are best for use with these devices before searching for an over-the-counter option to help with the irritation. Not all are appropriate for lenses.

A tear in the lenses

Once the eyes grow itchy and red, the first instinct is to rub them. That’s not an issue if you’re wearing glasses, but with a contact, you can’t put your hands or fingers around your eyes with the lenses in place without the potential for causing damage like a tear.

A lens that tears can create instant discomfort, further making the area red and irritated. It’s wise to always have an additional set of devices with you in the instance a pair becomes damaged. That way, you can change them out right away.

Losing one of your contacts

At the most inopportune moment, a lens could inadvertently fall out. Those new to wearing the devices often drop them when attempting to place them, or one will pop out while rubbing at itchy eyes.

It takes time to get the hang of taking them in and out, so you might want to be prepared to lose a few. It’s good to have spare pairs around with the knowledge some will disappear.


Eye fatigue is something many people deal with due to staring at computer screens for relatively extended periods. Still, contacts have the potential to make the situation worse at first for those new to them.

It’s wise to gradually grow into wearing your contacts over some time to the point where you’re wearing them full time and not do so all at once.

Start for a couple of hours each day until your eyes start to adjust. If your eyes grow irritated or dry, put in the drops recommended to you by the doctor, switching out the contacts for glasses to give your eyes a break.

Final Thought

Ordering colored contact lenses online or through your optometrist is a relatively popular trend. These can enhance the natural color of your eyes or use a different color to give you a little change.

Whether you choose these as your option or traditional contacts, you’ll have an adjustment period for your eyes to acclimate to these foreign objects situating themselves in the eye’s space.

That will generally result in a few symptoms, some of which we suggest here. The primary thing to note is to gradually work your way into wearing the lenses on a full-time basis; don’t do so as soon as you get them.  

At first, you should merely wear them for a couple of hours in a day and then take them out for a break until the next day.

At that point, you can try a little longer. But don’t let them in if your eyes become irritated; remove them and soothe each eye with drops recommended by the optometrist. Adjusting shouldn’t take an extended period. It’ll be a relatively short process.


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