18 Best Christmas Gifts for Dad [Young & Old]

Christmas is coming, and families everywhere will face the challenge of finding the right gift for dad. Shopping for dads is notoriously tough.

Dads typically don’t offer many clues about what they want, and it’s hard to get any opinions out of them when you offer hints about what you’re thinking of buying. Usually, they’re busy taking care of everyone else in the family making sure Christmas goes off without a hitch.

Don’t pull your hair out obsessing over what dad might like for Christmas this year. Indeed, getting him a great gift shouldn’t be a guessing game. There are some great present ideas out there that will make this holiday season he’ll remember forever.

Best Christmas Gifts for Dad

1.The Amazon Echo Show 5

If there’s anything we know about dads, it’s that they love cool gadgets. Amazon’s been pumping out updates to its Echo line every year since it launched, and this year’s no exception.

The Echo Show 5 is more affordable than its predecessor and comes with a small 5.5-inch display that’s sleek and nondescript.

They fit nicely on an office desk or bedside table. Dads will love the fact they can tell them commutes, a news summary and video call with family members.

2.Philips Norelco Multigroom  

Dads don’t mind letting the beard grow out a bit, but most significant others loathe facial hair. A lot of dads shave regularly to keep loved ones happy and look semi-put together for work. However, that doesn’t they like it.

The Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 7000 is one of the most popular men’s grooming kits for sale. Yes, Philips has come out with newer product lines targeting men, but the reviews are nowhere near as good as on the Series 7000. Go with the tried and true product this Christmas. 

Beard Grooming Kit
Usually, beard kits include a shampoo, beard conditioner, comb, balm, oil, and trimming tools. This can be a perfect gift to bearded dads or to dads who want to grow a beard

3.Ice Ball Maker  

Being a dad’s stressful, so taking the edge of on occasion should be a lovely experience. They also love to impress the company with a great cocktail.

The Samuelworld Large Sphere Ice Tray makes perfect 2.5-inch ice balls ideal for elevating evening drinks with friends, or while he’s watching the game.

4.A Luxury Bathrobe 

A high-end plush bathrobe is something dad would never buy for himself. Give him one as a gift, though, and it’ll be hard to get him out of it.

Bathrobes come in a lot of different materials, so you’ll need to know a bit about dad’s preferences.

Whether he likes lightweight cotton, fleece, wool, or smooth silk, there’s something for everyone at different price points. 

5.Yeti Tundra 35 Cooler 

Even if dad goes camping once a year and works a white-collar job behind a desk every day, most fathers love to pretend they’re mountain men ready for the apocalypse.

Yeti makes high-end outdoor gear including coolers, water bottles, clothing and other gear for every man who aspires to be more rugged.

6.Apple AirPods  

AirPods are the tech gadget most dads would love to have but can’t talk themselves into buying. However, they’ll be over the moon if someone else gifts them a pair.

So many dads report not being able to justify their price until they put them in for the first time. AirPods make using the phone for calls, podcasts, music or watching videos so much more enjoyable.

7.Tile Sport  

If you have a dad, you’re probably constantly reminding them where they put their keys, their phone, or their bags.

Tile Sport is a tiny square-shaped locator device that can fit on a keychain or inside a backpack.

New updates make it so pushing on the tile will make your phone starts to ring on silent so you can hear it buzzing as you search for it. 

8.Some Decent Kicks 

Your dad can probably remember the days he lived for a nice new pair of tennis shoes to sport around school or after work.

These days, though, he’s probably been wearing the same pair of ratty shoes for years.

Buy dad a nice pair of cool shoes this Christmas to up his style game and bring a smile to his face remembering when he was cool. Skip the monarchs and go for something like a pair of Nike Huaraches. 

9.A New Work Bag 

Just like their shoes, dads love to get maximum mileage out of work bags. Surprise him with a brand-new genuine leather messenger bag. It’ll up his cred at work and put some swagger in his step. 

10.Filson Toiletry Bag  

Dads who travel for work love to optimize. They hate checking bags and they love saving time. Help out with both by getting him a Filson men’s travel kit this Christmas.

No doubt, it’ll be a huge upgrade over the Ziploc bag a lot of dads use for their toiletries, and he may even get a nod of approval for style from a TSA agent. 

11.Some Ray-Bans  

Nice sunglasses seem frivolous until you’ve tried them on. Stop your dad from wearing cheap gas station shades and get him a pair of Ray-Ban Clubmaster, Aviator or Wayfarer glasses.

He’ll feel like a movie star driving the kids to soccer practice. Ray-Bans are high-quality sunglasses with 100% UV protection and durable acetate frames. 

12.Timberland Bardstown Plain Toe Chukka Boot 

Don’t let dad keep wearing worn-out tennis shoes out on the weekend. This Christmas get him a pair of nice chukka boots that will elevate his style and keep things casual at the same time.

Timberland makes a great pair with their Bardstown line. Watch out, these shoes aren’t cheap, but they look the part.

13.Cashmere Crew Sweater  

Only the most fashion-savvy dad buys himself cashmere. A lot of dads won’t even know what it is. Buy him a heavyweight cashmere crew sweater and he won’t take it off.

Amazon sells a bunch of them, including their own branded sweater. He’ll love it because it’s so soft and perfect for winter. 

14.Down Alternative Comforter  

A luxurious alternative down comforter will make sleeping even more of a treat for dad this Christmas.

Utopia sells a line of comforters online that has incredible reviews and will make laying down in bed feel like he’s sleeping on a cloud. 

15.G3 Percussive Therapy Device 

Things stop working and start hurting the older dads get. As a result, moving around and exercising can take its toll. The G3 Percussive Therapy Device, however, is a great handheld device that gives deep tissue massages to keep the body in good shape. 

16.Joule Sous Vide 

When dad cooks, he wants to go all out. Most dads love to barbeque on the weekends or cook a feast before a game.

Help dad raise his cooking game with a Joul Sous Vide. Sous Vide devices cook meats in a warm water bath over hours for intense flavors and perfect textures. Joul comes with a great app that you can control while you’re out of the house. 

17.Away Carry-On 

If dad has to travel for work, then splurge this Christmas and buy him the Away carry-on. Recently, Away travel bags have become very popular because they’re priced right, are lightweight, and have a battery for phones that ejects for when you go through security. 

18.Nest Learning Thermostat 

If you don’t have one already, think about getting dad a Nest thermostat this year. Nest allows people to central air from anywhere.

You can program it based on time or geolocation. Dads love keeping an eye on the thermostat, so make it more fun by getting him a Nest.