10 Best Big Skinny Wallets for Men & WomenSo, what’s the secret behind Big Skinny’s amazing lightweight design?

They use a nylon micro-fiber material that allows the wallets both to hold more without becoming overstuffed and to fit comfortably in your purse or pants.

 Well, here are the 10 best wallets for men and women from Big Skinny Wallets that will wow you.

1. Tri-fold Wallet

This is the thinnest tri-fold wallet you’ll find on the market. If you read the hundreds of raving, 5-star reviews, you’ll see why.

Four roomy, extra-wide credit card pockets hold 20 to 25 plastic cards.  There’s also full-size billfold area inside!


  • full-size billfold area
  • 4 extra-wide credit card pockets
  • 1 extra-wide clear ID/credit card pocket
  • 2 oversized hidden storage pockets
  • dimensions: 3″ wide x 4⅛” tall (7.7 cm x 10.5 cm)
  • 3/16″ (5 mm) thin when closed!

#2 L-Shape Wallet

As the name implies, the L-shaped wallet looks like the letter L when fully opened. Is it a tri-fold? Is it a bi-fold?

Nobody knows! This clever design incorporates all the best features from the most popular wallet styles. 

The wallet opens once to reveal 2 ID windows and a handful of credit card slots.

It opens again to reveal even more credit card slots that are perfect for stashing all manners of plastic, including health insurance cards and store loyalty cards.


  • Full-size extra-tall billfold area
  • 5 extra-wide credit card pockets
  • 2 extra-wide clear ID/credit card pocket
  • 2 oversized hidden storage pockets
  • Dimensions: 4⅓ wide x 3¼ tall (11.2 cm x 8.3 cm)
  • Only ¼ (6 mm) thin when empty!

#3 Money Clip Wallet with Magnet

The minimalist lifestyle is simple, streamlined and stress free. Extending the minimalist approach to your wallet can help you tone down the intensity of daily life.

It is designed with a metal-free money clip so the pockets on your trousers won’t tear! That keeps a slim profile unlike those metal money clip wallet versions.

Strong magnetic clip can hold a lot; card pockets are extra-wide as usual so you can fit a decent amount but not too much. You want to keep you wallet minimalist status right?


  • magnetic money clip- holds at least 20 folded bills securely
  • 3 card pockets hold 3 thick plastic cards each
  • clear ID pocket with thumb hole holds an additional 3 plastic cards
  • dimensions: 418” wide x 3″ tall (10.4 cm x 8 cm)
  • only 38” (4 mm) thin when empty!

#4 Traveler Wallet

This is the world’s skinniest travel passport case and wallet. It is a smart way to explore the planet. It’s super thin and extra roomy to hold all your travel documents, cash, and plastic cards.

Plus, there’s extra space for the photographs and oversized foreign currency you’ll collect along the way!

The traveler wallet will hold several passports in case you’re traveling as an international spy with multiple identities. This passport case/wallet can take it.

What would Bond carry? Definitely this wallet.


  • 2 clear ID pocket with thumb-hole holds about 3 plastic cards
  • 4 extra-wide pockets hold about 3-4 plastic cards each
  • 1 large extra deep paper money compartment good for storage & more
  • 1 deep paper money compartment for everyday use & all size international paper currencies
  • 1 passport storage compartment. Can accommodate 2 additional passports in the billfold
  • 1 exterior zippered change pocket
  • only ⅛” (4 mm) thin when empty!

#5 New Yorker Wallet

For some reason, New Yorkers seem to have so many more cards for their wallet. The New Yorker Wallet is specially designed with more slots for all those cards. 

For you folks that like folding money and tucking it into a pocket, you won’t be disappointed either. This wallet holds about 24 thick plastic cards including that NYC metro card.


  • 2 clear ID pockets with thumb holes hold about 3 plastic cards each
  • 6 extra-wide pockets hold about 3 plastic cards each
  • made from durable, light-weight, water-resistant, nylon micro-fiber
  • dimensions: 4″ wide by 3″ tall (5.1 cm x 6.8 cm)
  • only ¼” (6 mm) thin when closed!

#6 Plus Sized MyPhone Wallet with Wristlet

The plus-sized MyPhone wallet holds your smart phone and all the usual essentials that you tuck into a wallet. Except, ours holds so much more.

This slim, lightweight smart card holder and wallet is a best buy for men and women who want to secure their smart phones. 

The plus-size holder is big enough for most smartphones and cases. Just use the measurement feature to make sure your phone and case are a perfect fit.


  • zippered coin compartment on front Zipper pull can accommodate wrist strap
  • 6 pockets hold 1-2 plastic cards each two clear ID pockets holds about 3 plastic cards 
  • constructed of our proprietary durable, water-resistant, nylon micro-fiber
  •  Dimensions- Wallet: 6 1/8″ x 4 1/8″ (15.6 cm x 10.5cm)
  •  Cell Phone Pocket: 6 1/8″ x 3 3/4″ (15.6cm x 9.5cm) Wristlet!

#7 Slimvelope Trifold Wallet 

Women around the world are falling in love with the slim, elegant Slimvelope wallet. Will it replace the man in your life?

We hope not, even though it’s good-looking and extremely functional. Order yours in green, red, ocean blue, cornflower blue or our popular graphite cobble pattern.


  • 2 checkbook sized billfolds
  • 2 clear plastic ID pockets
  • 8 extra wide card pockets, holds 3-5 cards each
  • full size zippered pocket on the exterior
  • magnetic snap closure
  • 7.5 x 4 x 0.27 inches (19 x 10 x 0.69 cm)

#8 Leather Taxicat Bi-fold Wallet

Inspired by the demanding pace & size constraints of big city living, this wallet screams compact yet is fully functional.

With a rounded end, this wallet’s curviness makes it fit more comfortably in any size or shaped pocket. 

It is thin wallet features plenty of card pockets, a billfold area and magnetic enclosure. It has a little change compartment on the outside. so it’s easy to mete out coins the conveniences of modern city life. 


  • top-grain, cowhide leather exterior with a thin nylon, micro-fiber interior
  • 1 extra-wide interior clear ID pocket
  • 1 exterior zippered coin pocket
  • 3 extra-wide credit card pockets
  • 2 extra-wide extra-deep credit card storage pockets
  • only ⅓” (7 mm) thin when closed!

#9 Panther Clutch

The Panther clutch from Big Skinny is a combination wallet and handbag.  This piece will secure all your essentials without the weight of your current shoulder bag. 

The Panther is only a half-inch thick when closed. Love is the favorite word used by customers sending in their rave reviews for this ultra-thin clutch! 

It’s pretty enough for date night, too, in a sleek tuxedo black or our favorite – electric purple. A zippered inside coin purse was added for convenient access.

The zippered outside closure means extra security.


  • 2 general billfold/checkbook areas
  • 2 extra wide gusseted storage areas
  • 6 extra-wide credit card pockets
  • 2 extra-wide & extra-short clear ID/credit card pockets
  • 1 interior large zippered coin pocket

#10 The Executive Phone Wallet

The Executive Phone Wallet is our basic “carries everything” wallet. If everything you carry won’t fit in this wallet, you’re carrying too much and it’s time to downsize. 

The Executive Phone Wallet has a host of features, including 2 ID pockets and plenty of credit card slots. The wallet can hold up to 30 plastic cards and a ton of cash.

There’s even a divider in the billfold section, creating 2 pockets for money, checks, foreign bills or more.

 In addition to all of the amazing features, this wallet is made with high-quality materials. It comes in several colors to match your purse or personality.

It’s incredibly thin and lightweight, but has plenty of room to organize all of life’s essentials.


  • 12 card pockets can hold 30+ cards
  • 2 ID pockets can hold 3-5 cards each
  • 2 extra wide billfold areas can accommodate foreign currency, a checkbook, a passport, even a plane ticket
  • Exterior zippered pocket with gusset for change
  • Cell phone pocket on reverse holds phone in securely with elasticized strap [space in pocket for most cell phones, even with its case on]

Final Advice

Everybody wishes a good a wallet that will scream elegance when removed in public. However, this comes at a cost.

You have to consider size, durability and value for money. I would highly recommend you to try any of the above wallets. You don’t have to worry about anything, all wallets problems have been solved by Big Skinny!


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