Best Adult Tricycles For FitnessAdults Tricycles are more than just a fun way to commute; they can offer you low-impact cardio workouts as well. Other models come with cargo baskets that you may use to carry your belongings. However, buying a trike is going to cost you a considerable amount of money, so you need to be careful in choosing one.

With so many tricycle models to choose from, this can be a daunting task; especially for beginners. To end up buying the right trike for your needs, there are several considerations that you have to make (Source).

It is obvious that you want a model that is aesthetically appealing, but you also need to get one that is stable, comfortable, and of the right type.

Best Adult Tricycles

1. Schwinn Meridian Adult 3-Wheel Bike – Best Overall Adult Tricycle

The Meridian Adult tricycle by Schwinn is one of the most favorite 3-wheeled bikes in America today.

This may be attributed to its appealing design alongside an assortment of impressive features. This full-size, single speed trike is also comfortable to ride around even over long distances.

With regards to design, the Meridian Adult 3-wheeler features sweep-back handlebars and a low-profile aluminum frame. The sweep-back handlebars allow you to ride your trike in a relaxed, upright posture to reduce fatigue.

Meanwhile, the use of aluminum to make the frame makes the bike lightweight. As such, you will find it easy to balance and peddle the bike over long distances.

Additionally, the stylish wrap faders used on the trike will keep you dry and clean as you ride, too. The trike is equipped with 26-inch wheels that are lightweight and easy to roll over obstacles.

Moreover, this tricycle for adults also comes with a folding basket for storing some of your must-bring items.


  • Features an aluminum low profile frame
  • Comes with 26-inch alloy rims
  • Equipped with a cruiser saddle that has a pad spring
  • Stainless steel spokes
  • Comes with a folding basket at the back
  • Efficient linear pull brakes
  • Relatively lightweight


  • It has a single speed gear system

2. Razor DXT Drift Trike – Best Tricycle Below $150

Are you looking for an innovative option that is packed with a horde of functional and convenient features?

Despite its low price, the Razor DTX Drift Trike is the innovative, quality, stable, and comfortable solution you are looking for. This trike is specifically designed to offer you thrills and reliability in a single package.

This full-frame trike features a moto design and is equipped with 10-inch slick surface wheels on its rear end. Meanwhile, for its front, the trike uses a 20-inch Pneumatic Front Wheel.


  • Alloy V-brakes at the front
  • Moto-styled handlebars
  • Steel welded, 2-piece frame
  • Alloy crank
  • 2-position adjustable bucket seat
  • Rubber Pro-style grips


  • Not ideal for old people

3. Mobo Triton Pro Tricycle – Best Recumbent Tricycle

The Mobo Triton pro trike is one of the few trikes that were designed to offer distinguished rides and extraordinary experience.

It is the rugged, low sportier chassis design that will first draw your attention to this trike. The visual appeal of the unit is further enhanced by its notable dual-joystick steering system.

Alongside that, the manufacturer also used a free-wheel mechanism which makes the trike very maneuverable with minimal elbow, hand, and wrist pressure.

Additionally, the recumbent seat on this bike will offer enough support for your bike as you ride. Hence, this trike is recommended for riders between 4 feet to 6 feet and 3 inches tall.


  • Ideal for low-impact exercises
  • Features a durable steel frame
  • Can support up to 250 lbs
  • Offers a low center of gravity
  • Equipped with a dual joystick steering system
  • Offers optimal stability
  • Features a recumbent design
  • Adjustable height


  • Relatively hard to assemble

4. Schwinn Hampton 26-Inch Tricycle – The Best 26-Inch Tricycle

Among the most desirable aspects of the Schwann Hampton trike is its 26-inch wheels.

The large diameter makes the wheels easy to turn even over obstacles. Additionally, these wheels are attached to a 16-inch aluminum frame which makes the trike lightweight and easy to maneuver.

Similarly, the frame size, along with the step-through design used on the trike, makes it easier for you to mount off and on your tricycle. The bike is equipped with swept-back handlebars to give you a relaxed riding posture as well.

Meanwhile, the saddle used on this trike is comfortable and features quick release adjustment.


  • Comes with a fold-in basket
  • Features an aluminum frame
  • Features a comfortable cruise style
  • Aesthetically appealing
  • Equipped with 26-inch wheels


  • It is a single speed trike

5. Worksman WTX Wide Tracking Adult Trike – The Best Trike for Therapeutic Exercises

What about an adult trike that has a design of a kid’s trike?

If you are looking for a bare or simple design in your adult trike, this is one of the bikes you should consider buying today.

In this regard, the pedals of this trike are attached directly to the front wheel—just as is the case in a kid’s trike; giving you exceptional control over your trike.

Since the pedals turn whenever the front wheel turns, they also serve as the braking system. To stop the trike, you only need to pedal in a reverse direction.

Hence, this is the best tricycle for adults with disabilities that require motion training or physical therapy.


  • Made in the USA
  • Features large air tires
  • Comes with a comfortable Lycra-covered, wide seat
  • Can support up to 250 pounds
  • Features a direct drive system
  • Relatively easy to assemble
  • Equipped with linear pull brakes
  • Features an upright handlebar


  • Not suitable for older people

Things You Must Know Before Buying an Adult Tricycle

As opposed to olden days, tricycles are not only meant for the handicapped today. As a matter of fact, trikes are relatively popular among seniors and bloomers today.

Buying an Adult Tricycle

Most of the tricycle models available today feature a ‘step through’ design, which makes them easy to mount and dismount. While the various tricycle models seem to have a similar design, they are not the same.

If you are in the market for a new trike, these considerations will help you make the right choice:

1. Tricycle Design

Basically, all tricycles have one feature in common: they all have three wheels. However, these products differ in one way or another when it comes to design. The various trikes available today may be categorized into five main types.

  • Recumbent Tricycles

Recumbent trikes are mainly distinguished by their elongated frames and relatively low profile. As a result, you have to assume a reclined posture with the legs stretched forward while riding these trikes. This bike is said to be good for workouts and is easier on your back as well.

Hence, if you are going for long distance rides, the recumbent design will be a great choice.

  • Upright Trikes

Meanwhile, this type of tricycle is most suited for running errands. Its design leaves a considerable amount of space for a cargo basket and is a great way of exercising your lower and upper body.

Most of the tricycles within this category come with either a three-speed or a single speed gear option.

  • Tandem Tricycles

These are tricycles that are designed for two: with the two seats side by side, or one in front and the other behind the first seat. As a result, these trikes are a great choice for leisure outings with a family member or friend. While many riders think that tandem trikes take up more storage space, they require less space than two solo bike models.

  • Folding Trikes

If you do not have much storage space for a trike in your home, it is advisable to buy one that requires minimal storage space. As the name suggests, folding trikes have a frame that is designed to fold up.

2. Should You Buy an Electronic Trike?

With an electric tricycle, things get a little bit easier and more comfortable. While the various electronic trike models are comparatively expensive, they do not require effort to run.

However, most of these trikes are hybrids; they come with an electric motor as well as pedals. With an electric trike, you only need to charge it, get seated, and activate the electric motor.

This makes them ideal for steep inclines or long-distance rides. The electric motor, in this case, will give you a power boost whenever you want to break from pedaling.

3. Do You Have Mobility Problems?

You probably are aware that not just any tricycle is good for people with mobility issues. If you are handicapped, it is advisable to go for an upright trike as opposed to the other designs. Opting for a recumbent trike when you have mobility issues is not a smart choice. In such a case, you will have problems balancing your body on the trike. This could worsen your mobility problems.

4. Stability and Comfort

Although the 3-wheel design of trikes make them stable, you need to choose one that is more stable. Generally, the various upright tricycle models are known to be more stable than recumbent models. Again, you are going to need a kickstand to hold the trike up once you have dismounted it.

Similarly, with regards to comfort, you need to consider what you really need. For instance, are you looking for a trike to work out your body or for a comfortable ride?

Ready To Buy The Best Adult Tricycle?

Your choice of the right tricycle should not be solely influenced by its aesthetics.

Buying an Adult Tricycle

In addition to its aesthetical appeal, your preferred trike model should be maneuverable, stable, comfortable, durable, and have the features you need.

If you have some mobility issues and are looking for a trike that will offer you therapeutic exercises, the Worksman WTX Wide Tracking Adult Trike is your friend This bike may not have an appealing design, but it will offer you the workouts you need to regain mobility.

However, if you are looking for an affordable option that is trendy and has the features you need for a comfortable ride, consider buying the Razor DXT Drift Trike. It is not the cheapest option in the market, but it is packed with an array of convenient and efficient features.

As you can see, the choice of the right trike does not have to be that hard. Which one is your favorite? Share with us below! 

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