The Best Accessories to Complete Your Outfit

When it comes to a night out or even just a day at work, you want to look your best. While your outfit may be fine on its own, you can always dress it up (or down) with the right accessories.

Accessories may seem like a side thought, but they can complete your outfit if you know what to choose. Take your new dress to a whole new level with a large hat or dress up your t-shirt and jeans with some stylish shoes. It’s all about what you add.

Not sure where to start or what accessories to use when? Here’s a list of some of the best accessories you can choose.


Scarves come in all sorts of prints, styles, and materials which can make choosing one a bit of a nightmare. If you know what scarves work best for which occasion, however, the task becomes infinitely easier.

Printed silk scarves make a great hair accessory, believe it or not. Tie it in with your braid or wrap it around a messy bun. Additionally, you can also tie it loosely around your head like some of history’s most iconic fashionistas. Headscarves can be from any material and still look great.

#2. Statement Necklaces

Statement necklaces can totally change the feel of your outfit. If you want to dress up an old t-shirt, adding a bold necklace or layering on several smaller necklaces can make your outfit look much more put together and fashionable. 

Statement necklaces can be expensive, but they don’t have to be. You can find cute and affordable necklaces on Amazon or Etsy fairly easily. If you’d rather not spend more money, though, just layer a few necklaces you do have. It’ll have the same effect.

#3. Colored Flats

Perhaps your outfit is one color. Add a pop of color with some cute flats. While this may not pass for a formal or black-tie event, wearing colorful flats can make your outfit look more fun, yet still classy.

Again, if you’re a fan of t-shirts and jeans, colored flats can dress up your outfit. Instead of reaching for some sneakers, grab a pair of fun ballet flats and see how it changes your outfit from plain to stylish with the snap of your fingers!

#4. Large Hats

If you’re heading outside for the day, why not reach for a hat? Fortunately, hats come in adjustable fits. There are oversized hats available so you can find one even if you have a larger head or fuller hairstyle.

All styles of hats are quickly becoming a hot item in fashion, so it’s time for you to get on board and join in! From casual outfits to formal attire, hats can pull your whole look together and add something special. Hats are great for any occasion and as long as you know where to look, you can find one that fits your style and is affordable!

#5. Rings

You don’t have to be engaged or married to add rings to your outfit. In fact, adding some chunky rings or stacking on multiple can make for a super cute look. You can wear rings with other jewelry as well such as necklaces or bracelets, but if you’re not feeling up for it, rings also look great on their own.

Rings are great because they work no matter what color you’re wearing! You can pile on all your favorites and know that they’ll look good with your outfit no matter what. They’re a very quick and easy way to add to your outfit. You can also opt for unique vintage rings that are timeless and intricate in design. They might be small and not as noticeable as other accessories, but rings certainly add a different flair to any outfit.

#6. Belts

If you’re wearing a dress, adding a thick belt can both complete your outfit and add to your silhouette. In the past, thin belts have been the go-to, but fashion is starting to shift towards thicker belts these days.

Belts can help accentuate your waistline. With the right belt, you can turn a casual dress into something a bit classier and vice versa. If you aren’t sure what color belt to get, black or gold are usually the most popular choices.

#7. Statement Earrings

Just like statement necklaces, statement earrings are a fun way to complete your outfit without having to buy something new. If you already have your ears pierced, then you probably have a bit of a collection of earrings that will work really well.

Statement earrings are usually big and bold. You can use anything from big hoops to chunky studs. Big earrings are in these days, so don’t worry about looking out of place. Just make sure your earrings aren’t too heavy as to hurt your ears or your cute accessory may turn into a painful nuisance.

#8. Handbags

Handbags are a classic and there’s no question about why. With the right handbag, you can give a whole new meaning to your outfit. Plus, they make it easy to take all your things with you when you go out. 

In the past, it’s been popular to match your handbag to your shoes. As can be expected, though, that trend is changing. Nowadays, choosing a handbag that contrasts your outfit is much more common. If you still prefer to match your shoes and handbag, though, rest assured that you won’t be the only one.

If you aren’t sure how to style a handbag with your outfit, Fashion Magazine has some advice for you. They give some great tips on how to choose a handbag if you’ve never bought one before and some of the stylists go as far as to mention when you should choose which bag.

Keep it Classy

Accessories can be so much fun once you know how to play with them. You aren’t limited to one or the other, either. Mix and match your favorite accessories for a totally unique look each time. 

Since accessories are so flexible, you can adjust your go-to accessories to match each season so you’re never without them! As long as you know what to add and when you’ll never feel over or underdressed.