Moving up, moving out, or empty nesting? You may just find a luxury condo is the ideal fit for this next stage of your life. Whether you prefer a sleek loft in a trendy downtown neighbourhood or a more classic condo in the heart of the city, there is a luxury condominium niche that is perfect for you. 


Jumping into the luxury condo market is not for the faint of heart, with the recent real estate boom, prices are high, and getting higher. However, for those who can afford one of these extraordinary homes, the benefits are well worth the price. The best luxury condos for sale come with many features that you will find enticing.


If you are humming and hawing over entering this market, you may want to learn more the different advantages of luxury condos. Here is a list of awesome benefits to owning a high-end condominium home.


1. Amenities


Luxury condos, whether old or new, come with fabulous amenities. Newer condos have state-of-the-art gyms, modern movie viewing rooms, and fabulous rooftop greenspaces, especially in the larger cities. Both newer and older places are likely to have pools, coffee shops, and indoor parking. Before you begin your search, make a checklist of your preferred amenities to ensure you are getting everything you desire.


These amenities are entirely optional, so there is no pressure to use them if you don’t feel like it today. Best of all, these amenities are rarely too occupied. Unlike the local gym or the neighbourhood pool, you never have to worry that the amenities are packed with people. You can enjoy these luxury amenities in blissful solitude or gather a group of friends to enjoy the facilities together.


2. Worry-Free Travel


Snowbirds can head out for the entire winter, and adventurers can be off on a moment’s notice. Owning and living in a luxury condominium means never having to prepare your home for a trip away. No need to find someone to mow the lawn, collect the mail, or clear the sidewalk. You can head out of town with total piece of mind. Simply grab your luggage and lock your door and you’re off!


Many of the best luxury condos are conveniently located near convenient city amenities. From shopping malls to cinema complexes, these retail stores or entertainment facilities are often nearby, never too far away. In addition, these luxury condos are near essential services, such as the dentist’s office or the auto repair shop. Rest assured you will be situated at the heart and hub of the city!


3. No Maintenance


Imagine, no snow shoveling, no weeding, no worries about the roof and gutters. Living in a luxury condo means more time for the things you want to do. Your weekends are your own to spend on hobbies, shopping, entertainment, or whatever you desire. However, this maintenance-free existence doesn’t come without a cost. 


Almost all condos have a fee that each owner pays to keep the grounds kept, the pool clean, and the elevators running smoothly. It is important to budget in the condo fees when deciding on affordability. Fees vary greatly from a couple hundred of dollars a month to over a thousand. You don’t necessarily need to be afraid of looking at condominiums with large maintenance fees, just be wary. 


Quite often, when fees are exorbitantly high, it is because the building underwent a major repair. In most cases, the fees will come right back down after the repair has been paid in full. Conversely, don’t be fooled by low fees, especially in older condos. There could be major repair work coming down the pipes and you don’t want to be footing the bill for months or even years. 


Have a good look around and do your research. If necessary, hire a professional to inspect not only your place, but the complex as well.


4. Guest Suites & Party Rooms


The majority of high-end condominium complexes have two major perks that most buyers overlook, guest suites and party rooms. If you are moving from a large house into a smaller condo, these two benefits can be lifesavers. Friends and family from out-of-town can have a small suite all to themselves, which is an exceptionally important perk. 


If you have downsized to a one-bedroom unit. These costs of booking these guest suites are often included with your condo fees or are available at a nominal charge. 


Additionally, luxury condos often have beautiful party rooms, with kitchen facilities, dining tables, and amazing views. Gone are the days of stashing the party room in the basement. The latest and greatest condo buildings put the party room on a top floor, with floor to ceiling windows and a chic décor. 


Full-service kitchens with adequate prep room, come standard. Imagine hosting a wedding shower, or Christmas party in one of these fabulous party rooms, without even leaving your building.


5. Security


If feeling safe and secure is important to you, then this is a huge benefit. Condo buildings, especially luxury buildings, come with top-notch, modern security features. Not only can you expect cameras and digital entry systems, but many places also offer security guards and ground patrol. You may very well find that the serenity of a safe home is worth the extra money you’ll pay for a high-end condominium residence.


6. Convenience


The ultimate reason for buying a luxury condo Is wrapped up in convenience. Not only is it a maintenance-free lifestyle with access to a plethora of amenities and great security, but most luxury condos are also located in the heart of the action. Great restaurants, attractions, and shopping are usually nearby, meaning no need to worry about driving, traffic, and parking. 


The best buildings also hire a concierge who will provide such handy services as manning the door, collecting your parcels, or calling you a cab if the need arises. They can even water your plants while you’re away. The luxury condo experience is meant to be as comfortable for you as possible.


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