If you’re really into skincare, you may have heard of a newer phenomenon called the butt mask. If not, let’s get you up to speed. 

A butt mask is exactly what it sounds like: it’s like a face mask, but formulated specifically for your butt. With the rise of the popularity of the butt and the booty being the focus of Instagram models, new exercise fads, and specialized equipment just to strengthen and grow “the perfect booty”, it’s no surprise that it has now become the center of attention for new skincare products as well. 

Scrubs, creams and you guessed it, masks, have all made their way onto the scene with the promise of solving any skin problems you may have with your booty, but with so many products on the market, which one is right for you? More importantly, which ones are actually going to work?

Why Butt Mask?

You may be thinking to yourself, “why the heck would I need a butt mask?” and you wouldn’t be the first. But when you think about it, have you given your butt the attention it deserves? 

After all it has done for you; carrying you around all day, providing protection for the rest of your body from all those uncomfortable benches at sporting events and public transit, possibly enduring hundreds, maybe thousands of squats from that stint you had where you swore you were going to be the “daily gym person,” and even sitting on the couch bingeing your favorite TV series for the 10th time, doesn’t it deserve a little TLC? 

Many of us have never given our booty a second thought, but it’s time we start pampering that skin that covers the largest muscle in our body (and looks super cute in your favorite pair of undies.)

Which Butt Mask Really Works?

So you’ve decided to try this whole butt mask thing out, but how do you know which one is right for you? 

Butt masks work in similar ways that face masks do, so the style of mask that may work for a skin problem on your face will work for that same skin problem on your butt. A clay mask has been a go-to face mask for years, due to it’s naturally purifying and detoxifying abilities, and the same goes for the clay butt mask.

If you want something to tone, plump, and hydrate your booty that’s been looking a little dry or flaky, look for a sheet mask with collagen. For pesky acne that plagues many a backside, go for something with aloe leaf juice, which also has regenerative properties for your skin. 

Orange peel is a great exfoliant for uneven, bumpy skin. Blue algae and Goji Berry are both good at antioxidizing, to prevent cell damage from free radicals. If you have occasional skin irritation on your booty, try a mask with calming chamomile that also has antibacterial properties. 

There are even butt masks with CBD, which is both beautifying and soothing, for a more youthful-looking bum. Always go for natural ingredients, as they have less risk of causing irritation for more sensitive skin. As any face-mask-wearer knows, applying a mask can be a messy process, with valuable product not only getting on everything you touch but also wasted getting washed down the sink instead of staying on your face.  For mess-free, easy application, try using a butt mask that comes in a stick form. 

The next time you do your face mask, consider this: wouldn’t my butt appreciate and deserve the same treatment? The answer is always yes, and it’s never too late to start showing some love to your booty.


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