Nothing beats the fragrance of a wood-burning in your fireplace. It has such a warm and inviting atmosphere that it doesn’t have to be limited to cold nights. Having a roaring fire can make you feel at home. But, of course, if you’re going to have a fire, then you need firewood. You can purchase pre-cut or packed firewood, or you can chop it yourself.

It may be difficult and risky to cut wood. But if you know how to do it, it is as easy as pie. And it’s not only great exercise, but it also saves you money.

This article will provide guidelines to get you started cutting firewood safely and efficiently.

1.  Safety First

Accidents can occur. When you are dealing with wood, there is always the possibility of debris and splinters flying everywhere. So protective gear is imperative. Below we have listed the gear you will want to use to prevent yourself from getting hurt.


It’s essential to keep your eyes protected when you are cutting firewood. Flying debris can cause significant eye injuries. You can wear safety glasses to protect your eyes from dust and particles or safety goggles, which are more protective than glasses because they provide a shield around your eyes and block out particles coming at you directly, from the side, below, or above. 


Shards can fly directly toward or over you. A face shield works well to protect you from dust and particles.


If you use a chainsaw, the continuous loud noise can be harmful to your ears. Ear protectors are very effective and can be used for long periods.


To protect your hands from shards, wear good-quality gloves to make the job more comfortable. There are a variety of options available. All will work well; pick the one that is the most comfortable for you.


Wearing a safety helmet when working with wood is essential, especially if you are cutting down a tree or trimming branches. 


The majority of injuries experienced when cutting firewood happens below the waist. As a result, it’s critical to wear heavy-duty pants and foot protection.

Chaps are worn over your pants and fastened at the waist and around the legs. They are meant to protect your legs if they come into touch with your chainsaw. They are not cheap but are a good investment that will last a long time.

Boots Steel-toed boots contain support in the toe to protect your feet. 

Team Work

It’s not a good idea to cut firewood alone. If you have someone else there, one of you can go for help in case of an accident. But if you are alone, make sure you have a source of communication like a cell phone or a walkie-talkie to call someone if you get in trouble. 

2. Tools

The type of wood you are going to cut will determine the kind of tool you need.

When splitting smaller pieces of wood, an ax is an essential tool. It is easy to use and doesn’t require a lot of precision.

But if you are working with heavier wood, you’ll need more serious tools, like a quality wood splitter. This is a mechanical machine that places the wood in the machine and chops it for you. This is important for larger pieces.

Wedges help with felling trees, splitting logs, and cutting wood that is already on the ground. In addition, when cutting down a tree, a wedge will help it to land in the desired area.

A log jack is an effective tool for turning heavy wood and lifting it off the ground to be cut more efficiently and safely. In addition, it will prevent your chain and the bar from getting caught and bound up in the ground.

If you prefer to split logs by hand, a wedge and a maul are helpful. A metal wedge is inserted and then a sledgehammer is used to slam the wedge and split the log. Even the thickest log can be split using this method.

The chainsaw is the most commonly used tool for cutting wood and is the best tool for beginners. Chainsaws are available in a variety of styles, including gas or electric-powered. Some are quieter than others, while others offer extraordinary safety measures. Choose a chainsaw that is right for your skills.

3. Sharp

A blunt chainsaw is potentially more harmful than a sharp one since it opens you to blowback, which is extremely dangerous. Using a sharp chain lowers the chances of accidents. Before you cut wood, be sure to check the chainsaw’s sharpness to avoid the risk of problems.

4.   Season

To get high-quality firewood, make sure you buy it in advance because newly cut wood doesn’t burn well. Firewood that has been dried up for six months is best, depending on the type of wood. Unseasoned wood is harder to ignite and produces a lot more smoke than wood that has been dried out.

If you don’t have access to seasoned firewood, purchase new lumber as soon as the weather warms up. You can store it during summer and fall and let it dry; when the weather turns cold in the winter, it will be ready.

When you’re preparing to light your fireplace, you can’t use greenwood. The color of dried wood will be much lighter and gray.

5. Permit

You can cut down trees on your land, but what if your capacity is limited and you need firewood? You can cut trees for personal use in most forests, but you usually need a permit.

6. Overstack

To figure out what weights your truck can safely handle, see your vehicle’s manual. If you overburden your car, you may experience issues with steering, control, and braking. Reading the sign on the inside of the driver’s door will tell you how much your vehicle can carry.

Also, make sure you don’t make the mistake of cutting and storing all of your firewood before making sure it’s the right size. When you begin splitting the wood, cut one and use it as a measure for the rest. This will prevent problems.

Final Words

Cutting your own firewood is a fantastic way to save money and an important skill to have, especially in the winter. Splitting logs is not difficult if you have a continuous supply of wood, the right equipment, and a little practice. If you follow these tips and keep them in mind, you’ll be a pro in no time. 


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