Sometimes we just overlook the fact that the UK has one of the most beautiful coastlines. Sure we don’t have the climatic conditions compared to the Mediterranean, but our beaches are second to none. With a heap of beaches dotted all across the shorelines, you’ll be totally spoilt for choice on what to visit.

With the number of options available, the UK beaches are begging to be explored. So if you’re planning a getaway to a beach resort or want to take the whole family to one of the UK beach destinations, we have you covered.

However, before you head out if you are with family, it is important to be mindful of what essentials to carry for babies and children

So let’s stop babbling and get right to it. Here is a list of the top 5 beaches in the UK to add to your travel list: 

1. Bournemouth Beach, Dorset

Ranked as the fifth-best beach in Europe and 20th best globally, Bournemouth beach is famous for its 7 miles of golden sands and breathtaking view. You can enjoy some of the UK’s warmest sea temperatures here because it is blessed with its microclimate.

According to Jon Weaver, head of tourism at the Borough Council, the beach has a “Mediterranean feel”, and its “very short tidal length” makes it safe and pet-friendly.

This vast beach is provided with all the amenities and services you’d expect in a famous coastal town, including water sports, restaurants and ice-cream parlours, kids playgrounds, toilet facilities, and luxurious beach huts, which can be rented at a daily rate. 

2.Rhossili Bay, Swansea

Rhossili Bay is often shortlisted for the UK’s top 10 beaches due to its 3 miles of sun-bleached sands and spectacular view of the sea from the cliff tops. It also homes the famous National Trust cottage, the Old Rectory, and Worm Head, a local landmark. At low tide, the remains of Helvetia (a shipwreck in 1887) can be seen on the shore. 

The beach is ideal for surfers as it typically has high tides and powerful waves due to the Atlantic swell.

If you are curious about how and why waves break you can check it here

It’s also an excellent place for having walks, picnics, and building sandcastles due to its dog-friendly and family-friendly policy. 

3.Woolacombe Beach, Devon

Having the reputation of one of the best beaches in the UK, Woolacombe Beach is an ideal destination for people of all ages. The beach offers an abundance of activities for all age groups, and its family-friendly atmosphere is perfect for having picnics and peaceful walks along the shore.

Woolacombe Beach is a perfect spot for seasoned surfers to enjoy big and powerful waves due to the Atlantic swell. Moreover, it’s dog-friendly all year round, with a specific area for them from April to November. The 3-mile vast sandy beach is known for its superb water quality and cleanliness and is filled with several useful facilities.

4.Perranporth, Cornwall

Perranporth Beach is one of the largest unbroken sand-mass along the North Cornish coast. Although plenty of water and beach activities are offered, visitors tend to enjoy swimming, surfing, and snorkelling the most. For adventure and nature-loving people, there are many rock pools and caves to explore.  

A well-known beach café services the beach. It is also dog-friendly; however, new restrictions are enforced throughout the summer. Nevertheless, Perranporth is reputed for its safety, good water quality, and cleanliness. 

5.Barafundle Bay, Pembrokeshire

This amazingly scenic stretch of golden sand is a bit off the road thus, maintains a quiet and serene environment. It’s an ideal relaxing point for introverts due to its secluded location. The beach is also an incredible spot for family picnics and sand sculptures with appropriate conditions for paddling. Just be careful not to go too far!

The crescent-shaped Barafundle Bay with rows of pine trees and golden sand, the crystal clear water glittering in the sun gives major Caribbean vibes. 

The Art of Packing

It’s been a tough year for most of us. Remaining indoors has affected us in more ways than one. So, the thought of finally getting the chance to go out can create panic. But nothing to worry about if you just relax and carry out everything smoothly.

One thing that’s usually overlooked but plays a crucial role in making your trip comfortable and exciting is the skill to pack up for it. Your luggage should be lightweight and versatile, so it’s easy to carry and manage. Don’t pack too much stuff. You’re supposed to relax on your trip, not the other way round. 

Here is a list of essential items you’ll need to bring on your beach trip:

  • A luggage bag: For short trips, a duffel bag is a perfect choice due to its durability and luggage space. In contrast, a wheeled bag is more suitable for more extended vacations. 
  • Clothing items and accessories: Bathing suit, tank tops, shorts, pyjamas, hat/cap, sunglasses, undergarments, high-filter face mask , and a pair of sandals or flip flops.
  • Toiletries: Towel, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, hand sanitiser, shampoo and conditioner, chapstick, a good sunscreen, and travel-sized first aid kit including band-aids.
  • Essential electronics: Phone charger, adapter, flashlight, power bank and headphones
  • Other useful things: Goggles, umbrella, nose and earplugs, water bottle, journal and pen, and a good book.

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