Usually, the bathroom differs from house to house and vary by size, design, and needs. Sometimes, designing a new bathroom or renovating an existing one might put you in a tricky situation. Also, you must take into consideration your design planning may affect the other bathroom fittings.

You may find it complicated with the space you are working with. Besides that, few creative ideas to design a contemporary bathroom or separate bath and shower will enhance the lucrative look of your bathroom.

It is a matter of choosing the right shower system or enclosure to the floor type. There are several things to consider for getting a super luxury shower area. If you are in confusion, sit tight and follow to the end, you’ll find your answers.

Readymade vs Custom Shower Enclosure.

For choosing a shower enclosure, you might not find it easy. But, choosing beforehand, you must consider a few things like

  • The enclosure suits your design or style.
  • The enclosure matches your needs.
  • The enclosure highlights your bathroom.

From the wide range of shower enclosure, few designs may suit your style and just putting it inside your bathroom may fit well. But some designs may not match your space. Thus, a custom shower enclosure will touch down your needs and space.

Which one is the right choice?

Depending on your needs and available workspace, the custom shower enclosure comes in handy. Eventually, you can decide on the trays or the wet floor too.

Also, a custom enclosure will provide you an intact environment, by keeping the stem intact within to ensure a warm shower. If you are thinking of where to start, then starting from choosing the best shower system might be the head start.

Choosing the shower system

Among the available options, choosing the right shower system may put you puzzled. Different types of shower systems come with different functionalities. Also, some multifunctional systems offer various modes.

The choice of shower system solely depends on your needs and the plumbing system that your home got. So, you might consider this cautiously. There is a short brief of several shower systems. 

Electric shower system

It is opted by most of the homeowners. It doesn’t require a different hot water supply, like a 

manual mixer shower. It got a completely separate shower unit. Water taken from the cold water supply, it returns hot water instantly without taking a while of switching on the hot water supply. Also, it doesn’t need much plumbing issues.

Body Massage shower system

 It is a different yet trendy system nowadays. In this system, a few different sized nozzles around your body along the main showerhead is provided.

It uses your choice, needs, and different pressure mode to give you a relaxing or messaging shower. The smaller sized nozzle fits around the different angle of your body.

Thermostatic shower system

 It provides you with complete control over the temperature. It takes water from your hot water supply just like a manual shower system. But, the thermostatic elements inside keep the temperature consistent everywhere in your home.

Manual shower system 

It is also known as a mixer shower system by most of the homeowners. It takes water from both the hot and cold water supply of your home and then combines them to provide in your showers and taps.

Though it works fine with the existing plumbing system, you might reconsider for better pressure.

Waterfall shower

Waterfall shower or raindrop shower head means just as the words direct. The showerheads give a flow or stream the same or close to natural rain or waterfall. The volume of water and its distribution makes it sensational to have in your bathroom.

Which option is better?

Among all the discussed options, the better option will be that one which fits equally in your needs and design. Also, reconsidering the plumbing expenses, you can’t forget the design and trend.

Otherwise, who won’t like to tear down the old shower and install a new one? So, before installing any shower system, know the requirements and the outcome properly.

Another crucial factor of choice is the style of the enclosure. To know more, let’s hop in.  

Available Shower enclosure styles

The shower enclosure is an unavoidable part of a bathroom. A wide range of available shower enclosure styles are waiting for your picking up. So choose your style keeping the trend and necessity in mind. 

Rectangular shower enclosure: Lucrative look and suitable for large bathroom

It adds a sleek, modern, and elegant look to your bathroom. This classic, geometric line having trays are the perfect fit for the lucrative look of your washstand.

Neo-angle shower enclosure: Most stylish enclosure suitable for small bathroom

 It is the perfect corner shower enclosure. It encloses the solid wall of your bathroom in the corner. It can also give you the feel of glass oasis!

Corner shower enclosure: Saves extra space as well as an economic choice

It is a space-saving option for you. If you are having a small bathroom space that is the perfect option for you. Likely the neo-angle enclosure. It also encloses two walls and fits economically in the corner.

Plain vs Curved corner shower enclosure

 This debate comes from dealing with space. Though corner enclosures are greatly space-saving, deciding over plain or curved can save you a little more space. Also, it can allow a few more fittings.

Bathtub shower screen: Protect water leak

This adds warmth, privacy, and style to your bathroom. Generally, it sits alongside a bathtub edge and provides a shower-over-bath.

Which style is best?

Considering the space and design matching, mostly the corner shower enclosure is the best option. As it is a space-saving idea. Also, you can go with the neo-angle shower enclosure, as it brings different dimensional elegance to your bathroom.

Otherwise, the rectangular enclosure may add look but it may become a hassle related to space issues, unless you have a large bathroom. 

Another space-saving idea is to choose the right doors for your shower.

Choosing the shower door type

Finding the best shower doors might save you both space and money. So, it is a must to choose it wisely. Here you will get a short overview of several types of shower doors.

Sliding door

  • Contains 2 or 3 glass panels that slide along each other.
  • It requires no floor space to slide open the doors.
  • Adds a little more angle.

Hinged door

  • Designed for an airy and open feel.
  • Doors are held by hinges to allow bi-directional opening.
  • Provides a more wide entrance.

Pivot door

  • doors are held by pivoting pins
  • Ideal for narrow openings.

The recommended type of shower door

The most trendy and opting shower door type is the sliding doors. These types of glass doors enhance a lucrative look to your bathroom. 

After choosing a shower door, you must think of the flooring materials also.

Shower flooring material that match to the shower door you intent to buy

While choosing the flooring material, you must choose one, which grips well, withstand water, and cleaning is easy. There are various available options for using as flooring material like,

  • Tiles
  • Pebbles
  • Sealed slate. These are the best options to try.

Tiles vs Stone: Which one to choose?

Porcelain or ceramic tile is the best option to select for your shower floor. It is also resistant to scratching. Whereas, the stone floor gets slick when it is wet. Also, it gets chips and scratches easily.


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