Top 5 Nighttime Activities in Los AngelesThere are so many Activities in Los Angeles. However, nighttime activities truly show the nature of the city.

Few cities in the world can rival the city of angels, Los Angeles.

From nightly concerts to haunted ships, this metropolis never sleeps.

Certainly, when it comes to a killer nightlife, Los Angeles is one of the hottest cities in the world!

Sunset is the moment when L.A. truly comes alive. After all, it’s at that moment when the clubs open, and young people leave their apartments in search of adventure.

If you’re new to Los Angeles, sunset also marks your moment to shine.

Whether it’s family-friendly, adult-oriented, seasonal, or LGTB inclusive, L.A. will always have something for you. Nevertheless, why bother going trouble of finding it yourself, when you can read about it through us?

1. See the Stars in the Hollywood Walk

See the Stars in the Hollywood WalkIf you’re visiting Los Angeles, Hollywood Boulevard should be the first spot on your to-do list.

Illuminated by a multitude of bright neon lights, it is a truly remarkable sight. 

Thrills and excitement abound in this part of Los Angeles and your options are almost limitless!

From visiting a wax museum to attending one of the multiple theaters nearby, you’ll always discover something new in Hollywood!

Nevertheless, why would you limit yourself? Hollywood has plenty in store for you, such as:

  • Attend a night show recording.
  • Witness a Broadway play.
  • Become an astronomer at Griffith Observatory
  • Laugh out loud in one of the numerous comedy clubs.
  • Experience the magic at Magic Castle.
  • Rock out at the Hollywood Bowl.
  • Enjoy one of the multiple museums in the area.
  • Take a tour of the locale!

The magic of Hollywood is infectious, making it difficult not to feel like a star in the birthplace of cinema.

However, Los Angeles is an enormous county with plenty of adventures waiting to happen. Just remember to visit Hollywood and pay respect to your favorite stars.

2. Go Clubbing at the Nightclub of your Preference

Go Clubbing at the Nightclub of your PreferenceLos Angeles’s nightlife is wild. Nightclubs are a crucial part of that scene!

Featuring a little something for everybody, they’re certain to appease anyone’s palate.

The hottest spot in town is known as Sunset Strip, you’ll find a wide variety of clubs in here.

Open throughout the night, it’s easy to greet the sun in this particular part of town. 

But, what about places catering specifically to the LGBTQ crowd? Well, you’re in luck because West Hollywood also houses plenty of LGBTQ friendly spots.

These bars are certain to please your kink regardless of preference or orientation, and they are itching for a visit.

Once you finish partying, it is time to head over towards Universal Studios.


3. See the Bright Lights at Universal Studios Theme Park’s CityWalk

Bright Lights at Universal Studios Theme Park’s CityWalkOne of the hottest spots in Los Angeles is the Universal Studios Theme Park.

This park has everything you need for a day of adventure.

However, if you’re looking to enjoy the rides at night, take a deeper look at your calendar. Universal Studios has specific days when they are open late.

One example, the Halloween Horror Nights keep the park open from 7 pm until 2 am throughout October.

Yet, when people think of Universal Studios, their minds tend to gravitate towards the park itself.

Nevertheless, the activities are numerous in this single locale. Especially in CityWalk, which stays open long after the park closes its doors.

Here you can find:

  • The Toothsome Chocolate Emporium
  • Blue Man Group 
  • A Variety of Restaurants
  • Live Band Karaoke
  • Shopping aplenty
  • Live Shows
  • A Movie Theater
  • A Fantastic New Year’s Party

Beyond a simple theme park, Universal Studios is a bustling town. Go shopping, enjoy the sights, and partake in some innocent entertainment at the CityWalk.

After you’re ready to leave the city, why not consider visiting the Santa Monica Pier?


4. Ride the Ferris wheel at Pacific Park in the Santa Monica Pier

Ride the Ferris wheel at Pacific Park in the Santa Monica PierYet, another historic spot within the confines of Los Angeles.

The Santa Monica Pier offers plenty of family-friendly endeavors.

Pacific Park offers you the following:

  • Restaurants
  • Cool Games and Activities
  • Beautiful Sights
  • Plenty of shopping

You are going to love the Santa Monica Pier. Pacific Park alone is mesmerizing thanks to its view of the Pacific Ocean and colorful environment.

Just remember to purchase a ticket for the Ferris wheel. From there, you can marvel at the beautiful scenery that it has to offer.

If you’re still feeling like staying near the sea after that, consider visiting a haunted ship.

5. Face your Fears inside a Haunted Ship

Face your Fears inside a Haunted ShipParanormal investigators will love exploring the halls of the Queen Mary.

This haunted ship is one of the utmost sinister locations on earth.

Thrill-seekers, ghost enthusiast, and non-believers alike will enjoy wandering these echoed halls.

You too can be among the individuals who have encountered a spooky paranormal event in the Queen Mary. But, please keep in mind that it’s not for the faint of heart.

If you are still interested in encountering a ghost take note the following prices*:

  • First-Class Passport ($30-40): Includes a tour of the ship and a 4-D theater movie.
  • First-Class Passport Child ($15-30): Similar to the offer above.
  • Paranormal Ship Walk Tour ($52): Recommended for teenagers and older, this tour takes you to the paranormal activity hotspots on the ship.
  • Dinner Tour ($129): A three-course meal at Sir Winton’s Restaurant plus a tour of the vessel.
  • Paranormal Investigation Tour ($97): Assist paranormal investigators as they journey into the heart of this ship.

The Queen Mary is a fan favorite of occult seekers. Will you be the next person to experience a paranormal activity within the confines of this demonic ship?

Purchase a ticket and find out for yourself.



Whether you’re looking to have fun with friends or family, Los Angeles has you covered. This famous city has plenty in store for those who are looking for excitement. 

A mecca of American pop culture and adventure Los Angeles continues making history. The only missing part is you!

*Prices vary each day; these are just the baseline prices for each activity. Check out our other travel guides: Activities to do in Nevada


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