2022 Clothing Trends – Latest Trendy Outfit Ideas

This year seems to be promising: there will be plenty of opportunities to show your style. Parties, fashion events, and gatherings are back, and it is just the right time to go out and shine. 

If you are wondering what trends are waiting to mark this year, here are our predictions.

Polo Sweaters Are Different

Polo sweaters will keep us cozy with their simplicity and stylish spread collars this season as well. They are multipurpose garments and are with us wherever we go. These perfectly feminine sweaters are great for work, a night out with friends, or a date.

The preferred materials are cashmere, silk, and gently falling rayon blend. Unicolor will stay the polo sweater trademark, but don’t be surprised if you see stripes or combinations of loud colors.


Minimalism is not in anymore, as it limits our relentless urge for self-expression.

So, say goodbye to basic denim in need of repair. It is time for cheerful prints and vibrant colors, affirming the joy of life and optimism. 

The combinations of ultra joyous, modern design and elements of older trends are making this year’s fashion playground. Feel free to experiment with bell-bottoms and clogs, for example, to make this interesting retro effect.

The maximalist trend will promote long sleeve sweater dresses, high waist straight jeans, and double-breasted blazers in electric colors.


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It is almost certain that in 2022, we will see more cargo pants and sherpa vests on the streets. 

The vests are useful for both cold and warm days, as the main fashion piece or a base layer. At the same time, old navy high-waisted pants look very elegant, especially if they come with large pockets.

Additionally, comfy chore jackets are gaining popularity as well. They usually come with a drawstring, so that you can either point out the waist or wear it in a more baggy style.

Fashionable masks are especially important for survivalist style.

Mushroom Mania

You can expect mushrooms to be one of the most popular print designs in 2022. However, mushroom mania goes further than that. Some brands have announced mushroom-based and sustainable fabrics, as a replacement for leather. 

It is no wonder that brands are taking up mushroom mania. According to the statistics, Google searches related to mushrooms and fashion have significantly increased in the previous year.

The worldwide interest in the fascinating realm of fungus was inspired by a famous Netflix documentary Fantastic Fungi. 

As people are learning about these special creatures, we are seeing more comfortable sweatshirts with embroidered mushroom details or prints with creative fungi designs.



This year has a tendency towards amplification. As the Maximalism trend seeks to amplify joy and colors, the Oversized fashion trend augments the size.

Therefore, in 2022, we will like things dropping, hanging, and wrinkling.

Dresses with puff sleeves are definitely something we will come across in the following months, and especially in the summer. It is a piece of good news for those with rectangle-shaped body contours, as puff sleeves suit their lines perfectly.

Still, the maxi style magnifies the pants and shoes as well. Hopefully, our wardrobes will have enough space for all those comfy fabrics in vivid and electric colors! 

Shiny Things

There is no more hiding, the dance floor is ours. The disco ball is the fashion inspiration again. 

Many brands are adopting high shine fabrics, especially for but not limited to miniskirts and night dresses. 

So, make sure to bring sparkles and magic wherever you go. The energetic glimmer will inhabit clubs in the form of vests, dresses, and even shoes.

Eccentric Raver Style

Why not enjoy life through the deep bass on a rave while wearing a killer outfit? Ravers describe EDM parties as places of freedom. Therefore, feel free to be eccentric as much as you like. 

Combine the business look with revealing tops and funny patches, or wear sweaters and chokers in unrelated colors. Be creative, have fun.

Shoes can sparkle or glow in the dark, as long as they are comfortable.

Massive Shoes

Speaking of shoes, we want them oversized as well. They should match the baggy and maximalist styles with large, unusual silhouettes. Loafers models are the main inspiration.

Also, this year, we will be looking for the feeling of extraordinary stability, so massive soles are in high demand. 

Attractive Bags

Every woman needs a proper bag to carry her essentials everywhere she goes. In 2022, we will bring the bags to the forefront. They are not only functional, neutral objects. We want them in loud colors, crazy shapes, and exciting prints.

Mini Skirts Are Back

According to research, men find legs and butt to be the second and fourth most attractive parts of the female body. So, why not tease some eyes with a short skirt made of shining pink satin?