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Your Perfect Day Itinerary


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Your Perfect Day ItineraryYour Perfect Day Itinerary

How do I want every day to look?

How do I want to feel every day?

What am I creating daily?

Who am I spending my time with?

What places am I exposing myself to?

What passions am I fulfilling?

Your perfect day. If you can’t see it, can’t describe it, how are you going to have it? Believe it or not, what you think and say ad feel matter; knowing this, put that energy and those feelings into manifesting and creating your perfect day. You deserve a perfect day.

First, you are creating your perfect day on a general (macro) level:

In my perfect day I wake up energized, refreshed and excited to do the things I love. I say a prayer of gratitude for my many blessings. I kiss the beautiful and smart woman next to me. I meditate and set an intention for my day. I read somethign inspiring. I stretch and strengthen my body for at least 30 minutes. I’m working on one of my writing projects. I’m moving my acting career forward. I’m serving someone and smiling a lot, etc…

Second, On a specific (micro) level:

7am – Wake up. Meditate.

8am – Tea, delicious coffee, and WATER.

8:30am – Inspiring reading

9am – Workout

10am – Home cooked nutrient filled Breakfast

11am – Complete top 3 things on my to-do list

12:30pm – Writing

2:30pm – etc etc etc

Please, share with us the MIRCO or the macro… What does your perfect day look like? Trust me, this works! This will make it so, this will put into perspective the things you want out of life, the rituals that matter to you, and the things you will have!

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With mindfulness comes patience, and with patience you will learn the rest.

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