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Your Peace Is Inside You


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Your Peace Is Inside You

The Hindu teacher Swami Muktanamda was asked why he didn’t work miracles. He replied, “I have no need to work miracles. The circulation of blood through my body is enough.”

Nothing needs to be done.  Your peace is inside you ~ your light is inside you. You are already perfect ~ and there is nothing that you need to do except be you and accept yourself as you are right now ~ in this moment.

“Stop working to gain something. As long as we practice in a goal-oriented framework, the harder we practice the more we reinforce that framework. As the Japanese author Keniche Ohmae said, “Rowing harder doesn’t help if the boat is headed in the wrong direction.”


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2 Responses to “Your Peace Is Inside You”

  1. Dara

    On freakin’ point!!

    Not a damn thing needs to be done except keep spirits up. And hell no to rowing upstream! ✨

  2. Joseph Solomon

    Just being with people is a wonderful means for growth especially if at least one party is spreading harmony. Its catchy and if one can do it so it will spread about the world having a multiplying effect.


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