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Your Most Valuable Possession: Your Mind


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Your Most Valuable Possession: Your Mind

Forces are watching and waiting to take your mind. It’s not your money and it’s not your goods. It’s your mind. Protect it all cost!

The thief that takes your mind has no body. No camera can capture it and no watch dog will spot it.

Why is mind more profitable than oil?

Our awake mind contains within it in fire treasure and power. A power to wake up other minds from mindless delusion. Our awake mind makes us rich and free.

To guard against such mind thief’s as fear, doubt, worry, lust and greed, we need agency, wisdom, and courage. Without these 3 things we are done for.

“The most comfortable and wisest people watch their health when they are healthy; guard their country when it’s untroubled; and cultivate their fields well when weeds are non-existent or scarce. If we can guard our mind well in this way, without losing it or allowing it to be taken from us, then all the things contained in this place of luminous treasure will become our possessions.” – The Principle and Training Of The Mind by Ven. Chwasan

We don’t have to crumble to wake up.

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With mindfulness comes patience, and with patience you will learn the rest.

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