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The Importance Of Your Living Space


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The Importance Of Your Living Space

The Importance Of Your Living Space.

Peace is lifestyle… as is…

Abundance, Wealth, Prosperity, Love,  Happiness, Health, Wisdom, Courage, Fortitude.

We choose these things. All things we are born with but can easily be pushed to the waste side, so eventually we must choose them, we choose to cultivate and strengthen them through or daily thoughts, daily words, daily actions, through our practice.

There is not one way to attain this, there are many ways, there were many a Buddha before the Buddha, many have found enlightenment and peace and love in their own way. Regardless what path you choose you must put in the hours and  practice it daily – no matter what.

Or else it becomes spiritual indigestion, it is not truly useful-  just another element on our Facebook profile or team logo to wear on our sweater.

You have to live your philosophy, or it’s not your philosophy. You can’t just admire it from a safe distance, unwilling to put in the effort required to change your actions to fit your theories, or unable to muster the courage to face the potential consequences of having your ideas proven wrong in the field.

By refusing to walk the talk, you’re showing admiration for an idea but not supporting its legitimacy. You’re talking big game, but never dribbling the ball.

We as people are the sum of what we do, not what we think. A good philosophy that you don’t adhere to is worthless.

It’s no mystery. Some have it, some don’t, the ones who do, they get it! They never have bad days. No matter what happens to them, they get up on time, they shave, they wash their face, they make their beds, fold their clothes, prepare a nutritious breakfast. And so, they maintain the integrity needed to move on and get past the hardships. They live with discipline.

After all, how much energy does it really take to cook a meal or fold a shirt? Not much. If we are honest, we always have at least enough energy to show ourselves and our lives the respect we deserve.

It’s all about the healthy habits we establish for ourselves. You are either going uphill or downhill everyday – that’s the truth. The cells in our body are constantly changing, it never stops. So for those that are sedentary, there really just slowing down the downhill the process.

Downhill is the easy road, uphill takes more work, more effort.

A little tale:
The cell sits dark and dank, but tidy, waiting patiently for its occupant to return. With a clang, the door slams open and two burly guards throw a scarecrow of a man onto the floor, fresh out of torture. They stand at the door a moment, sniggering while he picks himself up and hobbles to the small wash basin, where he carefully starts to clean the blood off his face.
“Why does he waste his time?” one guard asks the other. “They’ll just mess him up again in a few hours.” The other guard just laughs.
The prisoner ignores them. When they leave, he removes his torn prison uniform, folds it carefully and sets it at the foot of his bed. Then, he tends to his wounds. All he wants is to throw himself onto his bed, curl up and blank out everything, but he makes the effort to respect himself.
Slowly, he feels his sanity returning as he goes through the familiar motions. He feels his sense of value returning and he breathes deeply, enjoying the simple pleasure of moving his muscles and tending to his needs.
He does this every day, and has for the last eight years of torture. Fastidiously looking after his health and the tidiness of his environment, despite what to any other would justify letting go, he has held on to his sanity. By going through the motions of cleanliness, he is telling his mind that his life has not fallen apart.
And for eight years, no torture has broken him, because he lets nothing that has happened be enough of an emergency to disrupt his routine, and thus, his integrity.

We can’t allow our living space – inside and out to fall into disarray.

When we let little things slide, we send the message to ourselves that our little complaints and discomforts are significant enough to derail life. When we neglect to do such simple things as fold our clothes and keep our eating space clean, simply because we are tired or frustrated or upset, we are saying to ourselves that our emotional ups and downs are so powerful to justify holding up our daily routine. Basically, they are emergencies (what is an emergency but something so important, so dire, that it justifies a break of routine?).

If every small thing is an emergency that must be tended to, we will never be able to make forward progress in our lives.

If we are always justifying them, they will always master us. Our lives will be run by our emotional state, rather than by our ideals, principles, and intentions.

We might use every little thing to justify:

 – eating unhealthy

 – staying up late

 – drinking more than we should

 – skipping a workout

 – leaving our homes a mess

But whats the truth??

So, the next time you’ve had a late night or a rough day at work and you just want to throw your stuff on the floor, ask yourself if you’re pouting is really an emergency, or if you’re just giving in to make yourself feel important. Do you really want to lose out on the benefits of a clean room (vital for creativity and peace of mind), a healthy meal, or a good night’s rest, in exchange for a few minutes of self-importance? Or are you mature enough to swallow the need for self-indulgence so you can get back to doing work that matters?

The way of Love, for yourself, and for all things you desire, all things inherent in you, the life you deserve— requires no formal permit, has no entrance fee, and no conditions whatever. You need no expensive laboratory in which to train, because your own daily life, and your ordinary daily surroundings are your laboratory. You need no reference library, no professional training, no external acts of any kind. All you need is to begin steadfastly to reject from your mentality everything that is contrary to your law, to your practice.


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