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You Know What I Mean? Right?


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You Know What I Mean? Right?

You know what I mean? Right?

Right? You hear me? You get it? That’s what I’m saying, you feel me?

Why do you want my approval? I don’t wanna give it, it doesn’t  matter what I think, it doesn’t matter. Be you and I will not care, I don’t need to know… You know?

You know, your knowing is all that really matters.

The Buddha says the only thing you can’t teach is UNDERSTANDING. If someone is not ready to receive or believe or be okay, we can

t make them. A person’s understanding is their own journey, happening at their own rate; a snake will shed it’s skin at it’s own rate.

Only our EGO’s want us to know, you know?

Only our EGO’s need agreement from someone else, right?

Only our EGO’s want approval.



I’m leaning towards one (personally) and involves less speaking and more focused attention.

If we listen, we will know when to speak. Authentically speaking without the need for gratification because the words are honest as blood.

Authentic, unfiltered voice.


You know what I mean? Right 😉

Peace and Blessings 

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