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You Just need to KNOW It.


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Until we know, like REALLY KNOW

Until we believe, TRULY BELIEVE
In ourselves, in our God(s), in our faith, in our path, in our universe(s), in our truths
Until we OWN it
We are suffering from “spiritual indigestion” – Reverend Micheal Beckwith
Own your power.
You have a huge place in this world.
A huge stake.
When you move the earth shakes.
The universe, like water, moves around YOU.
Where will you place yourself!?
 Everyone wins when you’re in alignment with all things- self, prayer, energy, universe, love, hobbies, faith, hope, worship, trust, forgiveness, health & wellness-body & soul inside & out.
You Rock. Start shaking things up. That’s one thing you never need to downplay!
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