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You Don’t Want A Clone


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I hear people say it all the time, “if only I had a clone”. You Don’t Want A Clone

Why? So, you couldn’t experience something. You have work you’d rather someone else would do? You have a bunch of things, task, that you wish someone else could do?

I think the bigger question is, why have a day, a life, so filled with things you’d rather not be doing?

To which most would respond, because I have rent to pay, and bills and adult like things that need to be handles.

So… Maybe… You CHOOSE to work it out, make it happen where you can do all that and be doing things you love. That I can guarantee anyone is possible. It might mean big changes in your life, seeing different people, new work, less spending, different focus, different relationships, less friends, less going out, more you time, but all these things are possible.

Maybe… You Choose to work it out, make it happen where people will work for you, do work for you. Assistants, interns, virtual assistants

All this is possible. A life where you love every action, every breath is possible.

Where you don’t waste your energy on things that don’t deserve it. The first step is believing that this life is possible. I can guarantee it, but you have to Believe it.

We only have so much life, why spending it doing things we aren’t completely fascinated with, aren’t completely in love with, consumed by, growing with and learning from. Things that release us, set us free, as opposed to holding us down and locking us up. The Goal Is Freedom.

The goal is a life we love from the inside out.

Don’t just wish for a clone, SEE a life you want, filled with things you love and MAKE IT SO!


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With mindfulness comes patience, and with patience you will learn the rest.

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